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Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Sometimes this Blogger Answers Questions

Two questions come to mind from comments this week. There are probably more. I'm not so good with the answering of questions actually... Oh, sure, sometimes I answer questions in comments, but not on a consistent basis.

*Sue* asked what this flower, featured in my most recent mosaic, is. I didn't know, but yesterday afternoon John and I went sleuthing. It's a Sweet Autumn Clematis. It has a wonderful fragrance evocative of vanilla. (John thought lilac, but he needs a new nose.) It blooms in late summer and early autumn, can be invasive, and does well on pergolas and fences. It creates a wonderful snowy (showy, too) appearance like this...

And *Aunt Amelia* asked me how I dust all that stuff in the living room. I usually dust every single day. Are you shocked? It takes me about five minutes for the entire first floor and I don't think that too much dust can be found here. (Unless you're looking in the sewing machine.) I use a marvelous tool that I lve and am never giving up. I bought it *here.* I've never regretted it and I've had it for six or more years. The end. (Well, not quite the end, this is not a paid advertisement.)

Gee, I'm on a roll with two responses under my belt...have any questions you want answered? :D

Have a terrific weekend, my friend!

Edited to Add: John thought you needed to see my duster. It has a sixteen-inch handle that helps me get to those high places. The feathers extend fifteen inches and are so soft and flexible that I never worry about breaking anything, even the most delicate objects. Hmmm, wonder if I could sell cars for a living.


  1. I love Sweet Autumn Clematis! My neighbor behing me grows it on the chain link fence that divides our properties. She has Wisteria and then the Clematis.

    It's amazing that you dust every day! Thanks for the link. I didn't even know she had a store. I must think about getting one of those - maybe I'd dust everyday too!


  2. Dust the entire first floor in 5 minutes? Oh heavens, it takes me 10 times longer! I would croak if I did it every day, LOL.

    Glad you enjoyed my bear pictures! I'll have some more later on, once I find some time to do more photoshop work. It sure was a grand vacation!

  3. I don't dust every day but I do keep it down to a minimum thanks to our mutual friend with that duster. :)

  4. Your flower pictures are beautiful- as are all your pictures. What type of camera do you use? I'm shopping for one and don't want to spend too much so just interested if you get a chance to answer. Have a great day.

  5. No wonder you l♥ve that special duster. If you can use it, every day. Marvelous!

    But there is the rub. I would have to make myself dust daily. There is the problem. Making myself use any sort of duster! :-)

    I finally "fell for" a Sw _ ffer thing. And think it's quite great. But.... Have not, not, not learned how to make myself do it daily.

    Do you give lessons, in learning good habits????????????? >,-)

    Gentle hugs...

  6. Hi Vee, if my comment shows up twice, blame it on blogger as this is the second time I have tried to post it. LOl.
    I do thank you for taking the time to answer my question, I look forward to seeing and smelling this vine bloom every year.
    I am so impressed with this dusting everyday and in 5 mins. Is it the duster or is it THE DUSTER LOL. I will check this site out. Love the color too.
    I do like the idea of you answering questions, please consider doing more often.
    Enjoy your day.

  7. I hate to dust! I should do it more than I do because I have such horrible allergies. Once a week is all I can muster.

  8. I love mine also~~ (see my photos posted at the gathering room) smells wonderful and the bees and butterflies are loving it!

  9. if you had a weekly "ask vee anything!"
    you would be inundated with our various

    dust everyday? unbelievable.

    your white clematis is so sweet.

  10. G'day Vee ~ Had not heard of a fall Clematis, it is gorgeous!

    What an amazing woman ... dusting every day! I salute you, Vee.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  11. I love that clematis! I wish I had something in my yard for it to climb up....like a pergola...I would love a pergola....

  12. Every day?????? Oh, you put me to shame. I guess I should get one of these feather dusters and then maybe I would dust daily, as well.

    The clematis are so lovely. I'm thinking that would be a great choice for the outside of our deck. Georgia got us a different climber this year but it just didn't do that well.

    Becky K.

  13. I'm with Becky... every day?

    But with such a cute duster, I'd probably wanna too!

    Enjoyed your posting..........

  14. Yes! Of course it's the duster! So easy and fun. I am a bit OCD so I used to dust a lot anyway, but not every day for fun. You guys make me grin.

  15. What a great duster. Every day Vee...your better than I am for sure. Your Clematis is lovely Vee.


  16. I like the Fly Lady, too! I got a kick out of her books! I try to do a little housework every day to keep up and not be overwhelmed! Love your flowers! Enjoy your day! ♥

  17. Every day dusting!! Wow, I am impressed. I'll have to get myself one of those dusters.

  18. Very pretty clematis! My garden is beginning to yellow and fade.

    That is a pretty purple duster! I think I'll order one as I am the queen of knick knacks..lol

  19. I'm with Penny...I want a pergola! That Clamatis is gorgeous!

    Do you really dust every day!?! Guess I need to find one of those wonderful dusters!
    Very cute post...and fun comments!

  20. My Sweet Autumn Clematis is not blooming as yet...rather late this year! But we so enjoy it.

    You really dust every day? Hmmmm. I guess I'm a real slacker! But I would dust if I knew you were coming. Maybe if I had one of those fancy dusters it would be more fun.

  21. Dusting??? Oh dear you are such a marvelous home keeper. I find ways to avoid all forms of housework. White shelves, you can't see the dust =]

    I do have two black entry tables and they always look dusty, but honestly I have never really thought about a feather duster...it takes some of us a looong time =]


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