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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's Start at the Beginning

Of the road trip last week that is. Actually, some of you have already figured out that everything I've posted since, with the exception of yesterday and Mosaic Monday's post, is from our visit with my aunt and uncle in Western Maine. They are as far west as folks can go and still be called *Mainers (pronounced in the Maine vernacular as Maineahs); one town further west and they'd be New Hampshirites.

Even Sunday's quotes are incorporated because, while not all of us can say that we are related to a president, my uncle can—John Quincy Adams (sixth president).

Guest Room

I'm totally into mosaics these days...lots of pictures...all at once...they enlarge...Blogger doesn't get its knickers all in a knot...doesn't take up too much of my time...win-win all around.

The guest room was cool and comfortable with this lovely color on the walls and coordinating linens and lovely vintage mirrors and plenty of small tables to set things down and hooks and extra pillows. This visit really makes me want to do better in the hospitality department. To have a guest room beautifully yet simply appointed would be a sweet, sweet thing. Do you have a guest room in your home?

Let's see, tomorrow we shall take a look at some shops and posies perhaps some animals, too.

Enjoy this Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday...

*A true, old-time Mainer usually calls himself/herself a Maineiac.


  1. Yes I have a guest room, we have two actually (empty nest), and redid them both last year for our son's wedding. I haven't yet gotten around to decorating it properly and adding the small touches...your photos inspired me!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday my Maineiac friend :)

  2. Beautiful post! Have a wonderful day! Looking forward to the journey. Cathy

  3. I love these "trip posts". I think I could travel the rest of my life and would if I had the big bucks.

  4. What a comfy, welcoming guest room. I am also related to a president. President William McKinley, 25th president. I am also related to Davy Crockett!

  5. Yes, I have a guest room but right now it is becoming a catch-all. It catches all the stuff we don't take time to put away and sits in there for days, no...weeks, at a time. Need to break ourselves of that habit. Lovely mosaic!

  6. Oh, I do love a guest room that is not only pretty but is REALLY comfy, too. I love to stay in one that has fresh towels and wash cloths sitting on a table, a snack tray full of goodies..I just luv to eat...maybe a magazine or two..
    Yes, I do have a guest room that is in the middle of a transformation. I have gathered items for this room for over a year (danged that ole Social Security office) and am just about ready to tear off a floral border and start painting. Maybe next week...M A Y B E !!

  7. Beautiful light colors. Looks very inviting.
    Yes, I have a guest room though hardly anyone has ever used it.

  8. What a lovely guest room. I love the old mirrors and the chenille pillow cover. We have a guest room that I have decorated kind of vintagey but it's also become a catchall for some things and that needs to be fixed soon for our daughter and grandson's visit in September! I have to make room for a baby 'packandplay'. I'm so excited to have our grandbaby come! And I'll have to babyproof everything too! Oh My!. Have a great day Vee. Pamela

  9. Oh sigh... Just beautiful...

    Guest room? Nope. 3 unused now bedrooms, none a guest room. -grin- Can you tell? I'm not a ya'lllll-come-visit type of person. >,-)


  10. I thought the same thing this morning...that it was Tuesday. Now I better get moving...since I have a Wednesday morning appointment shortly!

    Love the mosaic...and the guest room.

    Yes...I have a guest room (and another spare room). It looks rather bare and bleak though...since I have never done any decorating there. We have been here for seven years...it's high time!

    I'll have to look out for that mosquito weapon!

  11. Guest room in this house depends on who may be here at any one time. Not really. But I do make one of the rooms look great if I am having guests!

    I love your mosaics, and I am sure you have told me a thousand times before, but how do I make them? I promise I will go immediately and create this time, and not leave it for the future.

    The wind and rain is in the process of destroying the flowers in the garden as i speak. I have just been out there lifting up pots which have been blown over and trying to tie things down. Sigh. Just as well I took those photos yesterday!
    Lots of love.

