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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sessions Clock or For the Birds

Good thing that the clock comes with directions. Well, some directions. It doesn't say a thing about oiling it so we've been watching You Tube videos about how to oil antique clocks.

John took a good look at the clock and noticed a few things right away. First, someone has been fiddleflipping with it causing a number of problems. Namely, the face no longer sits fair on its pins causing quite a bit of drag as the mechanisms chafe against the housings.  What the entire family thought was some weather gizmo attached to the front is actually the oil applicator. We won't be using the oil in the applicator because it's dirty. There's an old bottle of clock oil from 1937 inside the clock and I'm pretty sure that we'll not be using that either. For now, the clock sits on the shelf above the tv. I think that this really helps to disguise the television much better than the oil lamps, which I showed you earlier in the month.
 A little closer view and, since we're counting birds and nests today, you can see that we've added another in this gold crane painted on the inside of the glass door. Do you see the oil applicator on the left? The measure stick beside it is for determining the swing of the pendulum and there is a thermometer on the right side, broken after all these years.

Okay, let's be off to count the birds. Though I wanted to place them in a mosaic, PhotoScape crops the photo and some of my birds hit the cutting room floor. I can't have that!

See how beautifully the Sessions clock disguises the big tv? Right? Right?!

(Blast! What's that stool doing there?)

1. gold crane on Sessions clock door
2. clear glass swan on window ledge...kinda hard to see
3. & 4. swan salt and pepper shakers declaring everlasting love
6. log cabin birdhouse formerly on coat hook, but John has put the coat hook back to its original purpose
7. giant green swan basket filled with all manner of stuff: remotes, cloth ball, devotionals, pens, pencils, sudoku books...

Did you notice that I even decorated John's radio? I can't move it. He loves it there for the perfect reception and right by his spot on the sofa. Sometimes a gal's just gotta do it his way.

Now for the east side of the room...

8. a swan
9.–20. bird images from The Feathered Nest and using Dawn's idea (I've talked about this several times over the past year.)
21. little black bird in upper window, a gift from Robin (Gosh, even my friends are birds.)
22. an owl from my daughter
23. little yellow bird
24. nest

There's more...

25. Can't forget my white bird from Kari
26. Or the bird on the tag discussed yesterday

And even though these birds are in the open living area, they don't count because they're not on the south side of the sofa. Do not question my logic! :D

Leaving you with Karen's image and a neat scripture...

Pat at Mille Fiori Favoriti is the gal who wins the surprise gift for participating in my little game. Though she came in a little low with a guess of a dozen, she wins by virtue of being the only gal to play. Congrats, Pat, and I have your addy already. Look for it by next week.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. A flock of birds indeed! Your room looks so welcoming and cosy that I forgot I was looking for the birds in the first place. It just tells your story (I love the wooden plaque)and I got caught up in imagining you and John right there. Beautiful Vee. And yes, you have a great many birds. I have some too!

  2. We're bird watchers, but I don't know if we have any bird figurines in the house. Love all of yours and everything looks so welcoming! Did you intend to collect birds or has it been a collection that's evolved over the years?

    We do have a hook that holds 5 bird feeders right outside the front window and enjoy birds that way. We also go "birding" - purposeful trips so Keith can add new birds to his life list. Cardinals don't come this far north and we really miss them. Maybe we need a painting with cardinals for our living room!

  3. Oh my goodness, this was fun.
    Question your logic???
    Never, my dear friend.

    That is a lot of birds!
    They are all just beautiful.

    Becky K.

  4. What a cozy room! I love love love the trunk under the TV!! and yes, the clock does disguise the tv very well ;o)

  5. What a wonderful antique clock! I love this room. It looks cozy, warm and inviting!

    You won my giveaway! I sent you an email.

  6. Love your old clock. That sure is a lot of birds. Your house looks cozy, warm and welcoming.

  7. Our Sessions clock is different from the one in your pictures. It cost my husband over two hundred smackaroons to get it into working order. We love it though so I guess it was worth it.

  8. OHHHHH yes!!!! The lovely super-old clock does a much better job of "disguising" the tv!!! -chuckle-

    OK, you can want to disguise tv. But I don't completely understand the need. It's NOT old fashioned, and you seem to be going for a very old fashioned look in this room. But... It's part of life.<---Just my view!

    Since 'Uncle A.' has trouble with his eyesight, our tv is HUGE and black colored when off, to boot! But, I don't really "notice" it, I guess.

    But then, in my home, where there are MANY things which I need to over-look, I guess I have gotten really, really, really good at "Not Noticing" what I don't want to notice. -grin-

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and my constant question... WHO dusts all the lovely things???????????????? :-)

    That's my unabashed reason for not having lots of pretty little things around! I hate to dust them. :-)

    Isn't it grand, that we are each INDIVIDUALS?!? Yes, it is!!!!

    Gentle hugs...
    P.S. Did you make John an Apple Pie yet? I am so proud of myself, that this year!!!, I made one early in the season, that I can ask that question. -giggggles-

  9. Wow but I write long Comments!!!!

    Maybe you can have a contest... To "reward" the longest Comment writer. lol. I'd be sure to win that one! ,-)

    But no. I don't even enter contests! Cause I never did one.

    Bye now!!!!!


  10. Sorry that I missed out on all the fun! :(
    I love that clock. It's gorgeous and all your birds are just lovely. I have a few little birds around my home but not as many as you. ;p Tee Hee!


