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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pat's Story, Et Cetera

Did Pat's story send a collective chill up our spines? It sure sent a chill up mine and sent me scurrying to export my blog where I have it saved on my computer, minus the pictures, of course, and all the extras. Phew! I hate to think that this kind of thing can happen to any of us! I do wish Pat of Back Porch Musings all the best at her new home. Blogdom would not be the same without her!

I spent my Thursday in quiet pursuits. I have three projects going for three different blogging buddies and so I need to be cracking. At some point, I decided that yesterday would be a great day to clean the sewing machine and oil it. What a fright! I'm quite certain that this has not been done in a very, very long time. My biggest problem is that I am not mechanically inclined whatsoever so to think that I took the machine all apart and managed to get it all back together amazes me. Not that I put it back together correctly the first time. Nor the second. Dare I say that it was still not together the third and that, in addition, it was spitting oil on my new project? Ai yi yi.

Seems as if my mother is going to be visiting for a few days between her former home and her new home. I'll need to clean a bit and spruce things up a bit for her. She sure deserves to have things nice. This is only the third time that she has spent any overnights with me since I was first married in the 70s. She spent a week with me in Arizona in 1977 and she spent a night with us after that dreaded GPS adventure, and now she'll spend a few in between days. I think it will be fun. That's the joy of having family who live away — you get to spend more time with them when they do visit.

Off to get some of that sprucing done... What are you going to be doing today?


  1. Trouble is... WHAT actually happened to Pat's blog, is still a total mystery. -le sigh- So I suppose, the only thing one can do, is "save" our blog "somewhere," "somehow." I have no idea how.

    And since I can still access OLD blogs of mine, on Blogger... I'm not going to worry about it now. Guess I have a sort of laize-faire attitude to saving. :-) If a certain date is there, for me to access, at some unknown future date, it is. If not, no big deal.

    Sure, I panicked too, when someone told me that Pat's blog, had disappeared. But... After a night's sleep on it... Not gonna' worry. :-)

    May we all do what makes each of us content, in all that's involved with Blog Land. :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Eeek! That is frightening. Hope it was a fluke and that Blogger can get it back for Pat.

    Today I will get stronger pain meds for Warren...it is day five after his surgery and his pain is incredibly bad. Arrrgggh....

    I will finish and mail a candle order and then prep for an in-home candle fundraiser this evening.

    It is shaping up to be a busy day.

    Enjoy the time with your mother. It is nice that you care so much about giving her a special space and experience. Love it!

    Becky K.

  3. I would be afraid to take a sewing machine apart....the machine and I get into big fights, if I even just look at it! I am amazed with you!

    Enjoy your Moms visits.

    I have nothing special planned for today. I have been in a inspirational slump lately and I need to shake myself out of it!

  4. Poor Pat! I'd be really upset if that happened! Hopefully, they can get the situation worked out for her.

    Hats off to you and your sewing machine! I'm totally impressed that you managed to get it all back together! :)

    That will be fun having your Mum stay with you for a few days. Mine lives right down the street so... uggh.. I mean, Yay! ;p

    I have got a lot to do today! Shopping, cleaning etc. Fun, fun, fun!!! Have a great one Vee!


  5. I exported my blog, saved it on my computer and the NEXT day is when my laptop died in a puff of smoke! Now I do NOT have access to my blog past the last 4 posts...all those years of blogging and photos is now GONE.

    I highly recommend using an outside service for storage or storing important things somewhere else...because once your computer dies...there is NO WAY to get the info off it...:(

    Just my .02

  6. Oh, and today I am going grocery shopping and dragging out my fall decor :)

  7. Good point, Robin! I'll be using some disks as soon as I purchase some. And my son swears by Carbonite. He just purchased it ($50 for a year) and within a week his computer crashed...got everything back, pictures, documents, the works...so he really is singing its praises.

  8. I saw what happened to Pat as we are friends on facebook and she posted her pleas for help with her blog there when it first happened. I did a google search and found out that this blog hijack has happened to many people! The only source of help that I could see was to try to go to the template and delete any widgets including counters that could be infected. Hackers have been able to hack the Government so hacking blogs must be easy for them. I hope it never happens to us.

    Good idea about backing up or blog ..I'll have to look into that.

    Enjoy your Mom's visit! I hope you have a lovely weekend together!

  9. I have a son who is very talented computer wise so he said he would help me set up some way to save my work. Have a great visit with your mom. We're cleaning out some of the garden and playing on the computer. Have a great day.

  10. Oh dear...I hope that is an isolated incident with Blogger...since I have no idea how to back-up my posts.

    Today? Working on year-end for the company...and hopefully going to a 'food expo' tonight.

  11. Yikes, I have no idea how to save my blog posts. But maybe I should find out - soon.

    Today, I'm working on a French Lit assignment, then going into town to run a bunch of errands, including finding a birthday present or two, paint for my husband, and I hope, spending some time in the book store.

    Have a wonderful day, Vee!

  12. Think I'll go with Aunt Amelia's approach, because I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to save....
    Thanks for sharing where to find Pat and her story....
    Taking it easy today. Kind of fighting off a cold.
    Enjoy your mother's visit and the sprucing up....
    Still loving your blog header with the books and windows and light.

  13. It is scary to think that our blogs can just disappear like that. But I guess things like that happen and I am not really going to worry about it. If it happens to me I'll just start over.
    I took my car for its emissions inspection.
    Then came home to watch a telephone pole being taken out of the middle of the street by my house. Of course I'll be blogging about it later. :-)

  14. Pat has such a beautiful blog and she must be feeling so bad about what has happened to it. Very scary to think it can happen.
    You are very brave to dismantle your sewing machine.
    Have a wonderful visit with your mom.
    I've had a busy day so far. After a 2 hour meeting this morning I stopped at the grocery and Hallmark store. Just finished lunch and now have to clean the house. Having family over tomorrow to celebrate hubby's b-day.

  15. Sounds silly, but I have mine printed out and saved in a real paper folder - something I started doing as my "journal" for myself..
    ANyway, have a wonderful first-sign-of-fall visit with your Mom..and treasure every moment!

  16. Oh plans for today? Thinking about plans for tomorrow! Yay for Saturdays !

  17. Today? Working:( But am on break right now surfing fun blogs!!

    Hope the SM doesn't give you too much of a fight.


  18. Taking a sewing machine apart and cleaning it is quite an undertaking. Hope you got it put together ok.

  19. I feel awful for Pat, but thanks so much for sharing her story with us. It sent me searching for export instructions and I discovered it's easy to do.

    Hoping Blogger figures out he problem and fixes it!

  20. how devastating for pat! i am going
    to margaret's to see what she did to
    prevent this from happening.

    thanks for the head's up.


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