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Monday, July 2, 2012

Just to See It

It's been so much fun wandering around in Blogdom seeing all the patriotic decorating. I've enjoyed seeing flags of both the U.S. and Canada featured prominently.  (Here, we do see the Canadian flag flying because we are bordered all around by New Brunswick and Quebec. We share one short, common border with New Hampshire, which is the only (geographic) connection to the rest of the country we have.)

Question: Do you display your country's flag inside your home? Until yesterday, I did. It was stuck in the Christmas cactus. It is still stuck there, but the cactus has been removed to the great outdoors for the summer.

I loved seeing bunting everywhere in the UK in honor of the Queen's jubilee. Do you display bunting?

What I really love is finding decoration where I least expect to. I found this bunting on a bridge in a lower field. What a sweet pop of color and it made me grin just to see it. I'm trying to think what I might do to make my neighbors grin just to see it.

Would they grin to see the little windlass decorated now that it's been moved to a spot where it can be seen from the street? Perhaps it's enough that it would make me grin.

Never did get my mother's bike basket planted...I think today is the day! Now that will make me grin.

You know what else makes me grin? Red frames and photo editing thanks to PicMonkey. 

Anything making you grin today?


  1. Well, you post made me grin...I could feel you grinning all the way here to NC!

    I am back from a weekend away and catching up with everyone. Have a great day Vee!

  2. I'm grinning at the moment because ALL five teenagers in the house this week are still asleep! =)

    Patriotic displays are so lovely, especially in the summer months. I put up a wreath and plan a little decorating using flags starting at Memorial day and continue on through July. I've noticed several others in the neighborhood have decorated a little as well. It makes me grin also.


  3. I love July 4th. I used to live in North Dakota and they, too, celebrated both our Independence Day and Canada Day. I always thought it was neat and I just love the Canadian anthem. That brings me chills as much as ours does.

  4. The only place inside the house I display my flag is on my dollhouse.

    My house is fairly devoid of colour - except the dollhouse and the room in which it is kept.

    I do need to post about that sometime soon.

  5. Those edges made me smile, for sure! I'm bookmarking that cute PicMonkey web site!

    And yes, we display the flag indoors.

  6. I have flags everywhere since my house (except for my bedroom and the dining area) is decorated in an Early American meets English Country decor.

    When we lived in Detroit, we picked up Canadian TV stations and people could not understand it who did not know their geography. :)

  7. Oh Vee.....I don't think people 'grin' enough! For sure. And I love the border here on your blog...wonderful! Yes, Canada Day yesterday and now the Fourth of July for our cousins down south. All the pride and joy celebrating our countries makes for wonderful pops of colour. Love the photos.

  8. Yes ma'am - this is making me grin (and laugh out loud) - my daughter just called. She and her boyfriend are thinking about the future & marriage. He told her he had to find out what she was made of because they plan on settling on a ranch in the country--

    He volunteered Hayley and himself to load 1000 bales of hay and put it in the barn of one of his buddies...


  9. And yes, we decorated, too. Our American flag flies all the time, but we put up bunting all over the front porch area before Memorial day and will leave it up till after the 4th! We're very patriotic down here in Texas, too! Also, being broadcast on the radio (don't know if it's a national thing) but everyone is encouraged to read aloud the Declaration of Independence at all gatherings on the 4th! I'm looking forward to that!

  10. Love those red frames and was going to let you know even before I read where you found them. I wanted to let you know that they made me smile, too! Until this year I've decorated the front window with a bunting. We put up the window planter and now I can't use the bunting there. I should look for them. The back fence would be a nice place to display them. Love the happiness all through this post!

  11. INSIDE on the mantle, the lovely wooden rippling flag, which my husband carved.

    OUTSIDE, the flag on a flagpole on garage.

    Bunting! Oh how I love-love-love bunting! But -sigh-... No place to hang it, on the front of our house. -pout-

    But I love it so, I'm thinking of getting some, and display it somewhere INSIDE. So there! -grin- Even if I can't do so, outside, I could hang it from the edge of the mantle! Yesssssss!!!!!!

    "One ought, ever day at least, to hear
    a little song, read a good poem, see a
    fine picture, and, if it were possible,
    to speak a few reasonable words."

