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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Loopy

What ails you?

That is what I'm hearing in my head as I work on granny squares and an afghan through the hottest days of summer. This is not a "normal" afghan; this is the mother of all granny squares. I began yesterday morning and this is how it turned out by evening.

Morning's photo shows about 12 rows done and evening's about 20. I have always wondered if one could make a giant granny square afghan. Of course! Lots of images can be found of them. I even found a lovely one *here* at Purl Bee. I'd love to make one using such lovely colors. My yarn was a regift from my niece who was helping me clean out the garage back along. I am using that yarn up and getting it out of storage. This is an acrylic high loft yarn, washer and dryer safe, and a bit tricky to work with, though my large crochet hook works well. It kept me beautifully warm yesterday, a 92F day. ☺

I really must switch over to embroidery for the remainder of summer. More about that project another day.


Last Friday, Sam wanted to wash his bike and then he washed John's car, too. That worked out so well that I wonder if he'd like to do that again this week...


A new daylily is blooming. I remember when my children were small and I'd get a particular thrill from hearing their voices first thing in the morning. It was exciting to go get them up for the day. That's the same feeling I'm having with my little garden. It's new every morning and I love seeing what's going on each day.

And how are you weathering the heat? (And for all those in the Pacific Northwest, how are you weathering the damp and chill?)


  1. I am surviving with a/c and my parents swimming pool!

    There must be something wrong with me too, Vee. I have been itching to start a knitting project! I almost did last night, but by the time I read to the littles, tucked them in, talked on the phone with my sweetheart it was 10:00pm and I was tired. Soon though, soon.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm impressed. It would have taken me all of that day and into the week to complete one tiny granny square. I wasn't born with the gene that governs creativity. I tried to crochet a granny square once but never could 'get it'.

  3. I love the colors you picked for the granny square.

    We have been dealing with record temps here as well. Better to stay in the house working on needle crafts.

  4. Making the granny square looks like a wonderful indoor project. I love the yarn you've selected. It looks so soft.

    Sam is finding a great way to stay cool, too. He's so cute.

    Pretty daylily and lovely flower bed. If only we had all those lovely trees in this area.

  5. Nice pics, especially the one of your grandson. The heat is nothing new here in dixie. We get our work done by 10 am-11 am. We're kinda use to it. Have a great day!

  6. It was 45 here yesterday which is about 110 I think... CRAZY! We don't have air conditioning but we do have a pool. I hate the water though... of course. :)

    I love your Granny Square. Years ago I made a large(ish) one. Actually I made two and used them to cover a pillow. It turned out cute. I think that someone puked on it and I just threw it out. Not a very nice ending to my story. Sorry!

    The garden looks great and send your grandson over here to wash my car too please. :P


  7. Your afghan is very pretty. I love the colors. Think how nice it will be to have it when the cool weather hits. Hard to imagine that, isn't it?
    Sam has the right idea and your mosaic is so cute. He does appear to be enjoying himself so I'd say you stand a pretty good chance of him wanting to repeat it.
    I am really impressed with your flower mosaic. It's almost like seeing the daylily through a magnifying glass.
    I'm thankful for the A/C right now!!

  8. Your project is just wonderful and beautiful...what talented fingers you have my dear!

    Oh course the most precious is seeing Sam enjoy the water hose...washing everything...just precious. Now did he come after anyone with the hose? I can just hear the giggling.

    Beautiful flowers...I am trying hard to keep some alive in this drought and 100 plus over three week weather.

  9. Vee,
    Pretty afghan. It is just too hot to do much of anything....
    I will try to find a spot where the air is moving and read.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I'm thinking I'm the one who needs the afghan, not you! It's lovely, BTW.

    Give the kids a hose and that will keep them entertained for a long time. Was he still dry by the time he was done washing vehicles?

  11. Vee,
    I love the afghan. I'd like to take up crocheting again. It goes much faster and prettier than knitting, IMHO.
    Your header is stunning.
    The comparison to hearing the kids get up in the morning to the new garden blooms delighted me.

  12. We;re doing fine because we have the air conditioner on during the hottest part of the days. Couldn't do without it! :)

    That blanket looks so nice, Vee, you really are inspiring me to make one as soon as Im not so busy canning, freezing and drying.

    And I loved what you said about eharing your kids' voices early in the morning- I love to hear my 14 month old's happy little chatter as she's waking up in her room. It's a great start to the day. :)

  13. You are one speedy crocheter! Nice piece.
    Little Sam is adorable. And industrious! Please send him my way-my cars needs him.
    I don't know how you do those tricks with your photos, but I think they're neat. Beautiful lily
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Your afghan is so pretty! It will be nice on those cold winter evenings.
    Washing bikes and cars - a good way for Sam to stay cool.
    Sure it's hot but it really doesn't keep me from doing my usual stuff.

  15. Dear Vee that is exactly how I feel about my flowers and art. I love the mother experience and when they needed me less I turned to flowers and art. Beautiful photos. Sam is a treasure.

  16. In my part of the PNW the weather is perfect! Absolutely! No rain, lots of sunshine, but not much past 80 degrees. A gentle breeze filled the air yesterday, so hubby and I got all the weeds pulled in the flower beds (was too hot previously and they grew tall!).

