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Friday, July 8, 2011

Spur of the Moment Tour

Where were we?

Oh, yes. Uncle B, John, and I were waiting in the car while Aunt Ess bounded into the house to ask for permission to haul her niece (moi) and her niece's husband (John, but you knew that) in for a spur-of-the-moment tour. Tip: don't ever own a lovely old home with lots of history if you don't want these sorts of things to happen to you.

mosaic will enlarge...click once and when it opens, click again

Because that morning was so foggy, many of my pictures didn't turn out well. The lighting just wasn't right, but I enjoyed my tour very much and I enjoyed meeting my Uncle's cousin and his cousin's wife Dee as well. They are gracious and welcoming folks.

Dee has the reputation for being the local historian so it would've been easy to settle in and listen to stories for a good long spell right there in her large kitchen where there was room for a rocking chair and all manner of vintage and antique objects lined the walls. I love a kitchen where there is room for a rocker!

Aunt Ess most particularly wanted me to see this beautiful crocheted Lord's Prayer you see hung on the wall behind the dining room table in the center of my mosaic. It was created for Dee by her great-grandmother who worked on it for a decade. Her grandmother was quite elderly when it was begun and the story goes that if Dee would memorize the scripture, the piece would be hers. Dee said that she had the piece professionally framed with proper mats and spacers. The price quoted was $200.00; although, the framer ultimately had to charge her a little more for all the work he had done. There are many tiny stitches all around to hold the blocking and keep the work in place.

That's Dee and Aunt Ess in the top center of the mosaic. They're the two gals who married cousins way back in the 60s.

Kitchen Fun is a little book of recipes given to Dee as a child, which she now keeps on display.

The daguerreotype is of a great-great (-great?) grandfather. Perhaps he is the one or else his son who built the exquisite desk seen in the lower left corner. I had to call John in to see the workmanship on it and I'm only sorry that the photographs didn't come out clearer. (I don't think I can blame the blur on the bad lighting; perhaps it was the coffee at Rosie's.)

The dining room table was built by Dee's husband. He used the store counter top that his father and grandfather and who knows how far back had had in the family business. What a great heritage and a wonderful treasure. The table is a beautiful one and this photo does not do it justice.

There's John patting their sweet dog who was such a love she just begged for pats and attention. John appreciates a dog like that.

And that's their sweet, sweet mustang, which we saw them driving with the convertible top down the next morning. I love the look of arms waving out from a convertible and the sound of Dee's laugh was sweet over the breeze. It seemed to me that people are happier and more relaxed in the country.

Hope that you've enjoyed the tour as well.

Now should you return tomorrow, and I certainly invite you to, we'll talk about mountain-top experiences and perhaps I'll share the reason for all the laughter. Hope to find you right here bright and early.


  1. I am sooo enjoying my journey with you. This must have been so much fun. Your family is wonderful!

    Enjoy your weekend - time to throw some wash into the dryer!


  2. Vee,
    Another post. How nice to sit in a beautiful kitchen and hear the stories.

  3. What an interesting home! And look at all the antiques!! It reminds me of my grammie's home in Moncton. What a fun couple they must be. Have a wonderful day!

  4. What a lovely home. Sounds like it was fun to take that spur of the moment trip. Spontaneous always works.

    I unsigned the check box for blogger draft, and I got back to my normal view of my dashboard. I also found the link explaining what they are up to:


    They sound excited, but I'm not. Have a peek and let me know what you think.


  5. I so love looking at the pics and reading about your adventure. Blessings

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh 'Uncle A.' would love, love, love to see those hand made pieces! Totally love to!

    Mmmmm, can anyone get a tour of the house, just by stopping by? -giggles- No of course I'd never do such a thing! But glad you and your aunt, could do it.


  7. Actually, I did do it once, years ago. 'Uncle A.' flew my daughter and I over to nearest little airport... we rented a car... and proceeded to try to find 'Stillmeadow." A fav author's home. Gladys Taber's 'Stillmeadow'.