    ~~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  12. We do display our flag on our front porch post. I used to have bunting hanging from our window boxes,but it needs to be replaced when I can find some more. Gardening makes me grin!

  13. What's making me grin? "Wasted" morning time spent in conversation with my visiting daughter.

    Still in PJs at nearly noon.
    The two of us have solved all the world's problems over some blueberry muffins and cantaloupe. Life is good from our spot on the sofa.

    And I do NOT decorate in unexpected places. I need to. We do fly our flag and decorate a patriotic table, though.

  14. Hello Vee...I do have a couple flags in our Home. My back entry is decorated with the Red, White & Blue theme. Great post!

  15. I see lots of flags on display around here, Vee! One block has them attached to all the telephone polls. After 9-11 NYC was a forest of American flags...it was a very uplifting sight to see!

    I'm grinning because the sun is shining and the humidity is a little lower :)

  16. I am with Pat as to grinning over lower humidity. I am about to tun out to Trader Joe's for a few items, and that makes me grin. xo

  17. Love the red frames! Yes, I display flags inside, outside, all around the town...I mean all around the yard. Can't do it till Wednesday outside though...We're suppose to maybe dry out then. Hopefully I'll remember to take some photos on the 4th. Have a great week and great 4th!

  18. I can see that I'm going to have to take a day off from work, just to investigate Picmonkey!
    We fly a flag every day. This week, of course, it's the Canadian flag. On an everyday basis, we fly the flag of British Columbia. On a birthday we fly the flag of the province or country of the honouree's birth. As you can imagine, The Great Dane has a large collection of flags. We'll put up the Stars and Stripes on the 4th.

  19. Smiling here too. Love it.
    Love the patriotism and Picmonkey.
    Is that ok? lol Putting them both in the same sentence.

  20. Your red frames are making me grin too! I really need to visit PicMonkey. I am in a rut with Picasa and need some new inspiration.

    The other thing that is making me grin today is rather mundane...exciting to me though! We are cleaning out the laundry room, which serves as much more than a laundry room in our farmhouse with very few closets. It accumulates a lot of--ummmm--"stuff" over a year's time. We are being rather ruthless as we try to restore some order and organization! I'll really grin when the job is complete! :D

  21. I would say your entire patriotic blog look makes me grin :). We have just returned from a short getaway and I enjoyed seeing the way people had decorated their yards and homes for the upcoming holiday.
    I display flags in the house for the 4th and always have a few small ones tucked into flower pots outside along with the full-sized one that flies from the flagpole.
    A group of realtors places a flag in the ground by all of the mailboxes in our neighborhood. It is a nice surprise and looks very patriotic as you walk through the neighborhood.
    I have a few patriotic touches that I hope to post, if time permits.

  22. Your post is making me grin! We had a Canadian flag, but it faded and I haven't displayed it for several years. Methinks it might be time for a new one.

  23. Your pretty patriotic blog and post makes me grin. I have smaller flags in my flower pots and I'll fly the large flag on the 4th. What would really make me grin right now is a forecast of cooler temps and rain!! It continues to be in the 100's here.

  24. YEP, sweetie girl, something did make me grin today...your adorable post. :))

  25. I put little flags everywhere at this time of year and we fly a flag on our post out front year round. I played with a photo on Picmonkey today. Now I'm wondering where that red frame is! I guess I'll go look again! lol Enjoy your week!

  26. Grinning about your post! And I love the patriotic "look" of your blog!

  27. Yes, getting to go out of town and visit my new grandbaby and her brother and sister. So nice to see all your flags displayed. ~ Abby

  28. I love buntings but I misplaced them when I moved. I have a flag that flies out in front of my house. Loved your mosaics.

  29. Like you, I love finding flags in in unusual places, they make me smile!

    I put together a collage of American flags on my post today along with a colonial recipe! It was such fun doing that post!

    I love your borders on your photos too! They look beautiful!

    Happy 4th of July!

  30. We have a large flag that had been used to drape my husband's grandfather's casket, that is hung outside from the top of the house pediment. I usually put a few smaller flags out as well.

    I love bunting and I LOVED seeing all the different bunting and decorations the British used for the Jubilee. They really went all out - it was so fun to see.

    Very cute red frames on your photos and your blog looks so patriotic!

  31. Outside.
    I dream of bunting on the porch.


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