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Monday, July 11, 2011

Gifts in the Mail

So we're back to chatty little posts because I haven't been anywhere or done anything. In several days. Never fear, however, for I am the queen of chatty if I can write instead of speak.

It's another lovely day here in the Northeast except that it's humid. The Canadians have decided to take back their high weather system and will not share their arctic air with us again until later in the week.

This means that when the mail arrived bringing me cooler temps... What? You don't believe me? As you know, I never make a comment without proving it.

Oh delightful little white barn with green doors sitting in the snow—how cool you make me feel. Nita Leger Casey mailed this painting to me as a thank you for featuring her on my blog. Nita, are you kidding me? I love featuring your work. And I love this little barn. (It reminds John of one his sister used to own.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In case some didn't know, I "met" Nita when I was googling for images to use here on this blog. It was right after a dear blogging buddy had taken me to task for not always being as scrupulous as I should be about such images. I found a picture of a lovely home in snow with a garden gate. I truly wanted to use it so much that I wrote and asked for permission. Nita graciously replied in the affirmative. I've visited her site ever since and encourage all those who love New England scenes to do the same. You will find Nita at her Gingerbread Art Studio unless she's here in Maine. (I suppose she may go other places; France comes to mind. ☺)

And, lest you think that the painting was the only blessing in the mailbox today...

My *Good Neighbor* soy candles arrived with extras. (Besides, you might need some warming after all that snow.) Becky, the notecards and tea candles are wonderful. Thank you!) Folks, I know that I'm a blueberry lover, but this aroma "blueberry muffin" is out of this world wonderful. The box arrived in the house smelling good before it was ever opened. Hmmmm... I think I can get away with not baking today.


Thank you to all who said such sweet things on my camera skills yesterday. This is my secret also known as "necessity is the mother of invention."

homemade tripod

I hope you know that my real secret is take lots and lots of photos.

this image will shrink

Yes, that was my bee balm dud mosaic. Good thing I persevered, eh?

A happy day to you...


  1. I love that painting Vee! How sweet of her to send it to you. I am heading over to visit her after I leave here.

    Clever homemade tripod!

  2. If the arctic air arrives at your place, would you mind sending a bit down here? We're headed to 98 tomorrow with humidity at least that high. A bit of cool air would be heavenly about now.
    Oh, that painting is so beautiful and such a sweet story of how you featured her artwork on your blog and she, in turn, sent this lovely gift to you. I never tire of the blessings in blogdom. The painting looks perfectly at home in your haven.
    The candles are also beautiful. I can imagine how wonderful they must smell.

  3. Upon closer examination, I discovered your use of Strong's. Recently I went looking for mine and realized I did not bring it with me when I moved, probably thought I'd use an on-line copy which is right. Very nice picture of the barn in snow. I like to select painting that take me away too.

  4. I am just grateful if the temp remains UNDER 100......but that's not likely to happen again today! Beautiful painting. I am hopping over to visit Nita's blog now.
    Happy Monday!

  5. I would be happy, happy, happy to send over some Canadian cold weather. I don't think it's from the Arctic, but the Pacific Ocean has a way of really cooling things down, too.

    I have a sweater on, closed all the windows, and a cup of hot tea to hand. And it's JULY! And the powers that be are worried about global warming! I just want some ripe tomatoes.

  6. Hmmm...if I still had your addy {from years ago}I too could send you a little something!!!! Remember, the Somerset magazines? Yeppers, I have a couple 'saved' to send you!

    Your painting is lovely & I will go to the site and look..such inspiration!

    Love the tripod :-)

  7. The painting is very pretty!
    What a great mail day you had. : )

  8. I love that painting! I can't help but notice how the blogging neighborhood is a really friendly and generous place!
    Now you have me craving blueberry muffins, and it is way too HOT to bake!! Also, all I have in the fruit basket are some overripe bananas. I suppose I will have to freeze them to use in smoothies!
    Blessings on your week, Vee!

  9. I'm grateful if the temperature gets to 20c in summer here!!

    What a lovely gift, aren't bloggers lovely people?

  10. What fun surprises in your mailbox!

    As for the secret to good photos...that's it. Take tons of pictures!

  11. I confess. ..I tried to see if it would shrink. . oh you crack me up Vee.

  12. So glad to see you became friends by an odd coincidence!!
    Nita's painting is lovely. And so sweet of her to send the gifts!
    It's a hot 84 here today, but I don't dare complain since everyone else seems to think that sounds pretty cool compared to their weather!
    Take care-Kimberly

  13. Just say you used a blur technique and everyone will want to know how you did it!
    I had bee balm in another house/yard. Every year it gets bigger and bigger.
    Thanks for your visit to me..

  14. Vee,

    You are such a fun blogger. I love your painting - what a neat gift and Becky's candles! wow!

    I must call her - I NEED a Blueberry Muffin Candle!


  15. I love the smell of blueberry muffins, especially in the winter. I could almost smell your candle at the mention of it. The barn winter picture didn't help cool me off. I think sitting in a tub of ice would do the trick though. On the Dr. Oz show today, a tub of ice is suppose to accelerate weight loss, that's a new one on me. Love the tripod and sharing the bee balm mosaic. Nice of you to share a few imperfections, as your blog is always looking so crisp and clean.

  16. Cool air? Snow? What's that? (rofl)--not here in dixie, especially before Dec. ANYWAYS--cool beans on the cool stuff. Blessings

  17. Vee...I love the picture of your quiet place.....so peaceful and beautiful.....

    Your flower mosaics are gorgeous!

    Wonderful gifts you received.....love the painting...

  18. I love surprises in the mailbox!
    And hang in there Vee, everyone has an "off" day :)

  19. Sure wouldn't mind a little chill over here. Above 110 and humidity at 70% plus dust. Ugh! That postcard painting is wonderful! And the candles ... I can smell them now. I think I need to go bake! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  20. Carp on Blogger!!!

    I composed a chatty little comment, to your purrrrrrrfect little post.

    And Blogger "ate" it some way.


    Too "grrrry" to try to repeat it right now.



  21. I need to hire you to take my professional photos. Beautiful shots with the tealight burning.

    You have many friends because you are an Awesome friend!!!

    Love you.


  22. Glad I didn't miss this post! :) Isn't it funny how good things can happen after a bad incident?

    It is really hot and humid in NY today and I am already yearning for fall. If it weren't for all the wonderful flowers and produce of summer, I would skip over it if I could!

  23. You really are a fun person! I love bee balm and actually like this mosaic! Love getting packages in the mail...extras make it even better! I lit scented candles last night! We fried chicken livers for dinner! heehee! ♥


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