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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hardanger, Et Cetera

Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen and the dining room. Yes, thank you, with all this heat, I do deserve a standing ovation. I found my Irish linen and a piece of lace purchased at a thrift shop. Don't ask. The very same thrift shop where John and my uncle unloaded our car of its burden. I think my grandmother and mother would be pleased as this shop sells for a very worthy cause. Don't you love how things just keep going in a big old circle around here?

Anyway, look at this! I didn't pay $5.99 for 10 yards of Irish linen. I paid just $5.00!

Thanks, Lovella, for checking my "this will shrink" picture day before yesterday. Want to try this one? ☺

My aunt knows a bargain when she sees one! I also picked up this little piece below.

When we had all piled back in the car with the men in the front and we gals in the back, my aunt asked me what that piece was called. I told her that it was filet *embroidery crochet. She said that it was not. What is this? A test? I thought. "Pulled threads," she said. Then, a moment later, "It's hardanger."  Ohhhh, I got it, she was trying to think of the word and hoping that I could fill in the blank.

*Hardanger* is not a term that I was familiar with. But now that I've cleaned my kitchen and found it again (don't ask), I can show you a comparison between hardanger (har-dang-er) and filet *embroidery  crochet. (I realize that there are gazillion of you who already know this. Humor me.)

image will enlarge

The top piece is the hardanger and the bottom filet *embroidery crochet. Do you see the pulled threads in the hardanger?

So I learned two things if I can remember them. Hardanger is pulled* (counted?) threads and if I shut up, I might learn something.


It's been so hot here the past two days...

How hot is it?

With all due apologies to all of you who've been sweltering for forever.

I was visiting Carol at Serendipity where she was discussing taking pictures of food. She was wondering if she'd gone too far with her photography. I don't think so, but then I don't live at her house. Anyway, I decided then and there to take a photo of some food and since I had cleaned the kitchen and the dining room and found my hardanger—don't ask

Grab a peach and have a delightful day...

* Pardon my confusion.


  1. Don't ask what? (being silly)--how hot is it here? Like 105+, but that's dixie for you. Anyways-beautiful lace. I have curtains that are Irish lace. And don't even ask me what that is called, lol. Have a great day! Blessings

  2. You cleaned yesterday? The hottest day of the summer, so far? Oh my Dear, you deserve a commendation from the Queen of England!!!

    Yes, I see the pulled threads. But how that's done, I have no idea.

    Lovely photo of food! And a great example of Bukoh or whatever it's called. When one part is clear, and the other part is out of focus. NOT easy to accomplish! You did good, Gal!!!


  3. Wanna' bop over and clean my kitchen today????????????????



  4. What wonderful finds...and I didn't know that, thanks.
    Oh peaches...bought them at the the store, too hot to go pick them. We are in a record breaking heat wave...over 100 for weeks!! I think I will look at our snow pictures.

  5. Well, I learned something, Vee - never heard of Hardanger (is that with a soft G or a hard G sound?) OR filet embroidery. But I've got quite a bit of linens and now I'll have to go look at them and see if I've got some filet thingies. I know for a fact I don't have any of the other - hopefully I'll remember this word when I DO spot some in a shop!

    How hot is it? The tar on some of the roadways is melting. We're expecting a heat index today of 108. The yard is dead, lots of the flowers are dead. I'm just trying to keep my shrubs and small trees alive. I don't think my new pink dogwood is going to make it...

    Yum - peaches - I just put up 8 pints of peach jam. My favorite.
    My kitchen needs cleaning, too - interested?

  6. Whatcha gonna do with all that linen?

  7. I didn't know that either. I learned something today - thanks!
    It's hot here but it really doesn't bother me all that much.
    Those peaches look delicious. I don't have any peaches, but I do have strawberries. I think I'll have cereal for breakfast today and put some strawberries on it. I guess I'd better go and eat breakfast - it's already after 10!!
    A happy day to you Vee.

  8. Vickie~

    Thank you for your question because now I've learned another new thing. How to pronounce the word. I've added it to the post.

  9. So what is hot? We are unfamiliar with that term out on the west coast this year!

    I have no idea what the different kinds of needlework may be called...but you have some lovely pieces there.

    And now I would like a peach.

  10. That sounds like an excellent purchase. 10 yards of vintage linen for just $5. Wow!

    I would not have known how to tell the difference between the two types of lace. Thanks for the information. Can't promise I'll remember which was which, though.

  11. I am taking a break from cleaning my house....company coming tomorrow for a few days.

    I feel I could reach right through the computer screen and grab a peach!