    I love, love, love your granny afghan. The colors --- exactly my style! Great job, Vee!

    And your flowers are soothing and beautiful too!

  17. I have a giant granny square that I have been working with on and off for about a year! :)
    Yesterday it was raining and so cold..we were all bundled-up under blankets watching a movie last night! There is hope today...I see a bit of blue sky towards the west - hopefully some sunshine and warmth will follow! :)

    ~Nadine - Your friend in the Pacific Northwest! :)

  18. We are sooooooooooooooooooo happy that we had the wall units A/C installed!!!!!!!! Thank you for asking. :-)

    We use it every night, 'cause upstairs is............ hot!

    Downstairs, we use the one in the Hearth Room, when we are in Hearth Room or Kitchen.

    We use the one in the Den, when we are in the Den.

    We are sooooooooooooooooooo happy, especially with 'Uncle A.' trying to get his strength back, after the "weekend from hell."

    Good wishes to all, both in Heat and in Damp/Chill.

  19. As to what you do, in the heat... Guess it depends on what makes you feel good. If the Granny Squares did it for you, fine. :-)

    Love your flower photos! And the tricky way you can show them! :-)

    Hooray for "Grand" and his wanting to washing things! Never let him get out of the habit.

    Vanilla Ice Cream in Root Beer Float wish to you and to all! :-)

  20. I love your picture of the flower and your blanket design is beautiful. As far as the heat, I am mistreable, I was not excited about Iowa summers to begin with. My dad called from WA last and bragged about his weather, yuck. Lol. But it is what it is and I need to enjoy it while I can.

  21. We have great promises of summer weather in the forecast. .so we shall see. I am amazed how fast you were able to crochet that afghan. ..it is just the perfect size for a little lap blanket. .come fall.

  22. I wish I could make myself sit still long enough to crochet......not that I'm so busy doing anything very creative....I tend to be hyper-active...going in circles.

    I really like the colors of your giant granny square...it looks great. You sure are fast !

    Give little boys a water hose and a rag, and they sure can have fun.. Such sweet pictures!

    Your flowers are so beautiful.....

    We're sure enjoying our pool each evening.

  23. You afghan is very pretty in the soft colours. I think it's the same pattern my daughter made for her baby (she made one in pinks and one in blue/greens as they didn't know what they were having). It was a boy and the afghan was beautiful! Your lilies are beautiful and I think the heat and humidity is keeping the plants growing well. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm having a great day. I hope you have a great weekend and that a certain someone washes your car again. Pamela

  24. I am melting, somewhat....We just had about ten minutes of rain with no cooling effect. But it IS slowly getting cooler from the high of yesterday. I couldn't even think about working on an afghan in this weather! You are a tough woman, Vee!

    I love your daylilies. They are so tough too, and though my garden is very neglected, they seem unaffected by all that.

  25. I'm amazed at your progress in one day. I'm sure you were sitting indoors in the air conditioning working on that otherwise I'd be worried about you! Love your car wash helper.

  26. One gene I didn't inherit from my Grandmother was knitting. I can knit rows, cannot cast on or off. The video of the Granny Squares was simple enough to follow. Probably easier said than done, as with most crafts. Something I might attempt come the winter months (as you mentioned kept you warm in 92F). Your garden is looking more beautiful with every post. Keep it watered! My friend in Seattle said they barely reached 70F. Wishing that temp is headed this way. Have a nice (cool) weekend.

  27. I have houseguests who are as happy to share my A/C as they are to visit because they don't have central air at home. We have been having a wonderful visit!

    I've been a bit scarce around here because we are chatting up a storm.

  28. Very pretty afgan! My Mom used to make large one square granny afgans all the time, Vee. I use one in winter as a blanket under my comforter --it is very warm!

    I'm sure Sam felt liks a good helper washing the car. It's a nice way to stay cool.

    I was worried my flowers and tomatoes wouldn't survive the heat we had today -- almost 104 degrees! I watered them twice!

  29. My daughter has crocheted lots and lots of granny square afghans this year and loves them.

  30. Vee,

    Wasn't it ridiculous yesterday. My fiend and I drove to New Hampshire and the reading from the car outside was 105. Yikes.

    Surely creating an afgan as lovely as this one must have made you smile even in this heat. I love your daylilies.


  31. Amazing photos, Vee. Your garden looks fabulous. You will soon see how MY garden is fairing thru this long hot drought. PITIFUL.

    Your grand looks like he is having fun washing things. :))

    I did a granny square afgan about 25 years ago...ONE BIG SQUARE..in pinks..pretty sure the pattern was in a Womans Day magazine. I no longer have it..garage sale, I think. Now, I want to do another one..thanks a lot!! :))

  32. Beautiful simply beautiful. I always admire such gifts and talents made with loving hands. I keep telling myself I am going to get back to crocheting, and after seeing your afghan, I am motivated even more. Thanks.

    Seeing Sam washing John's car brought back memories for me when the grandkids were here during summer.

    And your photography is absolute beautiful too. How about some tutorials, I really could use some. lol

  33. Our weather is so different but our daylilys are blooming at the same time.


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