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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Life's Work

Hmmm, my life's work is a bit too large for me to think about this fine morning. I do, however, have something for us all to ponder thanks to a commenter who asks interesting questions. I think it was the most interesting question I've been asked in a very long time. Hold that thought.


Yesterday morning was glorious with humidity low and temps in the 70s. I had some blueberries that I wished to use up and so headed directly for Mennonite Girls Can Cook where I did no searching whatsover for there Betty's recipe sat waiting to be snagged. When Betty said that this was her favorite coffee cake, I took her at her word. It certainly is delicious. *Betty's Coffee Cake* has no blueberries; mine does. Good thing I took this picture early as there are about two pieces left.

My life's work yesterday consisted of finishing off the afghan. I worked on it steadily through much of the day finishing it after nine in the evening. Since I was in no frame of mind to quit and make supper, John went out to fetch some pizza. Oh my!

It was some good now let me tell you. He ordered fresh tomato slices, green pepper, onion, and pepperoni. He can do that again soon. Yum. Funny thing about this is that there are only two pieces left as well.

And this is the afghan. I asked John what he thought and he said, "too short." Well tough. I've used up all the yarn and I'm not going to go looking for that brand or those colors since the yarn's been around for years now. It'll make a good throw or a good cover-up for some bad furniture.


Have you been holding that thought? Good for you!

Sometimes the best conversations are going on behind the scenes in comments as I'm sure you know. Lorrie asked me this question in comments on yesterday's post: Have you found that thinking of fodder for your blog causes you to look at life differently?

Now I ask you, is that not a great question? I did respond, if you're interested, but I'm very interested to know what you think? Has your working at coming up with blog topics caused you to look at life differently?

Edited to Add all these years later... 2018-07-07

As I was rereading, I learned that Lorrie had answered her own question, which you can find *here.* 

And my long-absent friend Linds also responded *here.*

Two blasts from the past! The posts NOT the bloggers! ッ


  1. That coffee cake looks good, and your afghan will be perfect on a chair etc.

    As to your question, I don't know if looking for blog fodder makes me look at things differently but it does make me think "don't miss this moment" - capture the memories. So I guess in a way the answer is yes, it makes me more intentional in living and preserving our memories.


  2. Yes I think "fodder" does make me look at things differently, or, at the very least, I certainly recognize great "fodder" for my blog...when I'm not in a major blog block, (I won't say writer's block, as I am surely not a writer). I hope to be blogging sometime soon, sigh.

    Love the afghan, the coffee cake and the pizza....goodness all around at your house :)


  3. Yes. If it wasn't for running the business, homeschooling, regular house chores, yada, yada..I would not have much to say. HOWEVER, Thanks to great blogs (such as yours)-I have something to say.

    Coffee cake looks yummy, indeed. As does the pizza (I sure miss great northern pizza!), the afghan looks great!! Have a blessed day.:)

  4. I may need to think about that.... Hmmm.

    The afghan is beautiful. It is not supposed to cover your head and toes completely, so it is exactly the right size!

  5. The coffee cake would be great with a cup of coffee I bet. Yum. I never realized how mundane my life is until I started blogging.

  6. That coffee cake looks amazing! We're eating all our blueberries at breakfast so far but perhaps I'll set a few aside to bake with.

    The afghan looks really great!

    Interesting question :) I pretty much blog about what I'm doing or have done. So I don't actually go "looking" for things to blog about. Fortunately I'm usually up to something so I can blog at least once a week! I don't feel the need to blog everyday.

  7. Oh, that pizza! Mouth watering.....

    Your afghan looks so cozy. In the upcoming winter I think someone will find that to be just right...not too short!

    As for Blogging and has it changed the way I look at life? Definitely!!
    My days do not revolve around my blog but my blog definitely reflects things that happen in my day. Stopping to take the photos, writing the story in my head before it hits the screen....these things are always in process in my noggin.

  8. The afghan is beautiful and it looks like a LOT of work! Oh, and you had time to make a coffee cake, too? You blogged and. . . You are accomplishing much.

    Yes, blogging definitely makes me look at things differently. Blogging gives me the opportunity to share things that I would otherwise forget. When I see, do, or learn something I can share it with those who are dear.

  9. I just love that afghan.

    Ok blogging: It has caused me to realize that I can write something.

    It has caused me to realized that I can take a picture of something.

    I never did those two things before.

  10. Blogging seems to keep me on my toes....
    The cake looks yum as does that pizza. Exactly what I'd choose to have on mine :0)

  11. Yum. I'm on my way over right now for tea and coffee cake!
    Isn't it amazing how quickly you can whip up a blanket crocheting? It's beautiful.
    I don't think preparing my post has made me look at life differently, but I do take more photos than I ever would otherwise. And I think it has restored my faith in the goodness of humanity. Well, I guess that a contradiction then, isnt it?
    Yes, it's changed my out look. Who knew there were so many great ladies out there that share so many of my interest, values, and are so willing to share and help in any way they can. I can't imagine life now without blogging friends!
    I'd love to her your response Vee.