  12. What a pretty guest room - I particularly like the shot of the pale pansies in the vase. There's nothing like fresh flowers in a guest room to say "welcome, I've been looking forward to your visit."

    We have 2 guest rooms at present and both are used quite frequently. They are in the basement, so a bit cool in the winter, but lovely in the summer.

  13. You always do such nice mosaics. This one is exceptionally lovely. Makes me want to curl up with a nice vintage book. The doll in the center is the icing on the cake. So sweet.
    Glad you were able to get away and enjoy a visit with your aunt and uncle. They obviously have a talent for gracious hospitality.
    I do have a guest room which is also a fun place for me to play with the vintage treasures I tend to collect.
    Special thanks, Vee, for your kind comments on my sister post. They are truly appreciated.

  14. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. Yep-we have a guest room. I like to call my house electic-country shabby chic. Blessings

  15. Although I love my little palace, I only have one bedroom. In an ideal world I would have loed an extra bedroom but never mind.

    I do so love that room though!

    Lovely pictures!

  16. My guest room is next door at Georgia's house. Bless her heart. She has been so sweet about hosting when the need has come up. It is so convenient for all of us since our home is filled to the gills with teenagers and all of their stuff.

  17. Maineiac - well slap my knee - haha! That's a funny one!

    Yep you DO know about big curly hair my friend! I've often threatened to burr my hair off!

    Yes, that's a dreamy guest room. No, we won't have a guest room at the farm - well, we have an extra bedroom, but I don't consider our kids coming home as "guests". I love the color of that room. It looks so serene. I'm enjoying your trip!

  18. Such a peaceful, calming room! I have a large extra bedroom (son's old room)-- it's 13' x 21' so it is a long, rectangular room. We've ripped over half the carpet out, but left the carpet tack down til we decide whether to recarpet or to finish the pine floor. Actually, the floor has NEVER been finished and is a little rough. I keep telling myself that people PAY for rustic floors, but ummm not sure and hubby doesn't like it much. I have considered painting it also! Lots of youngest daughter's stuff is stored in there too--can't get her to come get it and afraid she'll move back!!!lol Any ideas or suggestions??!!!

    P.S. I love that you are a true Maineac!LOL Would love to see the NE someday and I will!

  19. And I thought they all talked "Maine-o-aise" ...

    Pretty guest room! I'd love to stay with that beautiful color..and no, my "guest" room is STILL filled with "craftcrap"

    Still need you mailing addy..I have a couple of those Somerset magazines for you!

  20. Vee, your guest room looks so inviting and peaceful. I love the sweet doll and the beautiful color of your walls.....beautiful mosaic.

    We have a guest room with antique furniture. The only room in the house with antiques.

  21. What a pretty room and decorative touches! Yes, we have a guest room, and it's all ready for your visit!

  22. I love your mosaics too! I might have to give that a try. The guest room does look so cozy and inviting. No guest room, I snagged it for my studio but we always seem to find room for guests. We are planning on building a Murphy bed in the office, does that count?

  23. Maine must be wonderful in the summer! How nice of your aunt and uncle to have you for a visit. Looks like a beautiful place to rest your head too.

  24. I had to come back by and tell you how cute you are...
    "for breakfast? on biscuits? with bacon? *thud*
    You should know I HAVE to add that to my post....:)))

  25. How neat to have a famous ancestor! I can't even trace my family back past my grandfathers. My DIL is also related to President Adams.

    We have an empty nest, so I have two guest rooms. The smaller bedroom has turned into a suitcase storage room ..lol...as we travel so often we just leave them there einstead of putting them back into storage in the attic. The other bedroom is comfy, but I'd have to buy a new window air conditioner for it if I had visitors in summer.

  26. A trip to Maine in the summer and a tour of the Canadian maritime area has been on my life's goals list for years. It will happen some day!
    We've have had a guest room ever since we attained empty nester status. After staying in other guestrooms I have learned to keep decorating both charming and minimal.


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