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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Day Two of Cleaning the sewing room and progress is being made. Right. Once in a blue moon, things come together in there. I've been able to determine why the room isn't working as well as I'd like and why it falls into such a state.  I need some things to help facilitate order and so my list is growing.

On Sunday evening, John invited me to a movie at church where we saw Seven Days in Utopia. If you find it on the IMDB, you'll see that the reviews are not the greatest; however, don't let that stop you from seeing it should you have the opportunity. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

It's about a golfer who is struggling with his game or it's about Every Man and his place on the stage called Life. Anyway, at one point the golfer is asked why he grips the club the way he does. The question wasn't meant as a criticism; it was meant to get the golfer to be clear and intentional and know why he does things in a certain way. This hit home with me. How often I float along without knowing why I am doing what I am doing!

So can you tell that I've been thinking about that very question in the mosaic above?

My gift at the end of a long afternoon...much better than flowers or chocolate!


Note Card Party link-up will be ready between 8 and 8:30 this evening. If you've never participated, I hope that this will be the day. See you later!


  1. I love to organize! I always need shelves and boxes to get things in order though. Is that a watermelon? We ate one yesterday....well part of one! It was very sweet! Hope yours is good! See you later tonight!

  2. Organizing is, at least, very satisfying when you finish. I will be back to hear the latest sewing room updates.

    All your recipes sound super tasty by the way, especially the meat loaf.

    Really like the way you have laid out your lovely blog, thanks for the post.

  3. My home is so disorganized right now it is driving me crazy! But, in this heat just getting the basics done when able has to be enough. Today we are to be in the 100's again for the 4th day this month. Then a "cool" front is to pass thru and take us into the tolerable 80's. Can't wait! I do try to organize though.....just doesn't seem to stay that way with 4-5 people in the house!

  4. What marvelous progress! Just beautiful! And doesn't it feel soooooooooo goooooooooooood?!? Yes, it does. And you have the right to pat yourself on the back, for the progress.

    Why do we do what we do? One of those Eternal Questions, hu? :-) Of course it is!

    So much of what we do, is out of habit. And this is not necessarily the best way to live.

    Stopping to really Look-Around, now and then, is marvelous. Just what you are doing! Noticing the "WHY" behind your craft room getting messy. Brilliant!

    And don't *accuse* me of being overly sweet or such... With compliments. IT IS BRILLIANT, to stop and notice!!!!!!!!!

    "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    And don't all your Dear Readers say, the same thing, to you????? :-)

  5. That does seem like a great question and something to think about. I've been going through something just like that question for the past few weeks and it's been disturbing to me. I hope you get your sewing room in order! I do enjoy organizing but it's hard when the rest of my family just throws things! Hope the watermelon was delicious!

  6. I like to be organised - it saves time. When I let things go, everything seems to take more time. There's a theme here and it's all about time.
    I'll have to think about your question - it's a good one.

  7. Looks like you are making great progress with your sewing room - it always helps to organize I find and lately I've just finished a major reorganization in my house moving my sewing desk and storage baskets from a corner of our family room to my son's empty bedroom. I put our our maple table and one chair in that corner and with a good light i will be able to organize our family history, photos and work on any paper related projects and leave things spread out. i hope to make great progress by having a special area just for this purpose. Good luck with your organization Vee!

  8. I love that movie, very inspirational.

    Your pictures are great..your room will be wonderful to work in and it gives me ideas.

  9. Your room looks great! I love the vignettes and your mosaic is beautiful. I especially like your mother's sweet little shoes hanging in the window. Even though things and life get away from me and get piled up, I do like to be organized and like to keep things neat and tidy. See you tonight for the note card party.

  10. Things are looking good...beautiful mosaic (and I love the jars-in--the-suitcase vignette).

    'Why we do the things we do'...is a good thing ponder!

  11. Your sewing room encourages me and gives me a "not quite gentle" nudge (a gentle one would not work for me). My sewing room is half put together and then has been forgotten. Mostly I sew at a friend's house --- which is lovely --- but not at all how it should be all the time! Thank you for the encouragement and the kick in the pants! Yours is looking wonderful!

  12. It sounds like a movie that I would not only want to see but NEED to see.
    I love what you said about being intentional.

