Friday, March 20, 2009

A Proper Centerpiece and a Beautiful Gift

It's that season once again known as the dreaded tax season. My dining room table has been a fright show with papers piled here and there. Plus there was much shredding to be done. The only decoration was the tray of vitamins and salt and pepper shakers. Not a charming look. Fine for a kitchen table, but not so fine for the main table in the home.

After I visited LaTeaDah at Gracious Hospitality and read her post entitled Centerpieces ala Spring, I received fresh insight into why it's important to have a beautiful centerpiece on the dining table. I promised myself that once that chore of paper pushing was complete I'd be able to do my table right.

By late afternoon, most of the shredding was complete, most of the bills had been paid, and most of the paperwork had been properly filed. When I opened my mail, I found further reason to get it together because my gift from Karen Harvey Cox @ A Scrapbook of Inspiration had arrived.

This gift is very special to me because it was given at a difficult time for Karen and her girls. They were about to lose a precious family friend named Dapper. Karen was following a lesson her mother had taught her that in difficult times one gives a gift. Talk about an amazing life lesson. It's one that I won't forget. Thank you, Karen, for your generosity in a grieving season.


  1. I am putting papers away this morning. Arrgghh.....

    Your centerpiece is gorgeous. Love that concept of giving a gift during hard times. It is so easy to become self absorbed.

    Blessings on your day, Vee.

  2. Your centerpiece is lovely, Vee. I went over and read about Karen's Dapper. Such a sweet story and a beautiful way to handle difficulty.

    I love the verse you chose, it is one of my favorites too.

    Hope you have a great weekend:-)


  3. The centerpiece is gorgeous...Thank God for accountants....and praise God for an awesome return!!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful arrangement, Vee! And I love those candle holders - so pretty! I'll have to go check out the spring centerpiece ideas - I could use some help.

    Happy Spring!

  5. What alovely post for the first day of Spring ~ the arrangement is perfect!

    Karen and her mother seem to be very smart loving women.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Vee,

    I love the swan center piece, it is so pretty! I value the lesson you are passing on even more, giving even in difficult times. I hope you and your beloved have a fantastic weekend!

  7. Love your centerpiece. Mine is just so, well blah..I should get to changing it out! *smiles*

  8. Your centerpiece is much more pleasing to the eye than all the papers and clutter that spell "tax time". How nice to receive such a beautiful gift too!!

    What a lovely idea to give a gift when you are facing hard times. I'll have to remember that one.

    Happy Spring.

  9. Mizz Vee,

    I've missed visiting but what a wonderful time I've had catching up this morning.

    Now who wouldn't love doing their taxes with your beautiful table and centerpiece!

    I love the welcome door to visit your friends. I've been thinking of starting a spot for all my fave's as well, what a wonderful inspiration you are!

    Have a Fantastic Friday!
    Kathi :)

  10. Shoot. . .I am putting my filing off for a bit yet. . I can avoid it if no one reminds me. . .big sigh. .
    Lovely centerpiece Vee.

  11. What great advice from Karen...and your swan looks wonderful on your table. (I'm not bringing any swans in...we have more than we want outside right now!)

    The flowers on my table always look better before they are surrounded by mail...and newpapers...and books...and all the things that find their way there. That's what kitchen tables are all about.

    Happy spring!

  12. My husband helps his family do their taxes -- lots of "hand talk" and commotion goes on over that! Our dining room table is always covered with envelopes and folders and piles of paper that I am told not to touch. It should be all finished soon, thank goodness!

    Karen does such beautiful work! I've admired her watercolors for a long time. I love the Bible verse you chose too. Her tradition to give a gift in times of hardship is so touching. How sad to read about their loss of Dapper. He was such a handsome horse!

    Hugs, Pat

  13. I love the writing about the centerpiece- this has been a real inspiration to me. We don;t have a formal dining room- just a bog country kitchen and a large round table - but it's got plenty of room for a ever-changing centerpiece - so thank YOU for the link- for showing us your beautiful centerpiece and the lovely artwork you received. Have a great first day of Spring!

  14. Beautiful! And won't it life your spirits every time you enter the room? Lovely gifts and a wonderful life lesson for me to learn!

  15. We finished up our taxes last week. We do ours with Turbotax - it's a breeze with that, it takes you through step by step.

    A gift while grieving - I'll have to remember that - I like that idea.

  16. Beautiful photos. Love the centrepiece and the idea of giving a gift when you are suffering.

  17. Your centerpiece is just beautiful Vee! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  18. Your centerpiece is lovely..... That swan will be the center of many I am sure.....
    Have a great weekend..

  19. Your centerpiece is so beautiful! Reminds me that I really need to be thinking about creating some centerpieces for our house. After years and years of eating at a bar or kitchen table, I've finally gotten an old oak table and chairs for our little dining room. Time to decorate it! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  20. Lovely post and a cherished and precious gift from Karen. And your centerpiece --- most beautiful! I love it! Thank you for mentioning Gracious Hospitality! I'm glad you found a new home for the vitamins! LOL!

    Enjoy a blessed weekend.


  21. Very special of Karen to focus on others during her own time of grief. Your table is beautiful! One could write a book around all that happens at the diningroom table! Those paperwork times are necessary but I, too, am always very grateful for the day the tablecloth and centerpiece can get put up once again!

    Thank you for your Sunday post. Yes, I love those Beth Moore studies!


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