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Friday, March 13, 2009

What? No Chickadees?

Wonder what's in this wonderful package?! Huh? Huh? You know you do, but I'm not tellin' until you read the back story! I'll talk fast.

You may remember this post when I shared my grands' Thomas the Train bedroom decals and wished that I could find some decals of that quality for my project.

Gotta love serendipity or God breezes or whatever.you.wish.to.call.it, but Linda at Restyled Home featured Paul Wilson a decal artist in a post called Stuck on Wall Art. Linda provided her readers with a link to Paul's site. Naturally, I zipped right over and I really liked what I saw. Just one problem — no chickadees!

I casually, humorously (I hope) mentioned it in Linda's comments' section that day. Very soon thereafter, I received a sweet email from Paul Wilson himself offering me free chickadee decals. True it was that he had none, but he'd make them up and send them to me. All that I had to do was tell him what I was looking for. Now I ask you, how can a gal turn down an offer like that?!

So here are the contents of the package...

Yes! Chickadees in several sizes and poses. I love the comical upward glance that one chickadee has. My favorites are the tiny actual life-sized ones.

Just so I could try the process from start to finish, I did place one of the larger ones on my cabinet. The directions were thorough and thus it was an easy application. Now I am putting these away for my real project, which will involve kitchen cabinets at my beloved's.

Paul's Etsy site is right →here← where you can see his amazing work. He has much to see and enjoy. You can also visit his web site at Wilson Graphics. I hope that you'll do both!

Paul, thank you so much.

And a happy chick-a-dee-dee day to you all...

ETA: And you can have some, too, right here... My Little Chickadees Decal


  1. Lucky you! How lovely...
    I love chickadees too. Growing up on the farm I used to stand still outside in the winter with some birdseed in my hands. They would come right up and eat out of my hands.
    They look awesome!

  2. Loving these! I am flying right on over to his site to see if I can get some for my very own nest!

  3. God's Breezes. I like that. The chickadees are wonderful. I'm going over to his Etsy shop now to check out his products.

    You've got some great decorating ideas there. I'm wondering what you'll be doing with the beloved's cabinetry.

    - Suzanne

  4. Oh.my.goodness! The power you have...

    I love them so much!

    I have enjoyed tattouage in the past...actually have some over my large living room window. Is this like that or actually a type of vinyl?

    What a nice personal touch for your home.

  5. What a great story. Ask and you shall receive.

    I like the little chickadee on your
    cabinet and look forward to seeing where the rest will end up.

  6. Hi Vee:

    I totally thought your post was going to be about this:


    I guess I have chicks on the brain.

    Lisa xo
    Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

  7. How wonderful! And what fun you are going to have! I love the way you are "nesting" yourself, Vee. It is such fun to watch!

  8. Oh I love those Chickadees! I had an uncle once who used to call me his little Chickadee! I love decals, wall words and the like. I will go to his sight - and what a wonderful and generous thing to do ! Enjoy your chickadees :-)

  9. How much fun are you going to have! That was so great of him to do that for you! Gotta check out his site!

  10. They are adorable, Vee! Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? LOL

    Wishing for some spring weather, for you and me both! :)

  11. You never know which wishes might come true! How special is that?

  12. peep . . peep . . .peep . .I know that sound well .. .
    What a great little treasure . .for one deserving girl.

  13. I love the darling chickadees!!! What a blessing to receive such a gift. I will pay a visit to his site. I look forward to your cabinet project. Have a great weekend!

  14. They are so cute! I will have to check him out and see what all he has in his shop.

  15. Oh are they adorable! Chickadees are so amusing to watch at bird feeders. One teeny tiny one was at my feeder the other day and I think he was trying to bathe with the bird seed -- he was so happy and tossing it up in the air over his head with his beak.

    There are so many talented artists on ETSY and it's always nice to be introduced to one through a blogger's recommendations.
    Thanks Vee! I'm off to see what Eddie has on his site.

  16. They are so sweet. I know you will have so much fun...m..

  17. They are adorable! You really don't find customer service like that much anymore.

    I also wanted to say that your Grandmother's Chenille bedspread is absolutely beautiful:-)


    PS I laughed out loud over your comment about ticking off the chicken wire... I do it everytime!

  18. They are amazing! What a generous fellow he is. I will go over right now and visit his shop. A kind spirit like that should be rewarded with lots of orders! :-)

  19. Hello!

    I read your comment on ChocolateChic's blog today. The melted butter and brown sugar "thing." Brought back such great memories for me. My mom used to do the same thing, except she added oatmeal. It was her own version of granola and I remember it to this day :).


  20. What an interesting week you have had...always a project going. I love the bedspread. It looks pretty special with your print sheets.

    About the widget...lol...sorry but it is an interesting one. I agree with you though I wish it wouldn't change. Ha I am finding myself going back and revisiting my old posts too!

  21. Lovely- love the chickadees!! God's breezes- beautiful!!
    kari & kijsa

  22. The chicadees are so cute! What a nice guy, I'm going to go check out his Etsy right now.


  23. "God breezes" is, as far as I know, a Flylady expression.

  24. How cool is that! Love them! Look like Carolina chickadees that we see here!!