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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Things First

I'm going to put last things first today. On Thursday, we went to Portland because I had a few things to find for the room that shall not be discussed and John had some shopping to do for two little great-grandgirlies. Can I just say that it's a lot of fun to shop for girls? It is. Not that shopping for boys isn't also fun. It is. All good. And I didn't even get to do much except for holding up this or that and saying, "This one? That one?"

He chose simple green cotton dresses for the twin cousins whom he'll celebrate at a birthday party today in the bosom of his family. I smile just to think about it and how delighted he will be by their antics. They are three and one — darling ages. They are certainly beautiful little girls.


We had a nice Thursday and were home early in the afternoon. I so love turning the corner when the familiarity of the neighborhood hits and I have that little pang where I realize how right it feels and what a blessing it is to live here in this place.

Well, no, not this place; this is my neighbor's home still wearing the patriotic buntings and looking fine. Notice the open door to allow the beautiful dry air in. No need for the AC lately.

This is the place; this little sage green haven with its postage stamp lawn and tiny garden. It is enough. 

Looking up through the bee balm to the room that shall not be named above. 

For Mosaic Monday, I'll be sharing the earlier part of our day.

Are you up to anything fun or exciting or both this weekend?


  1. That's MY kind of air conditioning. I actually don't like AC at all. It closes me up in a house (in Arizona for TOO DARN LONG). I want open air and breezes flowing through the house. Three more months and I can rip these windows open.

  2. I get those same feelings when returning Home! What precious dresses for the girls. Love green! We do not have A/C in our Home, built in 1879. But, thankfully we have a portable unit in our bedroom. I love opening our doors and windows in the evening and letting all the fresh cool air in to refresh our Home. Can't wait until this dead heat is over! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. It is a great feeling to return to your own comfy nest. I envy having two young grands to spoil with such cute dresses. Pool party today, if the water is not scalding. The pool has a heater but not way to cool it off. Guess we will swim later in the evening. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Those dresses are as cute as can be!

    There's just not any place in the world like "home"...even if it's living in a townhouse.

    Your new siding and all of those beautiful new windows are so pretty. Talk about labors of love ~ you and John put many hours of just that into your home and it's beautiful.

  5. There's nothing nicer, after a hot day (not that there has been even one of those here this year) than to open all the windows of the house, allowing the cool evening air to roll in - then close it all up in the morning to keep the house cool as long as possible.

  6. I love looking at your pretty houses. Right now we are way too hot to think about going outside unless it's dusk, much less having the windows open. My plan is to stay home and clean house, but it seems that every day I have that plan and every day something happens to distract me from it;)

  7. Things have cooled here for a couple of days and it is wonderful having a bit of a breeze come through the house. Unless it's very hot, I much prefer being able to hear the birds sing.

  8. The most comforting feeling in the world, is to arrive back at the safe haven we know as "home". Have a great weekend Vee!

  9. LOVE those little summer dresses, for the twins!!!! Oh my, such lovely, lovely memories!!! Little cotton dress. And hair bows. :-)

    Oh the bunting!!!! You know that bunting makes my heart go pitter-pat. :-)

    Speaking of opening house up---Today/Sat. is the first day I have tried it. Because of my ding-dang-recent allergy-attack. -pout- But it was in the 60's when I got up, and I "threw-caution-to-the-winds..." Took my allergy meds and opened up!

    So far so good!!!!!

    Mmm, add that to *silly little happy things*... Being able to open windows/doors in summer!!!!! :-)

    "I don't ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning. There they are, and they are beautiful."
    ~Pete Hamill

  10. Isn't it a grand feeling to have that renovation work on the outside of your home behind you? The result is classic cottage - comfortable and pretty as a picture!

  11. There's no place like home, is there? I would love to be able to leave the door open, but we're looking at temperatures well over 100 for the next few days. One of my tasks today will be to change the A/C filters because I want to keep that particular blessing in good working order. Enjoy your weekend, Vee!


  12. Vee,

    We were in Portland on Thursday as well. Eye doctor and then a quick trip to the mall. We didn't even stay for lunch - just headed right back to the little red cabin.

    I haven't been too attentive to the blog as my Mi-Fi has become slower than dial-up. I follow from iPhone but too hard to peck out comments!

    Today is gorgeous and may it stay that way.


  13. What a lovely house you have and I agree I always love to come home.

  14. Glad the weather gave a nice showing for you. I have realized how little I can really manage well and keep my sanity so I'm content with my spaces these days.
    Today we await the arrival of 5 house guests. 2 of the 5 are children. It will make for a very busy week. 3 of the days Dear and I are leaving them home alone...

  15. One of my most disconcerting moments happened several years ago when we had recently moved up Island. We were driving home from shopping and in the half-light of evening I subconsciously anticipated the joy of arriving home. Suddenly, it occurred to me that the home I was envisioning was NOT the one to which I was headed, but our former home. It was a sad moment.

