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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pumpkins Fake and Otherwise, Et Cetera

Some people win beautiful prizes here in Blogdom. Why I myself have just won Vicki Haninger's new book mentioned in Mosaic Monday's post and a $50 dollar gift card from Penny at The Comforts of Home. Poor Pat! She recently won a prize here at Haven and all she's getting is this little needle book.  Yes, well, that's the way things roll here lately. :D I usually don't share what I'm sending off, but Pat, as you probably know, does a blog all about the delights of NYC and the places she visits. She's currently doing a series on *her trip to wine country in California.* She takes the best photos and you can't go wrong to visit and enjoy them! And the point is that she doesn't do the kind of blog that I do where I share the very simple things like needle books. Anyway, I thought you might enjoy seeing what became of the little blue bird, a pattern from Vicki's book, also featured in Mosaic Monday's post.

On to pumpkins. I love them, orange or otherwise. This white pumpkin was purchased over the weekend for nearly five dollars (.39 a pound).

It's so pretty, but real pumpkins never do well for very long in the house.

Fake ten-cent pumpkins just go on forever, but this was one of those hideous orange numbers. So I decided to spray paint it with one of my leftover cans of paint...khaki, I believe, and then being too lazy by a lot to paint polka dots or *do this,* I just stuck some pins in it.


Of course, there's no comparison to the real thing, but it will be far away from the real thing right here... Can you see it in all that jumble?

This picture is not about the pumpkin...oh I kinda like the sunflowers popping out of the center...hmmm...this pic is about the different piece of furniture behind the sofa. Since I have so many bureaus, I should be putting them to better use than storing them in the garage so now I have six drawers for linen storage. The farm table that had been here is out in the garage because my brain wasn't fully in gear and I didn't realize that I really wanted the farm table in the kitchen. Nan's table is going directly up to my sewing room. All this when John and I have recovered from the weekend's furniture hauling detail.

And just because this is the first day of autumn the day autumn will arrive, I am sharing the first blush in the backyard. Have a wonderful fall, ya'll!


  1. I LOVE Autumn, but my husband just informed me that it is not officially Autumn until 11:00 tonight, so he's still holding tight to summer for the rest of the day!

    I just noticed your pic on the side bar Vee, it is lovely :)

    We grew those white pumpkins (Luminas) this year, my header picture will be changed soon to reflect our white pumpkin covered porch....

    Have a blessed Autumn!

  2. I'm sure Pat will be thrilled to get the needle case, especially with the blue bird you made on it. It's both useful and pretty.

    Great Pumpkins...love your ideas.

    My house is so small and my furniture so big I can't move things around but your blog definitely gives me inspiration for the small things.

    Happy Autumn.

  3. I love pumpkins! I just passed a field full of them...and occasional shocks of corn growing here and there. Wished I had the camera! Indeed.

    Have a blessed day.

    Becky K.

  4. I am sure Pat will love that bluebird book. I know I would treasure it!

    I am trying to decide if I want to buy real or faux pumpkins this year. I love the pins that you poked in yours. Cute idea!


  5. Cute, cute, cute fake pumpkin. You are so creative.

  6. Love that peek at your 'first blush of autumn...and your bureau in it's new resting spot...and the bluebird bound for New York.

    Oh...and the pumpkins too!

  7. Oh Vee - I love that long, country drawl - "ya'll"! That jumped out at me right away!

    I really like your "bureau" there against the couch. (we say "dresser") Looks good with all your purdy doo-dads on top! ;)

    Pretty changing leaves...I DO think a saw a couple around here yesterday...We won't hit full color until first couple weeks of November. There'll just be a smatherin' of color here for awhile!

  8. I just love autumn. Your linen drawers are wonderful. It is so wonderful to be able to enjoy each other's beautiful homes. .thanks for sharing yours.
    The needle case is just lovely. .she'll treasure it, I'm sure.

  9. Vee I'll be thrilled to receive that sweet blue bird needle holder from you! Just because I have been most fortunate to have a husband who has to travel now and then for his job, and is nice enough to take me along and make a vacation out of it, doesn't mean I am anything else than a country girl at heart. I treasure the little things in life and your friendship!

    I think that bureau looks wonderful behind your couch! I just moved my dining room linens to the chest of drawers that was in my son's former room and wondered why I didn't think of doing that long ago? It opened up a lot of shelves in the lower portion of my dining room hutch.

    Your pumpkins are so cute! I actually prefer old fashioned orange ones. The colors of autumn are my favorite!

  10. Congratulations on your wins. How fun.
    I think your needle book is adorable. The little blue bird with a background of daisies is so very cute. I think Pat will love it.

  11. I love the little needle book. So cute!
    I never buy the white pumpkins, only the orange, but this year I think I'll get one of each. :-)

  12. The pumpkins are both pretty..each in it's own way...

    As for the needle case?? dArlInG! Do I recognize the little bluebird for the previous post?? Yay YOU!

  13. Happy Fall...back at ya! I love your pumpkins and your beautiful home! I know I would walk right in and feel at home! You even speak southern, I noticed! heehee! ♥

  14. I love the white pumpkin so stunning. The leaves are drying and falling of the trees it is so hot here. It is in the 90's today....hugs...m..

  15. We are having record breaking 90+ degree days this week. I am SO ready for this hot summer to be over.

    I laughed at the white pumpkin. While the natural color goes well in my color scheme, my daughter hates that color so much, she does not decorate for autumn.

    However, she was thrilled to find white pumpkins where she lives in New England and bought them last year, along with some mums in shades she likes (that not being orange, yellow, or rust).

    We both decorate vintage but in totally different colors.

  16. I'm sure Pat will love your handcrafted gift! I love your white real and fake pumpkins and we have a very similar tree in our yard right now.

  17. The dresser is just beautiful! and so are the accessories and details surrounding it...floor, cabinet etc.!
    And I love your thinking on the pumpkin and solution to painting dots on it - lol.

  18. Such fun and what a great idea to spray-paint the pumpkins!

  19. Those pumpkins are adorable....and I just love vintage bureaus - I wish my house were bigger so I could have a couple more. Your home is so cozy and inviting - I feel like I'm right there having a cup of tea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. The bureau looks great! So nice to have the linen storage handy. AND in style!!
    The pumpkin looks pretty good too.

    Hugs, Sherry

  21. I thought I would *honor* you, with the use of my new Icon, for the very first time!


    I'm sure you will appreciate the satire. ,-)

    But for those who don't ~~ It means, Our Beloved Country is Going The Wrong Way!

  22. We are anxious for autumn as well. Unfortunately, summer doesn't seem be giving up its hold anytime soon. White pumpkins are my fav, and you picked a good one! Your painted on looks quite nice on your bureau. It's time to pull out the decorations here.

    Maybe this weekend.

    Enjoy the first full day of autumn dear Vee!



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