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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perhaps Today Is The Day?

...that we shall see how this looks on the gal and not on the hook?

Don't you love it when all the loose ends get tied up into one neat tidy package? I do! That's why I'm so happy to send you right over to see Lovella wearing the new apron that she won on my recent giveaway. She wears it beautifully! (And do look for the added bonus in wearing one of these aprons.)

Have a happy day, Dear Ones...


  1. That's the cutest apron! And she looks adorable in it - and I want a roll..And I want to win an apron from you ...And I am so please that we are "friends" And, tell John 'Happy Birthday" (although a wee bit late) from Utah!

  2. Beautiful...a treasure for Lovella, for sure! Cute pattern...great fabric...and the perfect model.

  3. I saw it, I saw it! It is lovellaly! Such talent!

  4. Running over to Lovella's and see how gracefully she wears it!

  5. The apron is adorable and she wears it well!

  6. Lucky Lovella to have won the apron you made.
    I love it and it looks great on her.

  7. Beautiful apron. It looks lovely on her.
    Now about those buns she's baking up........... If I get an apron will mine turn out that well? LOL
    (((Hugs))) Laura

  8. That is a beautiful apron!!! Hope you have a great day...m...

  9. Oh Vee .. you are the funnest blogger friend. I do wish I could run over with a batch of my buns. . you deserve a dozen or two each week for a year.
    Thanks again for the beautiful apron. We had company for dinner last night .. and I wore it through the meal and the rest of the evening too. . .so you know how much I love it.

  10. The apron is just lovely Vee. I hope you have a nice evening :>)

  11. Hi......
    The apron is adorable. Hope you have a great day.

  12. Lovella looks so pretty in your apron Vee! And she's right -- ever since I've been wearing the one I won from you my cooking has improved!

  13. Lovella is looking marvelous in your oh so pretty apron. As I said in her blog comments; "That Vee is one smart and talented cookie!" :-)

    Aunt Amelia

  14. Such a cute apron!! and cute model!!
    kari & kijsa


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