    Your home looks welcoming and cozy. What fun John will have at the family gathering. Little ones are such fun. Are you not attending as well?

  16. Whether the doors are opened to nice breezes or closed to summer heat, there is no place like home! I'm enjoying all my family home this weekend. It's kind of a bittersweet time, however. We'll not see Marley, the pup, after this next week. Son and his girlfriend (almost fiancee, he had the ring bought) broke up and Marley is going to live with her in MN where she's relocating. We all have come to love Marley and it's like she's part of our family now.

  17. Isn't it wonderful when you land where you are supposed to be. Not everyone is that lucky.
    I love my little house with the sky view.

  18. I did weeding in the garden today, it was so cool earlier after days of rain! It won't last though, the forecast being for the 90's again this week.

    I love the dresses that John chose for his great grandgirlies! They are just right! Perfect for summer....

    I am glad that you are enjoying the room that must not be named...such a delightful space...


  19. OK, I confess!

    My patriotic buntings are still UP! OK, I'm going to run outside right now and take them down....

    Now, that's done, can we move on to other stuff? :)

    I think your house is beautiful - between you and your handyman, y'all have turned it into a lovely cottage home and garden. I'm sure glad you married that man - he's a keeper for sure!

    Cute little green dresses for sweet little grandgirlies!!!

  20. These dresses are adorable Vee and will no doubt please the little girlies who will wear them. Our second grandbaby is due any time now and we are wondering if we should buy pink or blue. We have enjoyed buying for the blue boy but there are so many pretty things out there for pink girls aren't there? When I return from a trip or days away I am always happy to see our little community as we cross the dam and of course our home. It sure is a lovely hot day today! Phew. Hubby's out mowing the dry grass while I enjoy the cool basement. hehehe Stay cool! Hugs. Pam

  21. Those dresses are adorable. I love your cottage Vee...it looks so cozy surrounded by your pretty flowers.

  22. Such sweet little dresses, the twins will love them I'm sure.

    I love your house, and the neighbor looks so At Home. :)

  23. Well dear Vee,

    I think Jeff, my dear, dyslexic hubby, misread your note to me. I GET IT that my blog comment didn't post to your blog, but I don't understand WHY???

    Love the dresses, love little girls, love that IT IS ENOUGH.


  24. Those little dresses are so darn cute. It makes me smile to think of a great grandfather taking part in choosing these special gifts. I agree with you on little girl's clothing. So many adorable choices.
    Your home and garden are lovely and so charming. Lucky you for getting a break from the A/C. Ours is still running full throttle.

  25. Indeed! girls are fun to shop for, love the dresses. Happy birthday wishes to the girls!
    I absolutely know how you feel Vee. I get the same feeling when I come home, the saying There's no place like home" is so true! and you truly have a "Haven for Vee". Thank you for sharing your daily ins and outs, ups and downs! I do look forward to my daily dose of Vee's Haven! ~smile~
    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. First of all, I love the dresses that John chose for his great-granddaughters! They are so pretty! I just love dressing little girls alike...I sometimes buy matching dresses for my son's two girls as they are only 18 months apart. I suppose it's a carry over from my own childhood, as my mom used to dress my sister and me in matching dresses.

    Secondly, your words about your home are heartwarming. What a picture of contentment you have painted! "It is enough." Perfect. Blessed.

    Finally, your weather sounds lovely. Don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep.

  27. How fun to buy dresses for little grand daughters, and to feel happy as you approach your home, as it is just right for you.

  28. Hi, Vee, I am home from my long and very nice summertime vacation and glad to be here. As you say, it's always good to get back home. ;)

    I have a lot of blog catching up to do..and the weather is so nice, I also have a lot of yard work to attend to. It's a lot hotter here than in the mountains but....I still love being home.:)
    O...and I love the little dresses.

  29. Hellooooo Vee. I just joined as a follower. You have a very nice place here. I love you patriotic house pics. Please come see me, you may like to join me.

  30. Hi Vee, I loved your comment on Karen's blog about 'treats from God' ----so decided to check out your blog. You live in a fabulous part of our country... One of these days we'll get up there to check out more of New England.

    I laughed at your comment about buying for girls. I raised 3 sons and when my first granddaughter came along, I was THRILLED getting to buy girl clothes!!!!!

    Visit me when you can.

  31. I know that feeling you mean only now I have it for two places. : )

  32. I love your sweet little sage green haven. It reminds me of my parents old home. We've talked about downsizing, but I have that same feeling about our house and want to make sure i feel that way about the next one.

  33. If your yard is a postage stamp, Vee, then mine is a crumb! :)

    I know what you mean about little girl clothes...having two grandsonsmyself I always look at yearning at the usually much larger girls clothing department in stores. But I also enjoy having two grand boys to carry on the name!

  34. It is so much fun to shop for little girls. There's so many cute things to buy for them.

    Fun to travel, but fun to come home.

    Your home and your neighbors home are lovely...

  35. Very impressed that John is choosing little girls dresses!


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