    I have certain areas in my life (home and otherwise) which I am currently trying to address. I like the directive to be intentional about them.

  13. You are making wonderful progress in your sewing room. I think the vignette in the upper left on your mosaic is charming.
    Thank you for the information on the movie. It sounds like one I would like and the question sounds like one that is worth pondering.
    You are inspiring me to tackle my bonus room which over the past few years has become home to some of my mom's belongings and odds and ends that my boys leave in there every time they move ... in other words it is looking a bit like a storage facility. I'm thinking a place to exercise and watch tv would better suit our present needs.

  14. Well now I have to see that movie. :)

  15. My sewing/craft room gets into 'such a state' so quickly. I know I have too much stored in there. Why is it so hard to part with things? I've enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog....

  16. Don't know the answer to that, Vee - I just know that I don't know why I do some of the things that I do - especially the stupid ones. My laundry room is a disaster area right now and I'm trying to throw away and organize and streamline. I just walk in there and look around and turn around and run the other way! It's my catch-all room, and visible right from the kitchen. Your things look organized now and I know you can get in there and be creative now!

  17. Your sewing room will be such a pleasant place to visit.

    I need to see that movie. Just maybe I'll discover a way to keep our home office organized.

  18. Such a wise woman and your blog is becoming the place to find those tidbits of wisdom. A very profound question you post and one I will spend sometime in pondering. I have a neat studio room upstairs but that is not where I go to work. LOL. Right on my kitchen table is my mess. Poor hubby he has learned to get around all the stash. Have my cards ready.

  19. Good question. I gave up wondering why I do things!! : )

    I like things neat and tidy and get out of sorts if things are left a mess for too long. I'm always trying to reorganize things to make it better.

    I've picked out three of my photos for the note card party but can't seem to decide on the fourth.

  20. Well today the reason I do the things that I do is because I just got an email informing me we will have guests late Saturday night for all of next week! So I am doing what I need to do to get the clutter out of the guest rooms! Tyranny of the urgent is the game I generally play with some more relaxed thought out games in between....

  21. I agree--better than flowers and chocolate. Or at least flowers. ha!

    Amazing how God speaks to us through the activities of life. We just need to listen.

  22. So when you finally get your sewing room finished, just hop on to a plane and zap here if you please, because I need to muster all available troops to try and conquer The Mess. Groan. I could provide coffee , tea and fresh scones???? Yes???? (and a bed too!)

  23. Your room is coming along nicely Vee. I like to be organized but sometimes I pile things on tables and procrastinate.

  24. Totally love that mosaic of your room in progress. Such sweet things and the lighting of your photos is wonderful. In fact .... that would make a nice notecard for sure! See you later,

  25. i've heard that is a great movie and want
    to see it! thank you for reminding me.
    and a big thank you for highlighting one
    of my posts.

    enjoying the beauty of the colorado

  26. Hi Vee!

    Wow, you really made me stop and think with this post! Do we do things because it's what we really want or like? Or do we do things to be like others? I must say that I have always been kind of stubborn, I don't like criticism and I definitely like to do things my way! But . . . there is this little part of me that says, "if it does not look perfect, then it's not right!" So then, I don't do anything! I think it's called perfectionism - at lest in my case! I don't like change, so I just go along, doing the same things, the same old way - it's a good time to break that habit!

    Thank you for making me think outside the box today!


  27. Most of my home is fairly well organized. The exception is my sewing room. I love the little vignettes you've created so that you will have beauty surrounding you as you create more beauty.

    Why do I do the things I do? Great question to ponder. Duty, pride, necessity, obedience, habit, delight and satisfaction all play into the things I do. The good, the bad and the ugly. I hope to honour my Lord, even while organizing my sewing room. But I know that I fall short all too often.

  28. I agree with everyone who commented today, Vee, that your vignettes are all a lovely way to display your special memories. I have to try making a few myself with the things I saved from my Mother's house. I used to be very organized but the last few years have been unusual and I've let a lot "go" -- hopefully I'll get it back ... lol

  29. We watched Utopia on Netflix and really liked it very much. The whole family watched it.

    I love your photos and mosaics. You are very talented with both!


  30. We'll look for Utopia on Netflixs as well...thank you for the mention of it.
    Love the photos. It makes me want to declutter once more and set aside things that don't matter.


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