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Friday, July 15, 2011

What's Your Story, Morning Glory?

all of today's images will enlarge

My story is that I'm practicing cropping. All these shots come from the same photograph seen in the center with the exception of the two close-ups on the bottom left and right.


So many of you told me what a great day you had yesterday. Here on the Eastern Seaboard, we are enjoying beautiful summer days with low humidity, if you can imagine such a thing. I've not seen anything like it for a long, long time, though if it goes on for the rest of the summer, I'll not complain.

The humidity was so low that, toward evening, I baked a Peach and Blueberry Clafouti. We barely noticed the oven was on because the air was so dry. The clafouti recipe can be found right *here* at King Arthur Flour.  If you've never tried one of these, you'll be amazed how easy it is to make and how light and fresh it tastes. It's an excellent way to use up fruit that can't possibly be eaten before it has gone by.

I dusted drowned it with confectioner's sugar. Oh yum...


Today, we are off for breakfast with my oldest grand. We hope to make this a Friday habit for the summer as he's missing his school schedule a lot. Then we'll have a day of whatever we can do without getting too worn out. (I don't mind if he gets worn out; I just enjoy breathing.) This afternoon, we'll pick up the baby grand and then we'll really be off to the races. Say a prayer. ☺


Tomorrow, I'm participating in this year's Ice Cream Social. Last year, I served *orange floats.* This year, I've not quite made up my mind. Nevertheless, I hope that you'll be by to see and perhaps you'll consider participating as well!

Now, what's your story, Morning Glory?


  1. Vee,
    Great pictures! I love cropping. I just love playing with the photos.

    The clafouti looks wonderful. Have a great day with the grands.


  2. I love morning glories, but we have a wild one that invaded our side garden and before I knew started choking everything.

    Have fun with the grands - that's my dream!


  3. Looks so delicious! Enjoy your time spoiling the kiddos.


  4. Beautiful mosaic! I'm learning how much time it takes to put the mosaics together. To get all of those pictures from the center one must have taken quite a bit of time.

    The dessert looks yummy.

  5. It's fun to experiment with photos. I like your Morning Glory. Hope you have enough energy for the grands today! That is wonderful that you are having some nice weather with low humidity. Yum your Clafouti looks delish!!
    Jill, Katie and I are headed to the Lavender Festival...

  6. That looks delicious! I'm going to try this one. All of our kids and grandkids are coming over tomorrow for a Luau birthday party for one of our daughter-in-laws. I've been working on decorations all week. It is so hot here and the humidity reached 50% yesterday and the temp predictions are going to be around 103 to 105 for the next week, so we may have our luau inside.

  7. Oh, the clafouti looks so delicious! I have never had this dessert before, but I'm thinking it's about time I made one!
    I'm also admiring the astilbe in your garden--I'm going to look for it at the garden center! Wonder if it is a perennial.
    Enjoy your time with the grands!

  8. -clapping hands- You KNOW how much I LOVE cropping! Isn't it fun? Just look at all the points of interest, which you can highlight, in a single photo! (And just 2 diff ones added.)

    And what a lovely mosaic it makes!

    Glad you are spitting up your time with the Grands. So older Grand will not have to use his "special time," being worried about his younger bro.


  9. I love Morning Glories!

    Today, I am off to do my biweekly big grocery shopping. I'll be off all over the place to get what we need, mostly for the next two weeks. Oh, and to the local orchard as RED HAVEN peaches are in! My favorite!

    I haven't see the Ice Cream Social before...I may have to check it out! We are big Ice Cream fans here!

    Have a lovely day!

  10. Oh that looks so good and I'll be going to get the recipe.
    We are having another nice day like yesterday too. Perfect weather!!
    Enjoy your day. It sounds fun.
    Will you try skipping today? : )

  11. Awwww. Can't you serve orange floats again? They are the best!

    I like your spanking new mail box...or is it not yours? Amazing what you can create from one photo with a little cropping...or a lot!

    Now I'm off to check out your clafouti recipe. Looks yummy.

