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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Siding Report

Thought it might be time for a progress report on the siding. Come along, we'll take a little walk-about.

Let's start with the lovely...

Deck Posies

White Geraniums on the Edge of the Forest Primeval

A Bit of a Mess

John at Work

Let's keep on going, shall we? What's happening in the little garden?

The Mallow Bloomed

Back of House

Good heavens! How'd that get there?! You'll be happy to know that it doesn't look this way anymore.

Back View Today

Phew! Thought I was having a nightmare there for a second...

When the fencing gets out of the way, I'll try to show you a similar shot.

Thanks for taking the walk-about with me! Now do stay cool or warm as the case may be.


  1. Siding looks great and so do your poseys. We havent had rain in close to a month here (seriously) and so a lot of our posies and plants are just brown and sad-looking (I can only spend so much time out there watering them with a 14 month old in tow! :) )

    Our condo association had all the siding redone last year, so our hole complex of townhouses had that insulation-only/slotchy look going on for months. It was worth it, though, as it all looks so much better now!


  2. A very pretty post! Your mallow looks great. Mine were all chewed up by Japanese beetles. It's gone now.

    The back of the house looks amazing! John does very nice work!

  3. Good Morning, Vee. It looks like things are back to normal around your house now. I hope to catch up on what I missed on everyone's blogs since I left. the last thing I remember on yours is that your hubby was polishing the car...I wonder how much fun you had on that road trip...lets see...

  4. We had siding put on a house we owned when we first married and it did wonders for curb appeal. I love the color you chose. Flowers look so pretty. More pictures please when it is all finished.

  5. OH! I love your house!!!! Blessings

  6. I didn't know you were renovating the exterior of your house. It's going to look beautiful when compete. I love the back end gable and beautiful doors! Is that a sunroom? It's going to be a scorcher here today. I've been for my walk and will be hanging laundry out shortly. I love this weather! Have a great day Vee.

  7. Your husband has done a wonderful job on that siding! I know you must be excited to see it coming together :D Your flowers pictures are so pretty. I have some of those lilies; thanks for identifying them.

  8. Wow! Your flowers look incredible. I've been ignoring mine in this heat and it's beginning to show. Poor flowers. :(

    The siding looks really great! John is doing a fantastic job. I'd say he's a keeper. :)


  9. Oh Vee, I love it! John is doing such a great job. Did you already have the windows or is John installing those, too? The bay window is beautiful and I love the sliding door and window next to it with the dormers above. It looks so nice from the outside, but I'll bet you enjoy that effect even more on the inside.

    Your flowers are always lovely.

    Enjoyed the walk around your home with you this morning.

  10. Diane,

    We already had the windows. It's just the siding, though I am very tired of my over the sink window in the kitchen and would love to change it out. I like a window that raises and not one that winds out.

    I'm sure that you've seen many photos of the patio doors from the inside. That's our living room area.

    Pam, no the area behind the patio doors is our living room.

  11. Your header and all your posies look beautiful!!!

    John has really done a great job of installing your siding.... and saved a lot of money by doing it himself.
    Your home looks so pretty!

  12. Things are looking good, Vee. I love those patio doors with the window on top like that...

  13. John did a beautiful job putting up the siding, Vee. It looks beautiful! Are you also changing the deck railing? Your flowers are all flourishing so well this summer... I love the mallow.

    We are supposed to hit over 100degrees this weekend ...hope it doesn't come along with 90 degree humidity!

  14. Vee! It looks wonderful! I love it! Wish I had some of those little rounded planks!

    Send John to my house for some updating!

    Your flowers are beautiful. Must be nice... sigh... ours have about bitten the dust in this heat wave we're having. 22 consecutive days and counting for 100+ temps. I'm down to just trying to keep my young trees and rose bushes alive! They're dropping leaves like crazy. The farmers/ranchers around here are saving what little hay they bale instead of selling it for their own cattle. The grasshoppers are eating everything in sight! It's wicked hot down here!

  15. edited: The farmers/ranchers around here are baling and saving what little hay they get for their own cattle instead of selling any.

    There, better.

  16. The siding looks great. What a difference siding makes. I've helped side a house and a few garages in my time!
    Your flowers look beautiful.

  17. Your deck is a flower-y oasis!!! Yummy.

    Oh so much work, did John *sign up* for! And what a beautiful effect, when he finishes an area.

