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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Muffin Morning and A Rant




A little pot holder project that Sam and I worked on together in my very cool sewing room last week when it was 102F. It's a little transfer onto white cotton of his drawing of vases of flowers for his mama. This week, he'll get to take it home. I think she'll like it.


Thus concludes today's sweetness and light at A Haven... That's because I want to vent a bit about Sunday afternoon on the island. As I mentioned in comments on my last post, it could be any island in Maine. There are over two thousand to choose from. ;>

Anyway, I had a cute email from a blogging buddy who wanted to know what I had against children. Why absolutely nothing! I love children, had two of my own, taught for over seventeen years, and so I wish to defend myself.

This is the story: there was a family group on a public beach behaving rather badly. Now that I've had time to think about it, I'm going to blame their father who was behaving the worst of all. The children were between the ages of eight and sixteen and were three girls and a boy and, when we arrived, they were all swimming. Even their dog, a lab, was swimming. They were laughing and having fun and all was fine until their father began to yell, "Shark! Shark!"

Now there are no sharks in this harbor (if one is out twenty miles into the ocean, it's possible, but rare). With the father's yelling, the kids got wound up and began screaming. Then one began hollering, "I'm drowning! I'm drowning!" Mother stood benignly on the shore watching. Her husband was behaving like a nutcase, and now all her kids had fallen apart. I can't say as I blame her for being stoic and silent. What was she going to do? Add her voice to the din? Personally, I might have taken a long walk.

That's when I shot John this look:  = /  and we headed over the trail.

And I can't blame young people as the only ones who indulge in inappropriate public behavior. For in less than half an hour, we were shopping in a well known tourist trap when we came upon an older man and an equally older woman in the back corner. I skippered on out of there, but not before I heard him say in a low, husky voice, "Oh, Claire, Claire, you're the girl for me." She responded with giggles and then squeaked, "I've got to find the ladies' room."

That's when I shot John this look: = |  and we headed for the register.

Perhaps I'll just take the philosophic approach knowing that it all makes for blog fodder, but somehow I feel as if a certain gentility is slipping away.

P.S. I would like to thank A Woman Who Is for revealing how to make the shocked, annoyed, whatever expression with an equal sign and a back slash. ☺ It's going to prove very useful.


  1. First, that father, who shouted "Shark!" should have been arrested for Child Abuse!

  2. It isn't all children, who court our wrath. It's the not-behaving children who do.

    And the *brain-dead* parents, who inflict their tired-out children on us. Tired and crying and stamping and creating general mayhem.

    Being a parent should entail KNOWING when one's child is too tired for *polite company.* And for his/her own good, as well.

  3. You lost me at the pictures of the muffins, :)--seriously..I totally agree with your vent. (and your 2 other comments.) Blessings

  4. As for Claire and her amorous older man....... -giggles- I guess I have to cut them slack. A lot of slack. ,-)

    If older people can have some fun, good for them.



    The same old saying goes, I guess; "GET A ROOM!"


  5. No disrespect meant for "A Woman Who's" way to show the shocked, annoyed, whatever expression but......

    I fear a more distinctive *sign/smiley* is needed. I fear I'd not understand


    Let's seeeeeeeeeeeeeee, how could we come up with a more.... Mmmmm... Imperious-looking *sign/smiley?"? >,-)

    Or how about just plain ol' "YISH" ?

    Or (YISH!)...?

    Or {*YISH*} ...?


  6. Sorry, Auntie, but the =| is exactly the look I was going for as it perfectly reflects the look on my face. ☺

  7. Let's be blunt. There are a lot of rude, irritating people out and about these days who could care less about how their behavior effects the people around them. In fact, I think they like to irritate and shock. They are selfish. We live in a "ME" culture. And the MEs are raising some really annoying children. Not the kids fault, but the results are the same. We avoid a lot of public places because of the coarse language and behavior. Sad isn't it? Manners are considered silly by many young moms today. "Bad" is the new "good".
    Now. I'll have 2 muffins to go please and one of those really nice potholders. :D

  8. I love the pot holder you have helped with, and I'm sure his mom will love it too!
    You know Vee, we here in the south who teach our children to say "yes Ma'am, no Ma'am, Yes Sir no Sir" before they learn to say mama, are finding it is becoming a lost art, this art of pleasantness...children just simply are not taught the basic Miss Manners regime anymore and I don't see it changing anytime soon! If I don't hear Arianna use her manners, she gets the eye!
    Luckily she was taught from the cradle, and I don't have to cut my eyes at her very often! Hope you will not be running into idiots on the beach again anytime soon!

  9. I think the best commentary I have heard came from my then 7 yr. old grandson as he sat in a restaurant with us and watched some older children and their parents behaving badly. "Nana, it's a good thing that we aren't sitting with them, isn't it? You would take them all to the bathroom for a time out, wouldn't you?"

  10. I love that potholder project Vee. I surely will use this myslef ...fantastic.
    OH but I smiled through your rant. ..very fun. It is always fodder for bloggers and always satisfying to know we all can relate.

  11. Very fun idea...to transfer Sam's artwork onto pot holders. Now...I have to figure out how that is done!

    I think we should send all the kids to Sandi in the deep south to be taught some manners! There are many who have no clue how to behave. Sorry your beach experience was less than peaceful!

  12. The irksome families/couple/children and yes dogs count rises with every degree of temperature.
    Have you noticed that too?

