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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Armchair Caddy or How to Tease the Girls

~My Armchair Caddy~

It happened again! I was seated on the sofa comfortably sewing buttons on John's shirt when I dropped the needle and panic ensued. I have dropped needles many times in my life and seldom do I ever find the little bugger. I decided right then and there that I would be making the sweet sewing caddy I had seen earlier at Susan's
Homespun Quilts: That About Covers It (is that not the cutest title?) [About the lost needle...John says, "Don't Move! I'll get the flashlight." Hahahahahaha...works every time.]

So this is how not how you use it.  It was not designed to work with Volkswagens.

Here is the Flying Nun version on John's chair. Hmmm...trouble is, I rarely get to sit in John's chair. As you can see it has two pockets for snips, glasses, seam ripper...definitely the seam ripper, and it has a pincushion.

So my daughter came in and I proudly showed her my newly made caddy, created from all manner of scrap material, and she asked, with a certain level of disdain, "What is it?" And I picked it up by its little pincushion there and let the two sides flop down and replied, "It's a wee little pocketbook." I was rewarded for my cleverness with eye rolls and the general sense that she thought that mother was losing it. Gosh, that was fun. =D

When she found out what it really was, she perked up some and asked if I'd be making one for my daughter-in-law who was celebrating a birthday.

~For My Daughter-in-Law~

That's where this one comes in. Can you see that I used an old linen napkin of my great-grandmother's? I also used an old tea towel in addition to the regular fabrics.

Now this is how daughters and daughters-in-law differ. When I delivered this to my daughter-in-law, she immediately said with a bit of delight in her voice, "Oh, it's an oven mitt." "No," I said demonstrating, "It's a wee little pocketbook." Daughter-in-law looked nonplussed and with a little bit more delight in her voice nodded and smiled and said, "Ohhh, right, of course." No look of disdain. No look of mother-in-law might be losing it. (John thinks she may deserve an Oscar.)

We said our goodbyes and just before I hopped into the car, I told John that she had fallen for it. When we left, Dear Daughter-in-law was grinning. I do love to tease the girls. 

Now I'm off to find an oven mitt tutorial. If you know of a good one, let me know...


  1. Awww I want one of these!! A great job as usual, Vee! You have once again created a great treasure including materials from loved ones!!

    Been there done that with lost needles, What is it about something so small sending us into sheer panic? lol..
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Love your sense of humor! I get alot of those eye rolls too lately from my girls. When do they stop thinking we are delightful?? Anyway, love your armchair caddy!

  3. TOO CUTE!!!!

    What a wonderful way to start blogs today- with a wee bit of a laugh!

    TOTALLY adorable post, Vee.

  4. This is such a great idea! Maybe I'll make one for fun. I finished 3 projects yesterday...time to sew for fun! Hugs!

  5. Those are both beautiful. I love how you chose unusual and sentimental materials for them. I've thought about making something similar but haven't got around to it yet.

  6. Really a well-designed caddy. The pin cushion is so clever. And they look great. Someone made something like this for me, but it was too short and kept falling off the arm of the chair. This design would work, I think.

  7. Re: Your comment in my blog entry of today... You said that you sometimes don't answer a question, if answer has already been given, by a previous person. Of course!

    BUT each person had to answer my question, for themselves. What they could *see,* on their own computer screen.

    I needed a quick answer, from everyone who looked at this entry.

    And a whole lot of people looked, but didn't take a minute to tell me, their individual answer to my question.

    That is what my Rant was about...

  8. Too cute Vee. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. -chuckle-


    When you craft lovely and unique and useful items, tell the person to whom you are showing it or gifting-it-to, exactly what it is used for.

    Before they have to guess. :-)

  10. How adorable is that!?? Love this post - so delightful.

  11. These "pocketbooks," as you call them, are lovely, lovely works of sewing art.... Even if they don't have a single-use-in-the-world.

    They are just beautiful, in themselves.

    Rather like, a flower doesn't have a "job." It's just beautiful, to look at.

    "Auntie" sezzzzzz... :-)

  12. Very cute idea! I love to make my daughter roll her eyes at me...keep her wondering!

  13. Auntie, I am highly insulted. This caddy has seen daily use since I made it a week ago. It serves me beautifully. Yes, it truly does.

    And you missed the point. I purposely did not explain what its real purpose is. ;>

  14. I'm sure the girls are always glad to see you coming! LOL! ;P

    Lovely little caddy's --- and yes, I did notice the old linen piece that you used --- even before you said so.

    Very nice work, Vee. And so very handy!

  15. You have a way of capturing humor and sharing it. What a delight it is to visit you!

    You're so creative! How wonderful that you enjoy sewing the small little details that make things extra-special.

  16. I'm always trying to juggle the scissors, pins, needle, thread and glasses by balancing them on my head, gripping between clenched teeth and decorating the arm of my chair. This does look simpler.

  17. Love that John hops up to find a flashlight. Around here we never find a lost needle until it shows up stuck in the bottom of Bernie's bare foot. Works every time!