    And we did! And I simply sat there, gazing out at the old fence, yard, home, which I had read so, so, so much about. *My tongue hanging out,* I'm sure. :-) And a dazzzzzzzzzed look on my face.

    Gladys wasn't there but her daughter Connie came out and recognized the "dazzzzzzzed look" on my face.

    Connie and her girls were there to pick blackberries. She invited us in and showed us around Stillmeadow. It-was-amazing!!!!! To actually SEE and be IN a place, which I knew so well, from Gladys's books. -happy sigh-

    Thanks for the memory.


  8. My goodness, no wonder you love road trips! How fascinating this one sounds. What nice people and fascinating things to see and hear. I especially love the idea of the table made from the countertop. What a family treasure.

    I visit you every morning. Ill certainly be there tomorrow.

  9. I love going on trips with you! I will be back tomorrow.

  10. Sounds like you are having the time of your life seeing all your relatives and getting a few history lessons to boot. I'll be back tomorrow for sure.

  11. How fun to get the personalized tour...with local history lessons thrown in. So glad Dee invited you in...love her table!

  12. A rocker in a big kitchen is heavenly. This is a wonderful adventure you're sharing with us. You're family is so much fun.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's adventure.

  13. A home filled with objects that tell stories is a wonderful place.

    Thanks for sharing with us - and I'll be back tomorrow for more fun!

  14. What a wonderful home your cousin has! That table could be on the cover of Country Living Magazine! I love the history behind it and the beautiful desk. I love antique and vintage things that tell a story. The crocheted Lord's Prayer is stunning! It would be hard t find soemone who could do that kind of work anymore.

    Bright and early? I never get a chnace to get on the computer till after 1 PM anymore. Too many morning chores to do while it is still cool enough to do them!

  15. Me again. I had to check and see if I have the same cook book as your aunt. Mine has a very similar picture on the front but it's called "little mother's COOK BOOK" - a guide to cooking for children. It was published in 1952 by the Pixie Press, Inc. USA. Maybe mine is an updated version of yours? Interesting.

  16. Gorgeous home!

    I love the dining room table! So beautiful!

    You are sweet to take us along on this trip!


  17. Wow, where to start? The Lord's Prayer... oh my. A dining room table built from the countertop of... the desk that was built by... the cookbook that was given when... a daguerreotype of great-great-great...

    And to top it all off, a dog with manners? What a day Vee. Thanks for inviting us along.

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. Oh man, it was nice of her to let you (& us) in for a visit. :)
    What a lovely house and the crocheted piece is lovely. I clicked for a close up of it. The story that goes with it is so sweet.
    I'll be looking forward to your next installment tomorrow.

  19. Liked taking the tour with you. Beautiful stuff. As one who does needlework I can imagine all the work that went into that.

  20. Hello Dear Vee, it has been awhile and I feel as though I must get reacquainted, I have just spent a few minutes reading some of your previous post and have enjoyed touring with you. You have captured your trip so well in the photos.All so beautiful. Todays especially are beautiful. Such a lovely home with so much history, not to mention memories. Dee and Aunt Ess look like fun ladies to be with.
    I am sorry I haven't been around, it has been quite a busy summer for us, we are under extreme drought and heat and stay so busy irrigating, not to mention gathering and preserving.

    I think of you so often, and it looks like a great summer, I know this trip has been so refreshing for you and John.Continue to enjoy!

  21. Vee, I can't believe how much we have in common. Do you suppose we're related??? :-) Have a great weekend. Pamela

  22. Lovely. Thanks for sharing a few things with us. Random, but your blog actually loaded today! Have a fun weekend.

  23. That piece of crochet work is extraordinary! I have a freind that does beautiful work also. She has made altercloths for the LDS temples where her sons served missions.
    This she has got to see!
    Thanks for the tour, I always enjoy myself :)

  24. Cool house Vee...wow loved seeing the photos, that table was amazing and such a treasure and pcs of history for that family. I think your photos came out great. Fancy with the layering etc....

    Okay off to read your most recent post...

  25. So much history and roots with your family, facinating.

  26. This must have been a great visit for you with all the family history.


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