  12. Your afghan is wonderful and I'm awed that you finished it so quickly...I guess you're not going to forget how to do that granny square pattern anytime soon!

    Perhaps sometimes I find myself paying more attention to the moments of my life because of thinking about blogging, but I seem to be in an especially dull patch at the moment. Perhaps the summer blahs with our hot weather?

    It makes me want to have my camera all the time...Not that I'm that good at remembering!But I think about it.

  13. Good morning, Vee. I don't know which looks tastier...the coffeecake or the pizza.

    I think your afghan turned out nicely and is very pretty and just the right size. Men...what do they know? Ha!

    As to your question, I'd probably say yes. I tend to take my camera with me more often and keep an eye out for blogging fodder. I really started blogging as a way to preserve some memories and just musing about everyday life. Good question.

  14. Wow...this is a really *loaded post, Sweet Vee..
    First off, that coffee cake looks to die for. I LOVE coffee cake..ANY kind but especially blueberry. I need to run over to the girls and get that recipe.(or do you have a *go here*?)

    The afghan is amazing. Bet it will look awesome on a chair..and, boy, you finished it fast. I am so in the mood to do one like this..the giant square...I think I will do one in the fall or winter, tho. I barely can wear CLOTHES, it's so hot. Don't want anything bunched up in my lap right now.

    *look at life differently*?..Well, now, let me see....
    The only thing I can see in my life that might be different due to food for blogging is that I now realize how great these blogs are going to be for our grands and great-grands. I never before thought of keeping a journal so that my future generation would know me better. I find myself wondering if a grand will like my post of the day. I LOVE this idea. Thinking about it, I need to throw in a few words I've been known to use that aren't very printable..just so they know that a few hells and damns along the way won't hurt one tiny bit !! :))
    xoxo bj

  15. Oh my goodness....... my mouth is watering. The coffeecake and pizza look so delicious!!! My Weight Watchers diet...boo!

    Your afghan is beautiful and perfect. Don't ask a man his opinion.

    It seems to me when I feel my brain is dead for a blog topic, ....something will come up that makes me start thinking, writing and editing..... good for the brain, heart and friendships.

  16. Hmmmmmmmmm... Interesting question...

    Guess maybe my reply would be, that it makes me NOTICE more.

    With my photography, of course. I'm (nearly) always ready for a *PhotoOp*!

    And I guess I notice-more-in-general, because of having blogging on my mind.

    Don't we all kind of compose-in-our-mind, how this or that, will make a part of a post?

    So, guess this all adds up to, Yes. Blogging has caused me to look at life differently.

    Thank you to Lorrie, for her insightful comment question!


  17. First off, the afghan is gorgeous! I love the pattern and SO wish I had the skill set to produce something like that, all thumbs when it comes to that kind of thing.

    Secondly, the coffee cake looks delicious, glad you saved me a slice ;c)

    Thirdly, yes, since blogging I do look at life, things, ordinary moments, and the world in general through different eyes when I think about sharing it on my blog. I see more beauty. I find more interest in the common everyday little happenings of life. I find life more interesting as I go about my day writing in my head or clicking pics with my eyes thinking about what I might share that readers would find of interest. I also think blogging has opened me up more to sharing and caring for others. I often see my blessings. My world is bigger and brighter with blogging.

    Have a pretty day!

  18. The coffee cake looks yummy & the blanket is beautiful! :)


  19. Ok, I posted my answer on the blog.

  20. My blog really has caused me to look and think about things differently.
    I'm constantly kicking myself that I've forgotten my camera too.. :P

    Love the afghan. It's very pretty! The pizza and cake look lovely too!


  21. The coffee cake looks delicious as well as the pizza. Wish I could stop by for the left overs pieces! : )
    Afghan is very pretty. It is a perfect size for wrapping yourself in on those cold winter days.

    No, for me I don't think I look at life differently since I've been blogging. I've always kept a journal and now it is just out there for whoever wants to read it.
    I've always been able to see the happiness and enjoy the small things. My husband has always told me that my attitude of life is a gift from God. : )

  22. I'm going to start by answering your question Vee. Yes, Fodder for blogging is something I need by times. There are times when I wonder what can I blog about now? I get ideas from other blogs I follow and of course I take pictures and then decide what to write. I take too many pictures! Then I feel I have to use them in a post. Summer is an easy time for writing ideas. Winter - a whole other perspective. It's the photos that I like to share. No photos - no post. Your coffee cake looks delish! The beautiful afghan will be cozy this winter! Pamela

  23. Use that afgan under your comforter this winter and you'll be nice and warm at night!

    I am about to make some banana bread as I have very ripe bananas, otherwise I would have baked that yummy coffee cake!

    The pizza looks good! I love the extra toppings.

