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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Nesting Party

Melissa @ The Inspired Room is having a *Fall Nesting Party* today and I am joining her. But what to do...what to do... for a budget so tight it squeaks and so there'll be nothing new for Haven.

If you want to read a perfectly delicious piece posted by Alison @ Brocante Home about such things, please read Creature Comforts. You, like Alison, like me, may find another kindred spirit as regards taking care of a home on a shoestring.

Anyway, something needed doing so I dutifully climbed the stairs and looked for the autumn decorations box. I remember putting it ahead of the Christmas boxes last Christmas, which was very good thinking indeed. Last year, I buried it under the Christmas boxes...not such good thinking.

I tossed a small silk bouquet into my great-grandmother's lead crystal vase and plunked my little white Welcome pumpkin atop my Simple AbundanceIndulgence book, which just so happens to be autumn orange. The light is going to be so pretty coming through those windows once the maples turn yellow and gold. Today, things are still very green.

Not a great photo, but one of my favorite things is to add found leaves that have been pressed for a few days to my apothecary jar. They just float there as I add more and more and make the most fascinating shadows on the wall. The topper is an old sunflower stencil. My "fall" card is a gift from Kari and so beautiful that this is the third year I've used it. I traded out my fussy summer tea cups for some simpler Golden Wheat ones tied on with muslin strips instead of ribbons.

Then I turned my attention to the dining room bay window.

Oh dear. The trouble with cheap, as in cheap, fake flowers, is that sometimes it's just too garish by half. Well there's a remedy for that...
Here is the difference after a night soaking in coffee and a rainy morning making photos darker. Sometimes rainy mornings help.

Enjoy the Party! (It's so cool...there are thumbprints of each project or blog so it's easy to see what you'll be visiting...love it!)


  1. Glad to see you join the fall party! What a great idea staining the flowers with coffee. I never would have thought of that. I love your window of cups too!

  2. You inspire me! I'm going to stop at our storage unit today and see if I can find my box of fall decorations. I needed a little motivation. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful on a budget, Vee! I love what you did with the flowers - staining them! I never thought about doing that - excellent idea!

    I'm sure autumn will reach you way before me... Full fall foliage doesn't reach east Texas til around the middle of November. I have noticed a few little leaves beginning to turn (loose) No rain means turning brown and falling off. So I guess I've got a little while to think about decorations, right?

    I'm off to check out the others you mentioned - it'll get me in the mood for fall! Blessings on you ALL!

  4. I love the idea of the leaves in the glass vase! I am going to try that! Did you just press them in a book? When I was a child we used to iron them between waxed paper to preserve them.

    Love the coffee stained flowers too. I would have never thought to do that!

  5. I love the coffee idea for silk flowers. I have some hydrangeas that are way too chartreuse and I was thinking about ditching them. I'll try the coffee trick first!


  6. Warm and cozy are the words that came to mind as I scrolled through your photos. I hope you will show us another photo when the trees outside your window come into color. I imagine that will be very pretty.
    I was drawn to the leaf in the apothecary jar. I may need to copy that idea :).
    Brilliant idea you had to tone those flowers down with some coffee.
    It may have been done on a budget, but it inspired me this morning.

  7. You are so clever Vee! It looks beautiful!

  8. Fall? How did that happen so quickly?

    Soaking blooms in coffee overnight...great idea! Who would have thought coffee could be good for so many things?

  9. Hi Vee! So glad you joined in. Love fall decorating without spending money to have it! Fall is so beautiful, it deserves simplicity like you have captured so well, love the leaves in the jar!

  10. Using what you have is a wonderfully creative way to decorate. It's what I'm going to be doing as well. I feel a little bit behind - wanting to join into this party but thinking it might be too late. However, I think you've inspired me!

    Your autumn touches are so pretty.

  11. Now wait just a minute there girlie: Autumn is still a few days away. Don't you go rushing the season, even if you are just itching to get to decorating anew.
    I find it helps me stick to proper season spans by letting Autumn go right until Dec.21, then do Winter and Christmas until Epiphany, instead to shoving the new born Baby Jesus celebrations to the curb on New Years. Since snow can falls here between September to April, I've learned to pace myself!

  12. Love your autumn decorations...seems everyone is decorating for fall...I have yet to drag the box down.
    Today would be a good day to decorate for fall, as it is gray and raining! :)


  13. Beautiful autumn vignettes,Vee! I like your white pumpkin and your Golden Wheat cups. "Simple Abundance" is such a favorite book of mine --it was like reading a blog before blogs existed :)

    I usually wait till October to begin fall decorating as everything is still so green and summery here, and I hate to rush the seasons. I have changed my candles from flowery scents to spicy apple and cinnamon scents so that will get me in the mood!

  14. Looks like you're ready for fall at your house. It all looks great.

  15. Beautiful. Just goes to show you that it doesn't take much to make your home cozy and fallish. Beats spending a wad at Hobby Lobby!

  16. Hi Vee - me again - no, I don't think AJ was the greatest President. But I was tickled to hear that you're on your tractor!!!

  17. LOVE the new blog look! Somehow, it's more "you." :-)

  18. beautiful fall montages! your house
    is so ready for a glorious season.

  19. Hi Vee, I love your header and all the fall vignettes. Very clever, the staining of the flowers! Guess what I'll be doing later today (yep, it's 3 am and I'm still up!)? Why, I'm gonna get out my fall stuff and have me some fun! ~Cheryl

  20. I love the beautiful fall touches you've added to your home. I love the window with the teacups...great idea!

    Visiting from Melissa's Fall Nesting Party.


  21. This is beautiful! You did a wonderful job decorating. I love the window frame with the cups. I love the leaves in the apothecary jar. I love the books too. Just wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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