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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Off to the Flea Market

I'd follow that man anywhere (see yesterday's post). In this case, I was following him through the flea market on the F*ryeburg F*airgrounds. With eight family members about, it made for an interesting time. We got to oooh and ahhh over each other's purchases and spend some time out in the fresh, humid, 90-something-degree air.

I found two items that I wanted. A man was selling a box of about ten or twelve old sewing machine drawers. He said that I could have the entire box for $20, but I decided to go with the one for $2.

There they sit, the sewing machine drawer and an old wooden drawer pull. I think I'll put them together like this or something.

It's a busy day trying to get things straightened out at "the home." I'll be glad for the day when every nurse and CNA is on the same page.

Stay cool now!


  1. What a great guy! Your dishes are beautiful and I like how you have everything displayed. I haven't been to a flew market like that in a long time. I think I need to look one up before the season passes me by. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. The drawer and pull look like they were meant to be together. Great find!

    Hope today is kind to you.

    Becky K.

  3. "...and spend some time out in the fresh, humid, 90-something-degree air."

    Ohhhhhh gigggles... Isn't it the truth! And worse today/Wed. Makes one kind-of "look forward to" a hurricane, doesn't it? ,-)

    Best of luck with getting things straightened out at "the home". Even with computers, these things just don't seem to flow smoothly, do they?

    Gentle hugs...

  4. That looks like a wonderful flea market and I have to wonder what happened to all the sewing machines that lost their drawers.
    The leaves drawer pull is gorgeous.
    My DH was in Boston yesterday up on the convention center's roof in the heat and humidity which was worst there than here but I don't wish Earl on you to bring relief unless he stays far out to sea.

  5. Dishes are my weakness. I don't entertain that much but love old china and use to have more than I do now. Sold some of it. Love, love flea markets.

  6. ooooh that looks like fun. My favorite thing to do. You know Vee I found that wonderful old Vintage Suitcase in a Vintage shop in Newburyport. I just love taking it everywhere and including it in a photo. I'm a bit daft but it is fun. I took the suitcase, which wears a Colby sticker to Colby Sawyer College and photographed it there too.

    My daughter's best friend is attending Colby this year. I gave her the photo of the old suitcase in front of Admissions at Colby as a going away present.

    Have a great day,


  7. Hoo-hoo! Your last post was hilarious, Vee! Your trip was quite the adventure! I don't trust those silly GPs's. I always look at the map, too!

    My daughter relies on her GPS totally, and gets turned around all the time cuz she did not learn her directions and cannot read a map. Bad, bad, bad.

    Glad you guys made it out of the woods - it DID make for an interesting and funny post!!! Come on now, admit it! Loved those pictures of John directing ya'll through the forest and the mud!

    THat looked like a fun visit to the flea market. You did GOOD with that little drawer handle - they DO go well together. Whatcha gonna put in it?

    Hope you can get the "home" act together - they just don't communicate at all it seems sometimes!

    I'm still laughing, Vee, I can still see John - he's such a great sport! - thanks for such a great post!

  8. That photo made me think of my hubby leading the way with a "let's get this over with" spring in his step.
    Stopping by a flea market is always fun for me, not so much for him...:)

    Good luck with getting everyone on the same page at the home.

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Oh I love the old sewing machine drawers and have a few of them myself.
    I had a friend who made dried flower arrangements in them.

  10. Seems like a wise decision to follow John rather than the English lady. :).
    The flea market looks like great fun. I think your sewing machine drawer looks very nice with the drawer pull.
    I wish you luck getting everything and everyone at the home on the same page.

  11. I would have been tempted with so many goodies at that Flea Market! My eyes went right to the white chairs on the left..lol

    Your drawer box is great! I have a weakness for wood boxes of all kinds too.

  12. I found several drawers in our garage here after we moved in. I have yet to decide what to do with them....

  13. Beautiful workmanship in those old drawers and pull...definitely a good bargain! And the dishes are just gorgeous - love them!

  14. What fun to go flee marketing with family! I would love that. You got some great deals and beautiful things. Things have changed so much in hospitals and extended care facilities. I hope you get it all streightened out but I must say it seems like no one is on the same page any more.

  15. Oh Vee..I've been away from blogland these past few days. Just got caught up on your situation with Nan...

    Bless your hearts, sounds like she is now in a nursing home and your trying to work out all the bugs. I hope her stay there is going smoother by now. My heart is with you and John during this time. I remember oh so well when my mom had to put our 'Noni' in the nursing home in Mass., it was an awful season in our lives, so hard and emotional. I'm praying for God's peace and strength for all of you.

    Hugs...Happy Labor Day!


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