    Yes, my blog has encouraged me to go out more in the city and just walk around and take photos. I always seem to find something new and interesting, and then I'm excited to research it and bring it to my blog for all to see. I have also become a better photographer because of my blog.

  24. ohmygoodness Vee, your cake looks DIVINE! I can see why there's only a couple of pieces left too! I love the afghan...just because I love throws ~ it's always nice to have something to cozy up with on cool nights.

    As for the question, which really is a GREAT one, blogging has totally changed my view of everything ~ to stop and see the beauty around me, relish moments, appreciate my family, and to enjoy being more creative! I also feel like blogging drives me to do more, try more and share as much as I can ~ of course I love it, I'm coming up on five years doing it!! hugs and love, Dawn

  25. You certainly have accomplished a lot! I haven't had a good piece of coffee cake since my husband's grandmother passed away. This one looks excellent! Your afghan looks so soft and thick, any so-called 'shortness' doesn't matter :)

    Even though I've always loved to cook, I thinking blogging makes me even more open to trying new things and it has definitely pushed my interest in photography up a notch!

  26. I own the MGCC cookbook but have yet to make a recipe. I think this coffee cake might be the thing to get me started. It looks delish and I like the addition of blueberries.
    That is a very interesting question. The very first comment I received as a blogger warned me that blogging will change the way you look at life. I have found that to be totally and completely true. I might add that they have all been positive changes.

  27. Okay, Vee. I've thought about it a lot and finally answered your question in a post on my blog.

    I've found all these other comments so interesting. I think most of us are on the same page.

    I really like the afghan - looks cozy and warm for winter - are you preparing already?

  28. Great afghan..and that pizza looks great...nothing better than a day of accomplishment and then a good pizza brought home.

    I do believe that blogging has changed my life and made me look at life in a new way...a good way. It also has helped to make me a more creative person...and also deepened my walk with the Lord. I see now that when I use to seem to talk to myself...LOL, it is now going down on a blog post. I just never want to feel like I am depending on it...but if it encourages me to live life fuller...I am all for it.

  29. The coffee cake looks delicious, and the afghan is beautiful, I love it just the way it is on the bed.

    Blogging has gotten me up off the couch and out and about, baby steps for me, mind you, but every great journey starts that way. I am taking classes, on the lookout for things to snap for the "color days" linkys, new recipes, better ways to organize, I could go on and on. Fodder is a good thing. xo,

  30. Oh yes. I think it makes me see things, appreciate thiings and laugh at the absurd things!
    Cake & pizza? i wanna come over to your house for dinner;-)

  31. PS..love the afgan. If John thinks it's too short..tell hime I'm not too tall and I could take it off his hands :)

  32. Your life's work Vee is displayed beautifully in all your creative accomplishments. The warmth you share from your heart and home reaches so many other hearts and homes. Whether you are sharing a recipe, a picture of your comfy home, a bit of humor or some practical advice, you've created an ambiance that is not only welcoming, but makes us want to stay a while and visit.

    For me, there is so much to write about, from the past to the present. My life takes me down so many different roads that I'm torn to know which direction to go. Blogging has given me an outlet for expressing some of my thoughts and has connected me with some amazing people. For that I am very grateful.

  33. Well I LOVE the afgan. It is wonderful. Did you blog about this previously? Is that an large crochet granny square. Very, very nice.

  34. OH I love the afghan...and I love that John went out to fetch you a pizza.
    I am almost sure I am a very different person that I was when I started blogging at the end of 2006. I have have really learned to respect the wishes of others when it comes to what I post on my blog. .and in the beginning I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to be featured. It took my family a bit of time to become accustomed to my new hobby. .I told them it would probably not really go anywhere. :)

  35. I think that making sure I have interesting content causes me to live a fuller life. Would i have done even 1/2 of my bucket list before moving if I didn't have people waiting for that post each Thursday. Probably not. I'm lazy, I need that motivation and validation.

    Do you still have a piece of coffee cake left? I think it would make it here before I moved! hint hint

  36. You certainly have a way of stirring the pot Vee. Yes, blogging does have me thinking of life differently. It forces me to put some thought into my words instead of babbling on, although, sometimes I still babble.

    Coffee Cake and Pizza look great, not fair waiving that around me! Our Friday night pizza is frozen and about as thin as a piece of paper with Fat Free Mozzarella. Coffee cake? Ah, no, forbidden fruit.

  37. I don't think blogging has changed the way I live or think about life...maybe because I don't blog but every 5 days or so. When I was younger I was the family "official" photographer...probably because I was the only one with a camera. I missed out on so much...always watching everything through a teeny 1/2 inch viewfinder...never got to see the big picture!..I am determined not to do that again...

  38. What a great question from your reader. When I'm way behind on posting as I am now and feel pressured to come up with something to post, I shall ponder that question.

  39. I forgot to mention how much I love your afghan! I'll be sharing my new crocheted creation soon.


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