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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cathedral Ledge

One last thing concerning yesterday's post. Here's the reason for the chuckles: *reason revealed.* I certainly hope my Aunt Ess doesn't see this. She paid $20.00 for hers in that darling sandwich shop I mentioned back along. The sign hung outside...yes, o.u.t.s.i.d.e. the restroom door. I resisted all urges to purchase one and hang it right in the middle of my beautiful Alice blue bathroom with the vintage mirrors. Why even Aunt Ess has decided that it just doesn't match her decor. (I should say not and I only regret ever pointing it out to her in the first place.) Wonder what she's going to do with that thing. Anyway, Dee was laughing because as she and her hubby drove by there was my aunt standing there holding up this ridiculously bawdy sign. (If I have no comments today, I'll have only myself to blame.)

On to more lofty things...

This is Cathedral Ledge in North Conway, New Hampshire. My aunt and uncle live just over a moutain on the other side. They brought John and me up over said mountain and down the other side calling it a "shortcut." 

While in North Conway, we visited this wonderful shop. It's truly interesting and if you ever get a chance to stop and look around, I  know that you'd enjoy it. 

The iron butterflies below now adorning my chippy white fence (whose days are numbered) were purchased there. Believe me, there are many intriguing works of art in the store and on the grounds and paths around the store. It's just a unique, neat place.

Just popping in more Cathedral Ledge photos with a final wave from John.

Thus ends the tour, though I shall be returning off and on throughout the remainder of summer. I have yet to share our thrift shop adventure where my aunt found me ten yards of Irish linen for $5.99 or the fishing hole or the crop dusting or...

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. LOL on the sign Vee...I can hear all of the giggles that caused.

    What a beautiful view. Just gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  2. Funny sign Vee! I can see the outhouse humor in that and it would be perfect for a camp right? Beautiful pictures of Cathedral Ledge. We've see the sign but never climbed it. I really need to return to North Conway as it's been way too long. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  3. What fun. Everytime you see that sign or think about it, you all will remember when she bought it and have a good laugh. N.H. is beautiful!

  4. A beautiful overlook! Everything looks so very lush and green. Well, Except John. He's just looking handsome and sure of what he is pointing at.

  5. That sign is hilarious. As the mother of boys I'm familiar with that brand of humor. My son once bought a sign saying "No Dumping" and hung it in his bathroom. Okay, on to more pleasant topics.
    Your stop in North Conway looks very pretty and you've captured great photos of it. I especially like how you put John waving with the beautiful background.
    The shop looks very interesting. We went to North Conway many years ago. I think it was recommended to us as a great place for outlet shopping.
    Enjoyed the tour. Have a great weekend.

  6. Beautiful vista and views. That sign is very funny. It would be perfect at a mountain cabin. Have a great weekend.

  7. Spectacular views!

    I'm reading and running, because you told me to rest my back, by not staying on the Net, for long. :-)


  8. Funny sign! And the scenery is just beautiful. I sure hope John isn't standing as close to the edge as it looks in the photo! If that were me, I'd just topple right on over. Have a nice weekend!

  9. Thanks for the giggle!

    I cannot believe you got Irish Linen for $5.99! I am jealous!

    Seriously, though, thanks for the beautiful photos. It is like being on a vacation there seeing that beauty!


  10. Funny sign! Why is it that we all find farting funny?

    Beautiful views. What great walks I could take there. Maybe its time to move again. : )

  11. LOL. Thanks for the giggle. Can't wait to hear more. Blessings

  12. Hahaha! Sorry, I love a little bawdy humor! When you have boys around, you can come up with all kinds of bawdy signs!

    You and John are sure seeing some beautiful parts of the country. Cathedral Ledge is beautiful - your countryside up there is still green and lush - ours is crispy and brown... ;(

    AND getting to visit with kinfolk at that lovely old home - nice table. That'd be an interesting tour for sure. Have fun and be careful!!!

  13. What a beautiful view. I had to LOL at the sign - can't imagine hanging it on a bathroom door!!

  14. Wow...so green and lush, gorgeous!! I guess I was referring to these "fancy photos" in my last comment on your last post. Hmmmm how do you do that? Your so creative Vee.

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  15. Sign story...too cute.
    Magnificent view...handsome dude waving at ME....:)))

  16. Lol!
    Beautiful pictures. Lovely outing!

  17. I've never been that far east.
    But your photos sure make me want to visit there.
    Beautiful mountains and such lush scenery! I think I'll just helicopter my cabin to sit right on top of that mountain. Boy, what a view!

  18. Spent two years living in Chicopee, Mass, one year year in Middletown, Conn and another year in Haddam, Conn. Visited my sister several times in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. New England is so lovely, rich with scenery and history. The winters can be long and cold, as you well know. So many treasure to find in the little shops just off the road a bit. It's those side trips where the adventures begin

  19. hee hee! funny sign.

    i adore your new hampshire photos and
    miss that gorgeous state. looks like
    you are having a wonderful time.


  20. Hi, darlin' Vee...just to say that I am giving you a tiny shout-out on my post at about 3....:))

  21. That was a fun sign but guaranteed my husband wouldn't "get" it..lol!

    I've visited North Conway once --lovely place!

  22. Enjoyed my tour through the mountains with you Vee. Reminds me a bit of North Carolina.

  23. After being gone almost a week, it's fun to get back and catch up.

    What a beautiful trip you had!

  24. Such amazing scenery. It would take a while to absorb it all. So much to see in those quaint shops too. I like your reference to your "chippy white fence" which describes mine exactly!

  25. It looks lovely over there...on Cathedral Ledge.

    As for the good deals on line...it's just not quite the same as making a purchase in a quaint shop in some little town, is it?


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