    My hats off to John!!!!!!!!!!! Really, really, really, really, really!

    And I don't even want to think of him, working outside, in this heat wave we seem to be in. -sigh-

    Please bring him lots of water, for taking Water Breaks with.

    Really John, you are AWESOME!!!

  18. Let me say it again. John you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh, what a great job you have done! It's adorable! What an undertaking! I'm not very good with the "in between" stages of those projects, although I love the outcome! You've had to have a lot of patience but it has its rewards! Fantastic and hats off to John!

  20. I'm so jealous of your garden, it is just gorgeous! Your John and my John are alot alike. Sometimes my John takes on more than he should. I am reminded, as I'm sure you are, how lucky we are they tackle these projects at all. Kudos to our Johns!! Hopefully, the house project is wrapping so you both can enjoy the rest of summer (after the current heatwave subsides). There always seems to be a project, right?

  21. Hi Vee!

    Loved your walk-about! The flowers are so pretty, I wish they would bloom year round! Isn't is wonderful to have a job finished, and looking so beautiful!


  22. I luuuuuv the new siding! And isn't it great to have hubbys that can and DO do this kind of fixing-up-of-the-home??

  23. Pat, no we are not changing the deck railing. Is there a reason why you ask? ☺

  24. Your flowers look so pretty and your photos are so nice and clear.
    John's hard work is really paying off. It looks fantastic and I LOVE the trim. It's like the icing on the cake.

  25. Hi Vee!
    What pretty flowers you have, I just love the beauty of nature, the colors and smells, God is good! Thanks for dropping into my blog and leaving a comment! I DID work up a few granny squares last night, thanks to the video you posted. I made a blog entry about it and linked to you as thanks:) Have a wonderful day, and God bless!

  26. It's all looking lovely over there! And are you keeping John supplied with lemonade or iced-tea? He deserves a few treats...or many!

  27. How beautiful your house looks! And the flowers are a wonderful addition.

    I expect you're righly proud of it and the one who did all the hard work too, wonderful work!!

  28. The flowers and the new siding looks TERRIFIC! What a hard worker you have!

  29. Wow! It looks wonderful. I LOVE the gingerbread touches.

    And how woeful to live at the edge of the Forest Primeval. Evangeline is one of the saddest stories I know!

    Blessings, Debbie

  30. Your flowers are looking great! So is your house!


  31. What a beautiful home you have, Vee.
    I LOVE the siding..and, I'm not sure what it is called....fish scale siding? at the top? LOVE IT.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Mine, on the other hand, are totally D.E.A.D.
    No Heavenly Waters yet. :(

    I know you are so excited about getting this done to your house. It's always so much fun to get something new. :)

  32. Vee,
    The siding looks terrific. Yay for John. Yay for you!!!
    The poseys are gorgeous.
    Keep cool!

  33. Really lovely photos of the flowers! I love geraniums because when it gets really hot outside I think they smell kind of pepper-y. Reminds me of my days in Florida!

  34. Oh Vee!!!! IT'S JUST GORGEOUS!!!! That sweet John has worked his bum off, hasn't he??? But the result is amazing!!! I'm in love with the scalloped stuff (sorry, don't know what that's called :) and the color is so subdued and elegant ~ and with your flowers, picture PERFECT! Stay cool sweet friend...this fall you can sit out on that deck and admire the beauty :) hugs and love, Dawn

  35. Your house looks great! My hubby did a few repairs lately, but I think we are going to have to call someone who knows what they are doing!!! John did a fabulous, professional job! I'm loving your zinnias and lantana--and your petunias! My petunias have petooted! I love their lovely fragrance, but I cannot keep them looking pretty!

  36. hi vee! just catching up on your posts! been up to my chin busy...but just wanted to stop in to tell you how wonderful your flowers and siding look. just so gorgeous! stay cool, dear friend!!

  37. Lovely fresh siding and when may I check into your bed and breakfast worthy establishment? It looks even nicer than some of the top B&B's that I've visited over the years.

  38. OH what a fantastic job. .love the gables. It looks so cottage cute.

  39. What a gorgeous addition. And your siding looks wonderful. I like the gingerbread effect on your addition. You must be so pleased.

    I have always wanted to close in our deck and make a sun room. Oh well, someday. Meanwhile your place looks lovely.


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