  13. You are so right, Vee! One only has to watch a few reality programs on TV to see that bad manners and inappropriate public behavior is becoming the norm. It saddens me. I see parents more interested in their cell phone conversations than their children and people littering their chip bags and whatnot constantly all over ther city streets as if they think a maid is going to clean up after them. One afternoon I passed a bus stop where junior high age students were waiting and their foul language was shocking and disgusting.

    Thankfully there are still many people teaching their children manners and respect but it is disheartening to see the ones that aren't.

    Wonderful looking muffins, BTW!

  14. Your muffins look mighty tasty and I just love your idea for the potholders. What a sweet project for you and your grandson to work on together.
    It does seem like there is a lot of rudeness among people these days. I might be opening a can of worms, but as a former northerner now living in the south I have to say that teaching children to say "yes ma'am" doesn't always ensure perfect manners.

  15. Love the muffins! Glad it's cool enough to bake (I made cookies this morning). Sweet pot holder idea too. I'm with you on your rant. There are no manners nor decency in public now. Oh, and on tv too!! That's where it's learned.

  16. Oh now I am missing picking blueberries this year. The pot holder is just great and would melt anyone mother's heart.

    Thanks for teaching what the signs mean...might be using them some soon.

  17. people never cease to amaze. we really could
    use a reality tv show to set an example of
    gentility, but we would be the only ones to

    one of my grandmothers was always shocked
    at our poor behavior, but i remember being
    a little shocked by hers, too.

  18. Oh Vee....they really should have been much more considerate of those around them. I often shake my head at the things I see and hear.

    I do love, love, love the look of those muffins. Mmmmmmm......I can almost taste them.

  19. This settles it. I'm going to make some blueberry muffins tomorrow. Strangely, I've been debating for a couple of days now. Upon seeing yours, I've made up my mind. :)

    Love the potholder and you just know I LOVED the rant.
    Well done Vee. Well done. :)


  20. I did not know that you had been a teacher Vee.

    Standards falling all over the Western World I think.

    Talking of blogging problems. For some time now my comments show full of all kinds of symbols in the middle of words. They do not publish that way but are like that on dashboard.

  21. OK, I'm going to try again.

    Rant away, my friend. That's a huge rant for me, too. My mama & daddy taught me right, I still use manners whenever talking to others especially older than myself. Now it's getting to where out of habit, I will say yes sir and no ma'am to folks a little younger. And always Mr and Mrs! We were taught good manners and we've tried to teach our kids. I have washed my kids' mouths out with soap, and I used to carry a wooden spoon in my purse at all times, and used it. I think my kids turned out okay cuz I hear them say things about others' rudeness sometimes.

    I'm sorry your beach time was ruined by these crass people. The kids unfortunately are just learning what their parents have taught them.

    Now, howsa about a little sweet milk with my muffin??? ;)

  22. I made it! It tried to buck me off again!

  23. I love the red colander, cupcake papers, and hutch. Such a happy color!

    And your experience with the father and children reminds me of Proverbs 22:6, Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

  24. The muffins look delicious and I wish I could eat one. : )
    The pot holder is lovely and a perfect gift!!
    I'm not surprised at what I see now a days. So many rude people doing things that are way out of line!!!

  25. Vee,

    Those muffins look as good as Becky's candles smell! :)

    I am with you on the misbehavior. I think alot of parents have not grown up themselves and are trying to just "friend" their children to adulthood instead of parenting them.

    As for the other 'adults' well - let's just say that people have lost a sense of decorum and dignity.


  26. Oh! And sweet potholder! His Momma will love it! His own artwork! So great!


  27. Declining gentility is a good way to put it - and it's prevalent everywhere. Rant away and your blogging friends will rant with you.

    I was thinking about making some raspberry muffins and this post clinched it. Won't my husband be pleased!

  28. I enjoy nothing as much as a good rant with my morning muffin :)

    P.S. I side with you.

  29. I like your new symbols...I may need to use them sometime! We see inappropriate behavior from people of all ages. Getting older doesn't make people act better...that's for sure! My Dad used to speak up to people, I wonder sometimes if I will ever do that. I am very close! ♥

  30. I was just going to say I loved your facial expressions!! They are PERFECT!

    And, yes, I agree. I oft time do NOT like OPCs.."Other People's Children"..figured I've raised 4 pretty good one (well..maybe 3.5..if I'm being totally honest) and I shouldn't have to be subjected to OPC's bad behavior!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography! It is sooo homey and sweet. And hunger-inducing =/

  31. Love the muffins! Some people just don't know how to behave in public!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Ocean Breezes & Country Sneezes! Did you want me to enter you in my give away?

  32. Love the emote-able key combinations... VERY graphic! Behavior inappropriate for the age and social environment seems to be on display more and more often. Enjoyed your rant!

  33. Your photography is improving. I can smell those blueberry muffins. Power of suggestion or power of the mind? What a great idea the potholder is! As for the idiot, well one of these days he'll cry wolf too many times and be sorry for the times he thought it was funny. What goes around...

  34. The muffins with a hot cup of tea or coffee....I'm on my way...... YUM!!!

    The hot pad looks great.... and by the way.... I LOVE the color or the cabinet.... such a pretty color of red!

    The dad was disgusting for saying, "shark"....... so immature!!!

    Blessings to you sweet friend!

  35. There is definitely a trend to the coarse and vulgar in our society and I don't think it's going to get better. I do NOT watch reality shows or sitcoms--just can't take it! It's the History Channel for me!

    P.S. On a lighter note, I love the potholder project and that red cupboard is beautiful!

  36. I agree about the lack of gentility these days, in a store, seriously? I love the new "face's" and I may be borrowing them. Your muffins look fantastic. Maine blueberries, the best. xo,


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