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Friday, September 3, 2010

Odds and Ends Day

First Day of School:

Not really. Just a practice run. Not kindergarten, but preschool. Sam was so excited and so concerned that the bus was taking so long that he was ready to walk. He's excited and happy. I confess that I'm feeling a little less happy. I can't believe that the grandbaby has grown this fast! Why the growth of children takes me perpetually by surprise I'll never figure out.

Nan's News:

Yesterday's post was written the night before. Wednesday night I woke knowing that I would have to go to "the home" again. I just had that nudge, that urge, that knowing. Sure enough. Things were not as they should have been. This time it resulted in my meeting with the administrator who was very apologetic and who said that she would personally ride herd. Wonderful. So will I.

It was suggested at the first meeting that an information sheet be posted in my grandmother's room. Guess what? To do so would be against state law. Neither the staff nor a family member can post any kind of notices in her room or on her tray. Yes, there are supposedly reports between shifts, but there are breakdowns in communication that are unacceptable. They'd better put a big old red flag on that report or else.

There were, to be fair, a number of things that were going well...thank you, Lord!

And thank you for all your support and your stories and your prayers. So very appreciated.

My Latest Kick:

Fresh veggies fried up in a wrap. Actually, there's a little more to it than that. I either use cream cheese with seasonings mixed in that sort of hold it all together or I use some shredded cheese. John and I are thanking the Fish Street people for this one!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Vee,

    Enjoyed your post.

    I am amazed that the regulations in nursing homes do more to protect the home than the patient! I had several horrible episodes with my mother's home in Florida.

    My grandson started 1st grade on Monday in Gorham at the same school my boys went to.

    We are off to do some shopping this morning. Wondering what the hurricane will bring....


  2. I am so thankful that I never had to deal with a nursing home for my parents. I can imagine the stress you must be experiencing. Take care of yourself.

  3. See you are her voice now! Thankfully you felt the urge to go and listened!

  4. That law doesn't seem to make much sense!!
    The kids here went back on Monday and today is their first day off already.
    I think the grandkids grow up much quicker than your own kids!!! :-) I can't believe my oldest is 19!!!!!!

  5. Hello Friend,
    I do hope you are able to get those last details worked out with the nursing facility. It is crazy, I know!

    Your meal choice of late looks scrumptious! So fresh! I would not have thought of cream cheese. We use cheddar all of the time. Now I want to try it with cream cheese.

    That Grandson...too cute! I think that was Chelsea's biggest regret about homeschooling...no bus!

    Becky K.

  6. Sam looks so excited! I hope going to school will be a wonderful and happy adventure for him.

    I think your state law against a family member posting something in their family's room is ridiculous but then when the new HIPPA privacy law came into effect a few years ago a lot of things like that changed in health care administration.

    Your new kick looks nice and healthy.

    Have a good holiday weekend!

  7. Laws! I won't get started, but it is so infuriating what you have to go through to do what should be fairly simple. Hang in there!

    Love the veggie in a wrap idea...looks delish and healthy, too. Can't beat that combo.

    Have a good weekend,

  8. Hi Vee! What a cute little guy:} and it's so refreshing to see a parent so involved with their child.
    About Nan, we've talked about this before, and I hope your experience with a care center is better than mine, BUT WE HAD TO RIDE THOSE PEOPLE LIKE 2 DOLLAR MULES!
    I'm sorry, we fought this battle for 10 very long years and it was emotionally exhausting. Don't give up or give in, keep doing what you need to assure she gets the best care possible.
    And congratulations are in order, I see you won the give away at Turkey Feathers!!!!
    I must admit I am a bit envious;)
    Have a lovely weekend, Life in Red Shoes

  9. Hi Vee

    Sorry to hear about Nan and the home. It's a struggle I know to well.

    Love the montage of your little g-son. And the wrap sounds wonderful! Gotta love fresh veggies.

    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  10. Stay on top of that staff - which I am sure you will do.I am sure you have found (and will find) that words come out of their mouth, but actions are an entirely horse of a different color.

    YUM!! on your lunch - sounds delicious!

  11. Ride herd is EXACTLY what you have to do. Good girl.

    Too danged hot, but we made it through Earl, who pooped out, thank goodness.

    RATZ, friends over tonight and I have to BAKE. Yikes.



  12. Riding herd.....good thing you're there to do it.
    Those wraps sound terrific!
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Great pictures. As to Nan and riding herd, I'm afraid it will be more like a constant battle. Prayers and hugs.

  14. I know exactly what you mean about children growing up way too fast...grandchildren especially!

    Sorry to hear there are glitches and more glitches when it comes to Nan's care. It seems to me you are right on top of them though. Good thing you are!

  15. Re: your 9/5 post..

    soooo glad to hear that hurricane was a bust! next, i need to hear frm someone on cape cod. and i can forget about ding-dang 'earl.'

    super-duper early autumn weather here, since 'earl.' -bigggggg happppy sighhhh-

    so cool, that i baked, on saturday! :-)

    yes, flowers are perking up again, over here too! i had to admit i was wrong and 'uncle a.' was right! [and you can imagine how hard that was for me!!!!!!! -evil grin-] he said the front flower pots would "come back", and I said nooooooo wayyyyyyy. -hehh- well, they did!!!!! :-)

    no caps,'cause right hand ring finger hurts. one of those evillll hang-nail thingies. bleahhhh. hurts to work the keyboard, properly. it's one finger pecking for me, for now. lol!

  16. Hi Vee, Your little grand is so handsome. It's true, they grow so fast. Enjoy while you can and know that no matter how old they are they will be in your life. Our grandson Michael stopped over in his car the other day. Now that was a weird but happy feeling :>)
    It is state law that things can not be posted in a patients room but all patients either have a kardex or a small on line profile that the nurse runs off at the beginning of each shift. It contains the patients diet, treatments, etc. Notes can easily be added there. I used to do that all of the time for my patients when they or their family had concerns and etc. The nurse is supposed to read that prior to beginning her shift. I used to add my own notes to the sheet and found it was very helpful when giving report. Continue to press Vee until they get it right. You, your nan, and family are in my prayers.

  17. Good Morning Vee,
    What a fine looking grandson you have there, and son too. I so enjoyed looking at his expressions of waiting for his trip. I am a sucker for smiles on children's faces. Priceless!!! And they do grow up so fast!
    Thank you for the update on Nan, and for listening to the prodding of the Spirit. You continue to inspire me, by your love and devotion to your loved ones especially Nan. How blessed she is to have you and John.
    Enjoyed the read, and Sundays as well.
    Hope you are having a great Labor Day.

  18. what a darling little school "grand". i will
    pray that his teacher will be especially
    fond of him.

    my prayers are also for nan.

    your veggie wraps must be delicious!



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