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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Ramsign Giveaway

☺ how perfect ☺

So there's my mailbox sporting a Ramsign house number. (Bad, bad photoshopping.) I'm excited that I have a chance to win, too. How? By visiting A Delightsome Life where Kathy is also having a Ramsign Giveaway. She has done a great job telling more about the company and the product. Feel free to sign up here or there or here and there. I'm definitely signing up. As you can see, I would select Highlander as my favorite. Oh, here's a tip for you...not all of the thirty-three folks who have signed up are going to be included. Why? Not everyone let me know which style she would choose. That means that, currently, chances of winning are very good around here. (Oh, yes, I do believe in second chances so if you thought you had signed up, but kept your style a secret, feel free to slip back in there and reveal it.) You can find my post with all the details by clicking on the link at the top of my sidebar.


"Nonni, the best place to find kids' games is at PBS kids dot org." This as I fumbled about on my computer looking for something appropriate for Sam to play. I knew the day was coming when he'd know more than I; I just hadn't realized it would be so soon.

Sam even created an avatar and had great fun doing so. The resemblance between his avatar and himself is uncanny.

The blue hair and the blue eyes...oh yeah.

Our day with the grands ended at the top of the hill visiting our favorite ice cream stop. We munched our cones in silence watching the bulldozers destroy the woodlands and fields across the street. A casino is being built. Ugh.  And they call this progress?

It's another beautiful day here. Hope the same can be said in your corner. Enjoy a marvelous weekend!

Edited to Add: If you can handle being sent in yet another direction, I have to share Sheila's story of receiving her Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook win from me. It is told on *this post* of  her wonderful blog Starshine Through My Windows.


  1. A casino! Outside a small town in the NE. Hehhhhhhhhhhhh... Yeppers, progress alright.

    Betcha' it was sold to the "City Fathers" or the "Planning Board," but saying how many JOBS it will bring to your little community. Am I right?

    OKKKKKKKKKK, did anyone ask how much money it will suck off from the community, when lots of people, who can not, not, not afford to gamble..... Gamble? Nice and close to home.

    We had thriving casino type things, years and years ago, in our fair city. But!!!!!!!!!!!! Although locals could work there, they could not BET there. Interesting, a what?

  2. And that comment was a test... Of whether or not, I made an Icon, which will show in Blogger comments.

    Mmmmmmm... Guess I did not.

    :-) Back to the old drawing board. :-) "Ron, help, what did I do wrong?"

  3. Yup. That's exactly what "they" said: lots of jobs. We're so desperate for jobs that the majority were tricked. The rest of us are disgusted. We already know what casinos have meant elsewhere.

  4. The RamSign looks perfect on your mailbox and the blue morning glory makes me swoon. Love them!!
    I hate to see trees being cleared especially for things like strip malls and casinos.
    Since my coffee cup is still full, I'll happily go visiting your links this morning.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love those Ramsigns. They remind me of the adress numbers in France.

    How sad that a casino is being build in place of woodlands and fields.

  6. Another HOT day here in MD.
    Numbers look nice on your mailbox.
    I remember eating ice cream with you. : )

  7. It's amazing how computer savy our little grandkids are! One time our 4 yr old grandson had to show me how to use a new DVD player!!
    Too bad about the casino! Reminds me of Joni Mitchell's " a paved paradise, they put up a parking lot" song.
    I think your mailbox shot looks great!
    It's a gorgeous day here as well.

  8. A lovely day and story until you got to the tale of the casino! Yikes! I am so sorry, about that.

    Is it very near to your home?


  9. I like your mailbox with the photshop # on it! It's going to look sweet when you get the real one! A casino? Awful! Sorry to hear that. People are so gullible and desperate for jobs. As for the weather? Did you get the heavy rain that we got here all morning? It just poured! It's been trying to clear up but I see it's raining again. The big U2 concert will go on rain or shine. Glad I'm not there. :-) Hot and sunny for tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Vee!

  10. Wonderful photoshop..the number looks perfecr on your mailbox.

    Your grandson is so smart, Vee!!

    I dislike casinos popping up everywhere --so many people become addicted to gambling. I say leave them in places like Los Vagas and Atlantic City and leave the towns and historical places alone.

    Off to read Sheila's post!

  11. I'm impressed - I wouldn't know how to photoshop anything (typed photochop at first and think it most appropriate).

    Casinos are a scourge - they are popping up all over BC, too, although Vancouver just vetoed the building of another one, I'm pleased to say.

  12. HIGHLANDER is my choice, too. I don't think I mentioned it on my first post....do I need to go back to that post? OK, I will...

  13. A casino???? So sorry to hear about that.
    I could go for some ice cream right about now. Yes, I know it's morning.

  14. Congratulations on your 4-year blogging anniversary! hip-hip hooray!!!!! I hope that you keep on a'trucking and bring us more smiles in the years ahead!

    I am not entering your giveaway, sad to say. Since we are in a regulated villa subdivision, we have to abide by the established numbering system, which includes standardized numbers on our mailbox and no numbers on the house. We are already skating on thin ice with our "Grey Havens" sign hanging off of the front porch because we are in (technically) violation of the signage requirements. So far, nobody has complained and we are holding our collective breaths.


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