  12. This is why I love blogging. I learn so much. Thanks for the info.

  13. Well that's just peachy! I wonder how the threads are pulled in the hardanger?? You sure got a deal on the Irish linen. I hope you have a peach of a day!

  14. The picture of peaches is really pretty and very refreshing. Loved the lesson on hardanger. I've learned something new. The pictures of John and Molly are just precious. Looks to me as if she's decided to be John's dog.

  15. Who knew that a post featuring hardander could be such a coincidence to me. You see yesterday I had a most unusual burst of energy especially since it was a hot day here too. As part of my accomplishment for the day I decided to tackle a large pile of cross stitch paraphenalia. Much of this had been purchased at a garage sale at a time I thought I might try cross stitching once again. Now that I have come to my senses I will be sending most of this stuff to the thrift shop. As I sorted through the various fabric I noticed one that was clearly labeled "hardanger". It looked like a pretty fabric to cross stitch on, but didn't look like yours. Yours is prettier.
    I will happily give you a standing ovation. It sure is a good feeling to have a productive day.
    Now, I'll quit jabbering, grab a peach and be on my way. Lovely photo by the way.

  16. Oops, geez, it would be nice if I could spell hardanGer.

  17. Kudos to you, Vee. Cleaning a kitchen on a hot day - not my idea of fun.

    I'm with Judy - what's hot anyway? There's no heat around here.

    I have a couple of hardanger projects I'm saving for winter, ahem, cough. The threads are pulled and the holes are cut then the bars wrapped. I haven't gotten that far on mine yet, I'm doing all the stuff before cutting and then giving it to my daughter to cut (she learned how when she worked in a needlework shop).

  18. Lorrie, thank you so much for the explanation. I feel as if I have very nearly spent the day on YouTube looking for an explanation. None are as easy as the one you've just provided.

  19. When I read "Hardanger", my mind registered "Harbinger" and thought you'd be writing something prophetic! And you know what? I don't even have the excuse of your heat from a hot day for my "cooked" brain!
    I did learn something though. And I feel I've recovered from being stupid to being smart now! Thanks for that.
    The peaches make me want to cry!
    Now that I live so far north I haven't had a good juicey peach in years. I'm sure their out there and I'm just not shopping in the right places.
    As always I enjoyed my visit Vee!
    Take care.

  20. Vee,

    I always called it filet crochet too. I will have to examine mine when I get back to Florida.

    It is hot so I am a little cranky. I know it is not as hot as other places but this is Maine!

    It is even to hot to knit or take pictures so I have been reading. Nice peaches!


  21. Hardanger is a new word for me! I've seen it on different pieces of linen so often, and never knew it was called that. It's a beautiful craft!

    It's been hot here too :( I hate the humidity the most!

  22. Well I learned something new today - love to do that!

    Thanks for the photo of the peaches...they are my favorite fruit!
    Red Haven! Love!


  23. Wonderful post. Now I'm educated, sweaty, hungry and totally envious of the Irish linen for $5.oo!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  24. Ten yards of Irish linen for $5.00?? I seriously need to come to yard sales in Maine. Well, perhaps the cost of the drive would offset the savings!!

  25. I never knew what that was called..huh..now I do! See what a great instructor you are! BTW..I looked at the book from your other post..yep..I would have bought it too. Sometimes I think it's just so silly to have to add that kind of language to an otherwise nice story..go figure...

  26. All these words of Mother's, trying to teach me, re crocheting, pulling threads, knitting, sewing ... I flunked, to say it nicely. Love the pieces ... & look at that price, you lucky gal.

    Oh, that peach looks inviting! Yes, it sure is hot ... we are traveling.

    TTFN ~

  27. I learned something new .....thanks.
    What a great buy for the Irish linen...can't wait to see what you do with it.

  28. Well! Isn't this fascinating! That I would post what I did and you would post this - I was wondering -'what?' when you said Hardanger...never heard of it.
    I am so excited for your find! Irish Linen!!! Gorgeous - very interested to know what your friend thinks of the linen I found.
    Thanks for your visit,
    Have a Delightsome day,

  29. I've learned something...but will I remember? heehee! I had a peach with my cereal this morning...thank you very much! Hugs! ♥

  30. I love your peach picture. I think peaches are so beautiful...I take photos of every one I bring home. In fact, Mr. Sweet washes them, looks for a pretty bowl and says, "they're ready to have their picture taken".
    Have a peachy day...:)

  31. Now THAT is a lovely bundle of Irish Linen and what a bargain too!

    How's the quilt coming? Or is it too hot to ask? (tee hee)

    ...it rained here!


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