  11. I just hopped over from Penny's blog to say Congratulations!
    I really like your clock...I also have a "thing" for birds. Love them!

  12. Hi Vee!

    You get such lovely light in that room.

    I can hardly see the tv because of the clock :) It's a lovely old clock and you do have a wonderful collection of birds!


  13. It was sweet of you to show us around your living room. It is very cozy feeling. Love the clocks and totally understand the radio situation. We have a very small home (360 sq ft) and my husband owns 1/4 of the living room. I can't touch anything around his recliner, table,etc- not even to dust...lol...Have a great day.

  14. I love all your birds! If I had my own computer I'd show and tell mine too....they are still scattered throughout. I am getting ready to drag out my Fall stuff this weekend...there's a bit of a cold snap in the sir but I am kinda still holding on to Summer. I think I am going to be getting a new laptop soon...woohoo.

    I LOVE old clocks....we collect them and I have quite a few. They always call to me ...as well as a lot of other things.


  15. Hello Vee,

    I love the word "fiddleflipping" - I've never heard it before. Your birds might be plentiful, but your room doesn't scream "I collect birds" from the minute you walk in. I like that.

  16. Wow I was way off in my count. Congrats to Pat!

    I LOVE your old clock - such character - hope you can get it running again. Those old chimes would be great to hear again. Isn't the internet great? And YouTube? You can find out how to do just about anything and you can buy anything - replacement parts, etc. Tony just found something he was looking for on the internet to make a repair on his trailer and ordered it this morning!

    I love all your birds - my sister is a bird nut, too - of course, present company excluded! She even used to officially do re-hab of birds that were injured or baby ones that were abandoned. Recently she took a baby cardinal in a shoebox to work with her and kept it under her desk so she could feed it.

    Your logic made complete sense to me!

  17. Hi Vee,
    Wow I love your room and birdies! A really fun post!
    Hey congratulations on winning Penny's givaway :)!
    Have a sweet day and big hugs~Elizabeth

  18. I love the clock..and of course ALL YOUR BIRDS! I'm really getting "into" birds lately..as it seems we all are. Wonder what that says about us? Are we "flighty"? Are we "nest builders"? Are we "eating like a bird"? Are we feeling like "a little birdie told me"? Hmmm..maybe it's just that we just simply LOVE birds :-)

  19. I love it Vee!!!! I love the sprinkling of birds around your home ~ they represent so much to me. Your house is so cozy and wonderful...just beautiful! I hope you're doing great sweetie, hugs and love, Dawn

  20. Looks like FUN! I don't know how I missed playing! lol I guess I was off playing by myself! I love birds...I may want to make a game out of it, too! Enjoy your day! Congrats on your win....I was happy when I saw your name as a winner this morning! ♥

  21. What...it was a contest...and I never ventured a guess? Well...your flock of birds looks just right...scattered about your cozy room. Congrats to Pat...a deserving winner!

    As for the Sessions clock...that's a keeper. I'd never heard of the brand before...but maybe we have a Canadian counterpart. I see Sessions was based in Connecticut...and produced clocks in the early 1900's. I think Westclox was a big manufacturer of clocks in Canada.

  22. What a beautiful collection Vee. The litle white bird from Kari is especially charming.


    PS... you guested it, Ode to summer... I hate to see it go *sigh* but at least I have good memories and LOTS of pictures.

  23. Hi Vee,
    Wow what a great home you have. I love it all, and I adore your sense of humor always. What a great way to use that graphic. Stay tuned because I just got a bunch of new graphics today. I can't wait to play.

    Congratulations on winning Penny's giveaway! I was thrilled it was you!!!!! Don't you wish we lived closer so we could attend her Blogger's Brunch. She is such a sweetie.

    I love all of your birds.


  24. What a cosy room! I love the book-lined walls!
    I also love your logic, Vee. As Chickie once said to me, "Mom! Does my logic REALLY have to make sense??!!"

  25. Aren't those old clocks neat?! LOL, I think you have a "thing" for tweeters!

  26. How did I miss your game??? Well it couldn't have been "won" by a nicer person! Love that clock where you have it... your eye goes to the clock, not the TV. Prefect!!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  27. Ah what a wonderful surprise Vee! Thanks! Sorry I didn't see this until today as I was off line all day yesterday as we had to go to the funeral for a dear friend's father. After coming home my husband and I we just too tired to do anything but sit and watch a movie together.

    I am amazed by all the sweet little birds that you have living in your home...you have a wonderful collection!

    After my sister-in-law saw how much I loved the hummingbirds she had visiting her backyard in Arizona she gave me a hummingbird wind chime and I began a collection of hummingbirds (we don't see them in NYC --do you see them there?)

  28. Yes, we see them often. I purposely avoid putting up hummingbird feeders, though, because we live in a neighborhood with many outdoor cats. They like the tall phlox so I enjoy watching them from my computer station. I've never been able to capture a photo, which is something I hope to do at some point.

  29. I can not find your husbands radio. So it must be well disguised.

  30. Fabulous post, the clock is darling and nothing like a collection of birds to add the feeling of a cozy nest to your home

  31. I have become a follower of your blog. My little rosebud icon has disappeared so I'm following as one of the generic silhouettes on your follower widget.

  32. Thanks Vee, for sharing this.


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