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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

♪Fly Me to the Moon♪

Now there's an old song that I really don't want to become anyone's earworm. :D

Sooo did you see Jupiter and the Moon last night? Jupiter was to the left side of the moon and lower in the sky. I watched them move along in tandem for a while and when the moon was on one side of the garage roof peak and Jupiter on the other, I decided to grab the camera.  Now somewhere you'll see a wonderful photo of this pairing, but it won't be here.

Photo will enlarge

Still, I was so impressed with myself that I had to share. Now a few other pics taken over the weekend...

No Jupiter a few days ago...

when we were the last ice cream customers of the day...

and I kept handing off my cone to John so I could take pictures of impatiens and petunias and

sunflowers and the sunset. (As you may remember we don't see sunsets down in our hollow.)

The sunset grew lovelier and lovelier until it became

this...gosh, I hate wires. (Someday, I hope that all wires will be underground as I'm told they are in Manitoba, Canada.)

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful photos Vee! Those wires always seem to get in the way don't they! I hate to say I missed, actually didn't even know about the Moon and Jupiter, :( But I was watching Dancing with the Stars...lol, if that counts!

  2. The moon was so bright last night that I saw it through the mini blinds that were mostly closed!

  3. Moon? We haven't seen much of anything through the clouds these past days! But you captures it beautifully...and Jupiter as well. Thanks for sharing!

    I have wires in 'My Front Porch' view that I would be happy to bury!

  4. Beautiful sunset pictures Vee! Love that cart full of flowers too.

  5. Your pictures always draw us into your life and make us want to be right there and experience life in your shoes! The fall flowers are gorgeous. However, I missed seeing that heavenly wonder!

  6. Actually your pics turned out great. I love sunsets.

  7. Hooray for you! You captured the Moon and Jupiter. I don't even have the guts to try, any more. -pout-

    Plus, I'm kind of ignoring the Full Moon [one day and a wake-up away! Eeeek!]. 'Cause it's already zapping me and others. Already! Yikes! Duck. Run. Hide. Yikes!

    Anyway, your photos are lovely! And we too! Can't see sunset. We aren't in a Hollow. Wow I love that word, Hollow! Lucky you that you can use it!

    Anyway, we are sort of surrounded by tall trees. Not right next to our house, we do get sunlight in windows. But there are lots of tall trees around, to block both sunrise and sunset. -sighhhhhhhh-

    Yeah, wires. Funny thing is, I don't "notice" them, all the time. But taking a pic, yikes! Do they ever interfere.

    Keep up the Moon photography! But wear a "foil hat" while doing it! [Remember "foil hats"?]

    Gentle hugs...

  8. Just breathtaking! Beautiful sunset, Vee! A complete artist's palette of color there in that last one! Don't you wish you had paintbrush and an blank canvas in your hands! God is the ultimate Artist!

    Our moon was very bright last night, too, but I was busy so I didn't get to go out and enjoy...maybe tonight...

  9. Lovely photos of an autumn evening. There's something magical about the twilight hours, isn't there?

    Someday in the future, photos including telephone wires will be considered quaint and hard to come by. The world is changing so quickly, and you're preserving a piece of history.

  10. You live in such a picturesque area. There's not too much to take pictures of here but I definitely am starting to notice more things. The wagon full of flowers was really striking.

  11. Wow!! These photos are stunning! So beautiful. Thank you so much for the blogging tips. It has been really frustrating lately. I hope your nan and mom are doing well. I've been praying for all of you nightly. I have missed you...

  12. Fly me to the moon was the song the DJ decided to play for my wedding dance with my son. Not what I had chosen at all...oh well.

    Hey, you can sneak lines out of your photos using Picasas Blemish fix key. Just enlarge the picture, then using the paint brush, just click the lines away!

  13. I have Photoshop where I can do the same thing, Jill. I just don't have time to do that much playing with a photo. :D

  14. Oh, you were doing some excellent photography there Vee. I love the wagon with the impatiens and all of the sky shots.

    Hope the ice cream did not melt all over John....


    Becky K.

  15. Vee, I was looking at the moon last night too! It was beautiful, but I missed Jupiter.
    Your shots of the sunset is glorious, stunning, wonderful.

  16. My husband came in from walking the dog and told me how awesome Jupiter was! You captured it beautifully :)

  17. Lovely sunset photos Vee! I am so bummed... I forgot that Jupiter was going to be visible.


    BTW I love your Embroidery Mosaic from yesterday.

  18. I hate to admit it, but I didn't even know Jupiter could be seen. So ... I think your photo is awesome and I'm so glad you shared it with those of us who aren't in the know.
    I'm so glad you took your camera along to the ice cream shop. The sunset and sunflower photos are gorgeous.

  19. Beautiful photos Vee! Your night sky is so dark...mine is always so full of reflected light it would be hard to pick out small light like Jupiter.

    I love the pastel sunsets and the flower cart. When do you think you'll get your first frost?

    We also have exposed telephone and cable wires in front of my house...and a telephone pole! I wish the city would finally put them underground like they have in some other areas.

  20. Beautiful photos Vee. .and just so you know. ..I always battle the wires around here too.

  21. Your pics are fabulous Vee! I missed the sky show so I'm so happy you captured it in photo form. Thanks!!

    Love the sunset photo and the sunflowers too... I love sunflowers!

    Hugs, Sherry

  22. Good Morning Vee!

    Just popping by to see what you've been up to. Love the photos, but I didn't have a chance to be outside to see for myself. The wagon for of impatiens is simple and gorgeous.

    So...what flavor did you have?

    I'm off to work!

  23. *Coffee Heath Bar Crunch* I believe, Leann. ;>

  24. I love sunset photos! The colors are the colors of autumn! ♥

  25. How beautiful...makes me want to go camping and just see the open sky!!!


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