  12. My mouth is watering....oh dear. That looks so very yummy.

    I'm cleaning, weeding, doing laundry and making some totally adorable candles....

    Wish I could grow morning glories. I think they are precious...but I fail. Just fail at it.


  13. Wow, Vee!
    Very slick with that photography!
    Wouldn't you know I started a diet this week. The clafouti probably isn't too high in calories, right?
    I'm tempted just looking at it!
    Have a great weekend!

  14. The blue morning glory is something I never see around here. The white ones grow wild and I've seen them kill healthy plants with their delicate vines.
    The mailbox photos are beautiful. I love the "black" anchoring the photo.

  15. LOVE the morning glories! Did you plant them yourself? I hear you have to do something special with the seeds.

    I just got a bunch of peaches in and so I am going to have to try your recipe with them.

    Who's having this ice cream party? I would love to join!

  16. I really need to do some of this photo study that you do. Your pictures are fabulous!

    Your drowned Clafouti looks wonderful, definitely something that I will try. And I am of course completely loving the time that you get to spend with grands...

    Enjoy your blessings this day, Debbie

  17. Well, Mornin' Glory! The pics are awesome and I do love the play wiht the cropping..you can really find such different perspectives of just one photo - as you show here!

    The peach blueberry thingy looks good! I'll have to go see what a "Clafouti" is :-)

  18. Practice makes perfect, your photography looks great, your cropping does too :) All the fruit in that pie, must be a diet pie - ha! It sure looks yummy. Have fun with the grands and a great weekend at your Ice Cream Social.

  19. A BEAUTIFUL mosaic, Vee. I love morning glories and am currently waiting to see my first bloom. The vine is growing like Jack's beanstalk, but so far no flowers.
    I will be getting the clafouti recipe. It looks delicious with 2 of my favorite fruits. So glad you shared this tasty idea.
    How nice it will be spending special one on one time with your grands. Have fun.

  20. I love the postboxes you have there, we only have boring letterboxes!!

    I've just finished cropping some pictures of my brand new Grand-Daughter, born on 13th July, a wonderful occupation!!

  21. Its been rainy and cool here all day...in the 60s! So I made cinnamon rolls for me sweetie! I'll be at the Ice Cream social tomorrow, too! ♥

  22. Yummy...this does sound and look delicious. Gotta check it out. See ya tomorrow..:)

  23. I'm a great 'cropper'.... I love how the picture comes forward after cropping.

    Morning glories bring back glorious memories of my childhood. At my grandma's house.... they grew on the side of her house. I LOVE MORNING GLORIES!!

    Oh my.... the dessert looks delicious. I'm on Weight Watchers, it's probably NOT on my list...... I'm drooling!
    Happy weekend!

  24. I have a har time visiting the King Arthur Flour web site because when I go there I get lost for hours looking at all their delicious recipes! :)

    I love blue morning glory flowers as blue flowers are so rare.

    Hope you had a wonderful day with your cute grandsons! I miss mine so much and hope to see them in a few weeks.

    My Mom's 89th birthday tomorrow --I've been cooking all day ;)

  25. I never mess around with my photos much but love the collage look. Digital imaging is not something I've delved into. Clafouti must be like cobbler. Yum! I made a blackberry apple crisp last week and it was absolutely delicious! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  26. These coffee floats look wonderful. I am enjoying going through your older posts, you write so well and great photos. The clafouti looked "to die for". Makes me want to run out and buy a lot of fruit just so I can make one. I liked today's post as well. xo

  27. Lovely cloufouti - I enjoyed my visit here!

  28. It looks delicious and the garden photos pretty.

  29. Hi Vee...I found you at Debbie's blog on the post about Empty Nesters...I am one and found as you said...IF we let the LORD lead..he can once again fulfil that horrible void with a ministry to OTHERS. He did for me.

    The LORD led several young women down my path over the past few years of my emptiness..(when I FINALLY excepted it) God moved in to use my life for them. You can read my short story on it at wwwthisistheday-hope.blogspot.com I hope you can maybe send your friend by for the read also. I hope it helps.

    Blessings and thank you for the Clafouti recipe..can't wait to make this.



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