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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Waiting for Morning Light

And for what? All those things that I worked on last evening turned out to be a fright. I do want to show you so that you can offer suggestions or laugh along with me. It's okay. Some days are like this.

Visiting Melissa's Nesting Party turned out to be great fun and some frustration. I couldn't comment everywhere I visited because I kept getting a 503 Error. That means that the server is busy, I believe. When all was said and done, I had found a number of wonderful ideas and so set out to accomplish them.

This was a wreath idea found *here* that went awry. I just didn't care for the flowers on it after I had made them; they were much too heavy. I kept my wreath simple in the end...an autumnal looking ribbon simply tied to the top. This wreath is tied to an antique trunk on top of which my ugly tv sits.

Of course, I am not wasting an hour of flower making so they wound up in the flower arrangement in the bay window. I used *these tips* for flowers.

Moons ago I mentioned that I wanted to turn my branches into a family tree. *This blog* showed what it might look like. I don't care for mine and will have to do better, but here's a little shot of it now.

Finally, this is where I stand with my altered sewing machine box. Suggestions anyone? I need more layers of that I'm certain. I am working on a tag. I'd like to include a scripture verse, but truly I am in over my head and need help.
Thanks for looking! (Thanks for helping. ;>)

Have a wonderful Thursday...


  1. Only one crafty bone in this here body, and I'm afraid it wouldn't be of any use to you. Sorry.

  2. I am going to take a look at some of the fall decorating going on in blogland, thanks for the link. I can use some inspiration for some of my stuff that I've collected over the years.

    I like the branch idea and your sewing machine box looks good already! The birds made me think of the hymn, His Eye is on the Sparrow. And the verse in John about the sparrows never being forgotten, sorry I can't think of the specific verse.

    Have a good day,

  3. I like your sewing box as it is...if you wanted you could maybe add a tag or old photo, but I would keep it simple.
    Have fun decorating!


  4. Well, I must admit, I loved it all. Your photos are soo warm and restful..I loved the altered box and think anything more may be too much..but that's just me..And I LOVE the branch idea!! Thanks Kiddo ;-D

  5. It seems everyone is always a step ahead of me when it comes to decorating for the next season. Ryder came with orange pj's...that about the extent of my fall decor.

    Fun ideas...wreaths, family trees and a 'sewing machine drawer' work of art!

    I am displaying a lovely postcard that just arrived in the mail...a famous landmark from Maine...sending me in the right direction! Thank-you.

  6. Oh Vee...I can totally relate: the brain says this will be "just so" and the hands and skill set says "not quite". There is a famous story about a famous milliner who made a woman a hat using a bit of this and that in a few minutes. When she complained at the price tag, saying it was "just" a bit of ribbons and such, the milliner snipped the pieces apart, handed them to the lady and said "with my compliments". The materials are only part of the equation, and the skills to use them are hard earned. You place still looks absolutely dreamy. Wish I was there with a cup of tea and some needle work today.

  7. I am totally not crafty.... I do love fall decorations the best, seems like you just can't go wrong.

  8. I'm really feeling behind on fall decorating. It seems a bit too early, but all the blogging is getting me inspired. I think I said the same thing yesterday and have done very little. Oh wait, I did pull out a brass bowl and some pinecones.

    But you're doing a great job. I love the sewing machine box. A tag with a verse on it might be just the finishing you want it to have.

  9. The photos are great, Vee - and I love the new one you have used for your header!
    The simplicity of the sewing box is lovely. If anything, just something like a tag perhaps, but no more. And the wreath works well. If you wanted to, you could glue some autumn leaves onto it as well, or tuck them in the twigs. My decorating is done, and I love the autumn colours. It feels so cosy when I look at the russets, browns and oranges. Psyching myself up for winter, I suppose. I must make some more recession heaters.....

  10. It is frustrating when that 503 error message comes up! It usually happens to me when I try to leave a long comment and then it is gone *poof* all that work for nothing!

    The "family tree" branch was a sweet idea but I'm afraid my cat would believe it was a new plaything for him ..lol

    We're having a cool day today and I'm getting into the fall mood ..it feels so good!

  11. i love that you're willing to share your
    mistakes along with your masterpieces.
    i also love the branch idea, so sweet.

    the flower blog was just adorable.
    thanks for sharing. you're the best
    linker around.

  12. I was getting a lot of that 503 error yesterday too. Frustrating.
    I'm impressed that you gave so many of the inspiring ideas at the fall party a try. I visited many of the blogs and thought many of the ideas were cute, but I'll probably never get around to trying them. That's the way it is with me and crafts.
    I really like what you have done with your sewing machine drawer. The bird on top looks perfect to me. I wouldn't add a thing.

  13. I'm just no good at such things. So I'm of no help to you.

    But I can marvel at your inspiration and at your crafting, etc. ability. Whether or not, they all come out perfectly, the first time around. :-)

  14. All of your ideas are great, they just need a bit of fine tuning:)

    The family tree is brilliant! I hope to try this one. And your sewing box will be perfect once you add a few personal touches. How a bout a nest and some pretty eggs?

  15. You have been one busy lady! Great ideas and they seemed to go pretty fast! Are we always 'tweaking' our projects as they morph into another altogether! I LIKE yours!

  16. Wow, Vee I love that box just the way it is. Oh, and your new header is gorgeous! That nesting party sounded wonderful. I have been MIA, lost at Brimfield's Antique Market this week, and trying to create lots of fun listings for Aunt Adelaide.

    Tomorrow I am driving to the Cape, hope the weather is good. I love this post, so creative! I just love that box.


  17. Hi sweet Vee ~ I'm so sorry about Nan...I do hope that today will be a better day for her and for you as well ~ I just love your family tree, this is a wonderful idea!!! I love your window with bird prints behind it too, windows make the most beautiful frames! As for the sewing machine box assemblage, how about a small branch inserted behind the bird resting against the back wall of the drawer? And maybe a few acorns resting on the bottom? I love using nature in my artwork!! Wishing you a beautiful weekend dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  18. Your altered sewing machine box is looking splendid! How about adding a third dimension, like attaching a tiny windchime at the top?


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