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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Gift for My Niece

Over the weekend I worked on the project for my niece's birthday. It's been one of those things that came together so slowly and was so vague that I feared whether it would come together at all. Flea market visits were always made with "the project" in mind and several purchases were made that were not used in the end...a daffodil plate, a small vintage bottle, some lace; they'll get used in other projects, I'm sure.

It began with the gathering of quotes using my niece's favorite singers and tossing in one that I especially loved.

I used Dawn's method and can't recommend the purchase of her tutorials enough...$10 is a bargain for all the information one receives. I'd have had to take a class to find all these tips.

I know that these sorts of images can be done on PhotoShop, but I don't know enough about PhotoShop to accomplish it. The photo above is a sheet of my music with cut images from other sources...both The Feathered Nest and The Vintage Moth, I believe. I literally copied them and printed them and cut them by hand and placed them on the sheet music and scanned them into the computer. It took forever! Good thing that my beloved was reading to me all the time. His voice is so soothing.

Then I played with the layout. At first, I thought that I'd be using painter's cloth for the background, but in a moment of serendipity when I was using placemats from the table for a size reference, I thought to purchase a placemat and alter it. This helped tremendously.

That vintage birthday card is the one that I also tucked into the pocket. Doesn't it look like a great March birthday card for my location? P.e.r.f.e.c.t. Even the quality of the light is the same and the level of snow and every little thing about it.

Yes, that's my favorite quote, which I stitched front and center. I also tucked a quote made into a bookmark into the pocket made from a crocheted doily or antimacassar. I created some tabs to hang the entire piece by and in the end this is how it turned out...

My niece is a very special gal who taught herself how to play the guitar and the piano. She had taken a few lessons as a child, but had hated them. Even though she sounded great, she really wanted to know how to play the piano properly so began taking lessons over a year ago. She found a teacher who respected her talent and ability to play along with her need to know the basics. It's been a great combination and I'm very proud of her. She says that she is going to hang this on the end of her piano and use it to hold some of her music notebooks. I'd love to see how she's planning that and if I ever get a photo of it, I'll add it to this post.

Thanks for visiting me today! Have a wonderful Monday...

Edited to Add:

Nothing that a little velcro can't handle!


  1. It is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.! What a nice idea filled with visible love. You have me thinking about what I can create and for whom!

  2. What a beautiful gift ♥ It's just wonderful! Your niece is blessed to have such a caring aunt as you. I hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Vee

    What a special gift. I'm sure that your niece will absolutely love it. Just the thought behind each of the individual items used, the time to make and and the love behind it. Homemade gifts from the heart are wonderful

    I must say that I love to read your blog, it gives me such inspiration.

  4. Oh Vee....what a beautiful, thoughtful gift!!!! It turned out so wonderful, I bet she is going to just LOVE it!!! I love the idea of altering a placemat for a wall hanging ~ What a perfect size to use. Hope your day and week are wonderful sweetie, xxoo, Dawn

  5. How thoughtful and lovely!!! You have made a "keeper" for sure.

    Now, about your post yesterday...I loved that too. It killed me to not be able to leave you a comment.

    It was so honest and so full of truth. The song choice was excellent.

    Thank You!

  6. Vee,
    FANTASTIC!!!!! This project turned out so beautiful! I love it! I have a very special aunt like you so I know your niece really appreciates this special gift of love! You make my fingers itch to use my new sewing table!

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your niece is one lucky girl to have this beautiful and thoughtful gift - it looks amazing - you did such a great job!
    Have a wonderful Monday and know she's going to treasure this gift :-)

  8. What a glorious present that your created! She should love it!

  9. Wow! That is amazing. What creativity you have!

  10. What a beautiful, meaningful gift to give to your niece! So much heart and caring went into it. The quote is perfect for someone who loves music so much. I'd love to see a photo someday of how your niece is using it, and maybe a little video of her playing the piano?