  18. You are making me giggle once again. The flying nun version ... so funny!
    They are so lovely. You did such a nice job on them and I'm sure the girls will love them once they figure out how to use them ;-).
    Just yesterday I was doing that rare (for me) bit of stitching and wondering all the while what had become of my small scissors. I suspect the armchair ate them the last time I did a bit of stitching.

  19. Vee,

    This is so cute....but my favorite quote from the post is "the flying nun version"



  20. So fun to hear the different comments from the daughter and daughter-in-law :-).

    I love your sweet caddy.

  21. Those poor, long-suffering young women! :)

  22. Very cute, and very funny post. An old friend visited recently and told me about a beautiful, sweet cross stitch she had done for a new baby and the eye rolling that ensued with that gift. Anyway, I do like this creative idea and maybe someday I can make one, it would be useful.

    And I' am going to try and take up cross stitch again, even if no one wants it. Now that I have glasses that work.

    Also appreciate your ongoing campaign to get rid of word verification. Re. your notecards -- do they have to have been used on your blog or have you let that go?

    Here's to no more lost pins.

  23. Vee I love them. What a great idea. I've been doing some needle work and this most definitely come in handy. You did a great job.

  24. I just love this blog. Really, I do. It's not just the creative stuff either; it's the way you chat about it. I think I would love to spend time with you and your family.

    And the "oven mitt pocketbook" is actually a fabulous idea and one that I NEED to copy.

    I missed the previous post. I have to say thanks again for your attempts to eradicate that pesky virus called word verification.

  25. This is really a practical and pretty item, Vee, for a sewer who does repairs ion the couch. I always sew at my kitchen table as i find it easier to find a dropped needle that way (and I have better light)

    Daughters can be blunt when they speak, daughter -in-laws have to be careful..lol!

  26. Those are pretty. I'm so glad you had fun teasing the girls. I would have so enjoyed being in on that.

  27. I have been meaning to make one of these for......several years! I even went so far as to buy a pattern, which was the end of the road.
    I don't DO patterns, they send me into tizzy fits and then I just give up and throw the whole mess into the FAILED AGAIN pile.
    I think I'll take my cue from you, and just wing it :)

  28. Oh I love it and want one too. I really do have to learn to do a bit of sewing.
    I think I would really like your Dear Daughter in law. : )
    I read this post with a smile.

  29. Vee, for some reason I didn't realize you were a Mainer! Doesn't Maine produce the BEST blueberries! I bought 60 lbs of them last summer and froze them!

    You are also "very bad" for teasing the girls! Thanks for visiting!

  30. Great job on the sewing caddy and an even greater job on teasing your girls! Love it.

  31. This is too funny Vee, I like your sense of humor and would have done the same. I used to have one of these armchair sewing caddies but it must be long gone now, yours are very girly looking the way they should be.

  32. That is a cute 'pocket book' Vee. I like that you used the vintage things for your dil's. Very pretty. Are you enjoying this gorgeous weather? Fantastic! Hugs, Pam

  33. This post has me cracking up! :D

    Your armchair sewing caddies are darling! Hmmmmm...looks like a good project for some movie time crafters at my house.

    But, of course, your fun with the girls is what has me smiling. Families with good-natured teasing are healthy families. And I am imagining what your dear, polite daughter-in-law was thinking as you presented her with her "wee little pocketbook." Too funny! (She must be a gem!)

  34. Oh..... that's an awful feeling to drop a needle on the carpet or in a chair.....eek!

    I love the 'pocket books'....great idea and pretty combinations of fabric.

    I love your conversation with the girls and the eyes rolling....

  35. Cute...your 'whatever you want to call it' caddy! I'm smiling at the daughter who rolls her eyes and the daughter-in-law who smiles sweetly. And identifying with both.

  36. That is great...now I am laughing too hard at the daughter-in-law and daughter...I can see the expression on both faces...having a daughter-in-law and daughter here, it would be the same..they are always thinking I am missing a screw...that is the fun part of getting older..I am also learning not even to explain LOL

  37. That is so neat! I wish I had time to sew.

  38. Those are great! You find the best patterns and ideas...keep them coming! I'll get back to my sewing one day!

    I also love that you teased your girls...fun stuff!


  39. Hi Vee!

    How beautiful! I really need to have a few of these - one one very chair! I am going to check-out the blog and see if I can't make one for myself!

    I only have one daughter-in-law, and I don't think she would have a clue what to do with something like this! I love her to bits, but she is just not very domestic... :0) Gotta love our girls!


  40. I'm so sorry, I should have read my comment before I posted. I meant to say, one on every chair!

  41. Those are cute, Vee. No more "I dropped a needle!" No more John scooting around on the floor looking with the flashlight! You are a tease for sure - wonder what your DIL was really thinking... ha!

  42. Love your sense of humor...I can picture my sons or DIL doing the exact same thing

  43. I don't do enough sewing anymore to warrant having a sewing caddy. But if I did, these are very pretty! Great job! And do the young women today even know what pins and needles are for? :)

  44. HAHA Loved this....I KNOW my daughter would have reacted with the same voice and eye roll, and my dil's would be like yours too. Not wanting to admit I have a few screw loose. I think it is quite cleaver, cute and meaningful however. May have to make one up...Hope you had a good day!

  45. could use one of those - very pretty..colors!


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