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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ice Cream Social~Kitchen Bouquet

Today I'm participating in Suzy's Ice Cream Social. We certainly enjoy our ice cream around here.

Lately, we are most happy with coffee shakes; these make the third batch.

Veezie's Easy-Peasy Coffee Shakes

* 2 cups milk (Whatever you're drinking; we drink 1%.)
* 1 TBS vanilla (the good stuff)
* ¼ cup sugar
* 3 TBS instant coffee grounds (not what you see here) dissolved in a squid of hot water
* as many scoops of coffee ice cream as you can stand ☺

Blend in a blender, but don't go crazy. You want some small chunks of ice cream floating about. Frost glasses if desired. Our root beer float glasses were frosted for ten minutes so longer would be better.

Makes two shakes.

Why is that second glass half empty? I couldn't wait any longer. Delicious, if I do say so myself!


We had a lovely little ice cream social at the farm with the grands yesterday afternoon. Nothing makes them happier than soft serves with sprinkles except patting the lamb afterward.

Please join Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet for more excellent ice cream social ideas! Thank you, Suzy, for hosting the fun!


  1. I am joining in!~ I appreciate your pointing to the obvious on your blog! Sorry about that. I sent a friend named Kat over to see your post yesterday. She is a wonderful woman whom I met blogging.

  2. And, your coffee ice cream look yummy. This is something Bob and Ashley would love!

  3. Oh yummmmmmmmm! A Shake! An old fashioned Ice Cream Shake!

    Anyone old enough to remember them, made at an old fashioned Soda Fountain in the Corner Drug Store?

    I do, because we owned such an old Corner Drug Store, for years and years. And our son runs it now.

    Sad to say, over the years, we had to remove the soda fountain part. It was simply a *money pit.* And with growing kids, we couldn't afford to not use the space, for selling items, which put-food-on-the-table.

    You took both Grands at once. A fun time they had too. According to your precious photos.

    Happy weekend!

  4. LOVE coffee ice cream, this sounds great! Cute pics of the kids:@)

  5. Hi Vee,
    Lovely to meet you at the Ice Cream Social!
    Your recipe sounds just the sort of thing we'd love to have on a hot summers day, will be trying it soon!
    Thanks for stopping by in Normandy.

  6. Oh boy does that ever look and sound good. My hubby hates coffee, so I guess I'd have to half the recipe ... or not. :)
    Your first photo is so lovely and I've been trying to figure out how you balanced the top carton on the bottom carton.
    Cute pictures of your fun with the grands.

  7. Ice Social...oh haven't heard that term in years, and it brings back such wonderful memories. We would have home-made ice cream socials on Sunday night in the summers at church...what a sweet pleasure.

    Well ice cream is being consumed a lot around here with our heat.

    The grands pictures are wonderful...what a great day you had.

  8. Sounds good! I make a coffee drink...with milk but the ice cream would make it even better! Enjoy your weekend! ♥ (I linked to this party, too...HUGS!)

  9. 'morning, Glory....
    this sounds good...
    We fix these almost every time some of the grands come over. Just about like yours only we generally use a little of the breakfast coffee and a cap full of Vanilla. :))
    xo bj

  10. We would love that around here...for sure. Both the shakes and the lamb petting. I LOVE sheep!

  11. I would love one of your shakes right about now! Thanks for the reminder to put this on my list of enjoyable summer treats!

  12. What a delicious shake, Vee! I haven't had an ice cream shake in ages but with the coffee flavor, I'm sold!

    Darling pics of the grands!

  13. Hi Vee, Thanks for stopping over to visit. I have never had a coffee ice cream shake. It sounds good, though, and I am printing off your recipe and will give it a try. I do love the Ice cream socials in blogland! Gives me an excuse to try lots of ice cream!
    xo Beth

  14. Umm...ice cream. The only ice cream I do not like is pistacho, oh and pecan. Looked to be an excellent day at your house yesterday. Blessings.

  15. Great shots of the grands, adorable! Coffee shakes look amazing, no wonder you are on your third batch :)

  16. I need a blender!!! I gave my 34 year old one away as we never use it. I see you have a Tim's near you or did you come to Maine for it :-) I love ice cream - any kind with some chocolate in it or on it, as in a sundae. Happy weekend to you! Pamela

  17. Hi Vee!

    Yes, I still exist on this planet! I'm so glad to be back in action!! Your grands look sooo adorable with their ice cream cones. I love old fashioned ice cream socials... memories of the old church days growing up.
    I love the tiger lilies on your header, great colors.

    Have a grand weekend! Hugs, sherry

  18. Id love one of these too please! We love shakes here when the ice cream bug hits at night. The kiddos with their cones is too sweet. So glad you shared your recipe and post for this years Social! Put it on your calendar for next year!

  19. Nothing better than ice cream in the summertime (winter time too honestly). Soft serve ice cream with sprinkles, there's nothing better. If it's chocolate, I've died and gone to heaven. I just put on five pounds thinking about it. Oh well, I had my walk today. Loved the ice cream social both yours and Suzy's.

  20. Your coffee shakes look really yummy! My family would love them. Your grandchildren are adorable:) Eating ice cream on a nice summer day with the family is the best!

  21. These look delicious! Perfect for a hot summer day!

  22. These look delicious Vee! I need some coffee ice cream ... now!! :)

  23. Looks so refreshing, especially today in the 90's !!!

  24. Oh yummmy..... sounds refreshing and delicious.
    Those grands sure are cute. Our love sprinkles on anything....

  25. Vee,
    How refreshing! So hot and muggy today, the shakes would really hit the spot!

  26. Still checking. Maybe, just maybe, I figured this out, this time.

    Apologies for testing, testing, testing, in your comments.


  27. It worked!


    Now to tell you, what's going on. I private e-mail.


  28. My favorite ice cream is coffee flavored! As luck would have it I'm a day late for this social. I'll have to do a "flash back" next year :)

    Your grand boys are getting so big!

  29. Ah ice cream. You know how much I like it!!! : )

  30. I love coffee shakes and look forward to trying this recipe soon - thank you for sharing.


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