  11. Very special! You found just the perfect balance and images to make your gift beautiful! This is something she will cherish always!

    Please stop by for a visit today!


  12. Wow Vee! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I am sure your niece will treasure it...it's lovely.
    Yes...I do remember the bunny spoon rest!!

    We've been getting much snow here in WA...yesterday it was hail and sleet...ugh!Have a great day!

  13. Vee, that is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts, I have ever seen!! You are precious to make something so special for someone you care so much about:-)


  14. Great Job Vee! I love the idea of the placemat - brilliant! It was also a nice little project for your still snowy days... Lucky niece!

  15. Lovely... sigh...

    YOur niece is a lucky girl!

  16. That turned out so beautiful. You've actually explained the creative process so well. The project is always in the back of your mind and somehow it all "gels".

    You are an inspiration and your niece is going to be so happy with this. I hope she doesn't read this blog. Would it spoil the surprise or have you already given it to her.

    I can't tell you how wonderful it sounds to have a beloved's voice in the background as you are working. Unfortunately the Farmer works such long hours I rarely hear his voice. Sigh.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wivfe

  17. P.S. I love your new header with the drooping tulips. Beautiful. And I also love that Widget at the bottom of your post. I've gone and gotten myself one. Thanks Vee!

    - Suzanne

  18. Oh Vee, what a lucky niece you have! That is just the most beautiful gift I could imagine receiving. I had an Aunt like you, I adored her...I'm sure you are the Adored Aunt, too!

  19. A very lucky niece you have! Great job, Vee.

    I'm just looking at all the time that went into this project...and wondering how many nieces you have???? I have eight. Whew...and they all have a birthday every year. Maybe I'll just do a post in honour of their birthdays once in awhile.

  20. Vee, just lovely and such a gift from the heart. .
    Oh ..fantastic news, I'm on my way to the post office. .. and you will NEVER believe what I found in my freezer. . old. . but still intact. . coming your way..
    (aren't you super excited?)

  21. Vee, how lovely! Your niece must have been thrilled with such a thoughtful, creative gift. I have a couple of Dawn's tutorials. I found the copies just last night. Your beautiful project inspires me to give one of mine a try very soon! Have a wonder-filled day. ~Kathy

  22. What a wonderful aunt your are!! That present for your niece is just beautiful and so creative. I love it and I'm sure she will too.
    Happy Birthday to your niece!!!

  23. What a beautiful collage and gift, very talented in this endeavour.

    Am in the middle of a move and taking a break from unpacking boxes and cruising blogs for inspiration to get on and start making the new house a home.

  24. Vee'
    What a beautiful gift,how blessed your niece is to receive a gift with so much thought and love. I am always amazed at the women who blog that are so gifted with their hands, and you are certainly one of them. Thanks for sharing.


  26. What a wonderful gift! I love gifts that are special, made just for the recipient. This is that...a perfect gift!

  27. Vee - me again - thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement and being thankful with me! I love how I can always count on your kindness and genuine caring for others!!! You are a jewel!

  28. It is so beautiful. I know she will love it so much..m.

  29. How nice, she'll love it! I couldn't help notice all those great old buttons or at least a few of them looked vintage.. I use them on my fingerless gloves/wristlets. Always on the hunt for those little rascals!!

    Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

  30. Vee what a beautiful gift. Nothing says "I love you" more than a gift that is made from the heart! Thank you for stopping by to see my nook. I'm happy my playlist ministerd to you. When I first started my blog I had classical music playing and then realized that I needed to glorify our Lord with my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hugs, Loretta

  31. Oh my Dear, you are so talented!!!
    And please don't say; "Oh I used Dawn's tutorial."

    Yes you did. But you have to have the innate inspiration first. {Even to get a tutorial} And you do have innate inspiration. As I well know... :-)

    Aunt Amelia
    "This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."
    ~~Sigmund Freud (speaking about the Irish) >,-)

  32. A beautiful gift, Vee! I'm sure your niece will love it. xo