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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chatty Little Let's Tie Up a Loose End Post

It is 7:01 in the morning as I begin to type this post. This is a test to see how long it takes me to fire one off.

No fleas in my bed this morning. Thank you so much for all the good advice. I have started to employ some good tips. I'm especially concerned for poor Molly as her skin is already dry and so her weekly bath is all that she can tolerate. I've made up a little squirt bottle of lemon water, which I hope will eliminate some discomfort. Ahhh the unique aromas of vinegar and lemons fill the house. =D (Good heavens! It's 7:07.)

I've already been out to water three areas in the front yard this morning by hand carrying my half gallon pitcher. I can't haul that hose around again. It is an unwieldy snake of a thing. Three pots down, five more to go. The morning glories are not as vigorous this year as last —I am blaming the hordes of Japanese beetles.

Don't know if you were without Site Meter for three days over the weekend; I was. When it came back, you'd have thought that I had just installed the thing instead of five years ago. I followed everyone around and peeked through the bushes at where they were and how long they had been there and just what it was that they wanted to see. It was that way that I discovered once again what I've always known...I rarely tie up loose ends. I probably have a hundred or more, though I'll solve just this one.

The farmer boy plates needed a rack. Fascinating what? (Ackkkk...7:16!)

They have one now. (7:21 and coming in for a landing!)

Any loose ends at your place?


  1. HI Vee,

    I was up early also. The light was streaming in the windows downstairs, making the dust look quite visible. So, I was off to clean the glass not he tables in the living room before I had a chance for a cup of coffee.

    I was captivated by the morning light and took my camera to photograph the gazebo. I love recording things. After I listened to a sermon and had a cup of coffee, I sat down to see what I had captured on my camera. One thing led to another and I decided to see what new post you had written.

    Your window looks glorious. Early in the morning before everyone is up and around makes you feel like it all belongs to just you.

    Happy morning.


  2. Record time. -gigggles-

    Do we have loose ends, at our places? Good heavens, doesn't everyone???

    The moment any of us, ties up the last of our loose ends, we are DONE. And I don't want to be DONE yet. :-)))))))

    And that is how "Auntie" looks on loose ends. And on any pressure to "tie 'em all up." :-)

    Now, look at my quote of the day. Doesn't it speak along the same lines? Stop pushing on ourselves? Hmmmm... :-)

    "Young Joy ne'er thought of counting hours,
    'till Care, one summer's morning
    Set up, among his smiling flowers
    A dial by way of warning."

  3. Loose ends? Just a few!! LOL Of course I always have a million things going and I never quite get it all done.

    Fleas...bad year for them here!
    Poor pups. I've been giving them brewers yeast, dosing them with the liquid spots on their necks, bathing and combing them. It's nasty.

  4. Yes, I have many loose ends to tie up. It is 8:42AM here and I have been blogging for about a half hour. I am finishing my coffee, then getting ready to tackle some of those loose ends.

  5. Good morning! I love that you timed yourself, I do this all the time, haha. Your time was great, I am rarely that quick. Glad you had no flea partners in your bed this morning! I laughed at the description of your hose, lol. Have a good day Vee!

  6. Loose ends are how we roll. I can't remember where I heard this quote, but I think it's true: Life is unfinished business.

    One loose end around here is that of painting my kitchen. Of course, the cabinets and the window frames in that area were freshly painted in the kitchen makeover, but the walls and the trim in the rest of the room are in dire need of a coat of paint. I'd like to think that it could all look fresh at the same time. But no one has had the energy for a major project in this heat. We do better with projects in the spring and fall.

    Oh, and you must be a morning person. I wish to be, but after all these years of being a night owl, I don't think it's going to happen.

    Now...out to do my own watering...

  7. I'm leaving my loose ends alone- no sense asking for trouble when I can leave well enough alone! :)

  8. Well you've been busy this morning already. I'm sitting on my duff waiting to meet our son for breakfast at 10:30 and then I'll be sitting in our car for 5-6 hours heading back home to all my loose ends!

  9. Yep have a few of those. I have about 6 projects in the process in various stages of drying or waiting to get something that I need to go on them. Love those plates.

  10. There are more loose ends here that I can't begin to describe. Seeing as how I'll be moving sometime this year or next, I don't even know where to start! I've downsized, upsized, but not knowing where I'll live, well you get the picture.

    In the meantime, I'll just read blogs and always enjoy your.

    Have a blessed day!

  11. I've been up since 7:30 and made zuchinni muffins with zuchinni I had frozen from last summer. I noticed the neighbour who provides me with said zuchinni doesn't have a very big crop this year. :( I have loose ends. Oh my. I'm leaving in a week for Alberta and have so much to do but can't wrap my head around it all. I guess I'll be doing it last minute. I have a list and I'll pick a day to do the town run and 'git 'er done'. Enjoy the day! It's sunny, blue skies and clear air.

  12. Always, always loose ends here! :)

    I am thankful that with the rain we've been getting I haven't had to water. It has been so hot here!

    I loved seeing your photos showing the plate rack...the glimpse of the window reminded me of your genius stick that you hang the tea cups etc off of! I may copy this idea - my kitchen sink needs some charm!

    It trust you'll have a wonderful day. Hi to John!


  13. I've been up since 5:30 since I took daughter 2 and son-in-law to catch the 7 am ferry to the mainland. I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera along to capture the mist over the fields with the ocean in the background.
    Loose ends. Oh yes. Most of them on the blog. But slowly, progress is being made.
    Today, I hope to pick raspberries and work on my husband's paper (he's working on a professional designation). Great ideas, but he's not a writer.
    I really like the farmer boy plates.

  14. Loose ends? When do I NOT have them, really?

    Cute post.

    And only took 1 minute 30 seconds to write, heh heh - you are hilarious.

    I would frighten myself if I timed how much time blogging takes to do and to read/comment.

    I am on the pc WAY WAY WAY too much, but, well, it's my only entertainment as I never turn on a tv, so there's that.

    Have a great tying-up-loose-ends kind of day, Vee!!! Hugs!

  15. My loose end is that I haven't started my blog post, yet. I agree ~ love that window and your plate racks. You create such lovely areas throughout your home.

  16. This year Bernie put in a drip system to all our container plants. Oh.my.goodness. Best thing ever! It was pretty easy to do too. Garden centers carry the makings...

    My morning has included one of those "waited my whole life for this" time: out in the hammock beneath a tree in the cool summer morning air with a three month old grandson slumbering on my chest as we gentle swayed. Priceless bliss.

  17. Your window is very pretty and creative.
    I always have loose ends, I start way too many things at once. : ) It keeps life interesting and never boring!!

  18. I think I always have loose ends. I do like your window photos! And the new one up top.

    Speaking of fleas, last night we had a first at our house... a gecko, a mini one at that (about an inch long) roaming around on the wall near the ceiling. I did not mind them in my house in Africa, but here is a different story. I really dislike reptiles anyway. Thankfully the males in the house got the little fellow outside. I just wonder, is he a baby and where is the mom, and are there other siblings?

  19. All over the place. A few unloose..but today is money day. Pay it pay it pay it...tighten up the pocketbook. That's a place to not have anything loose.

  20. I do remember that sweet little Farmer Boy plate. I'm sure you are glad to have that loose end tied up as your arm must have been getting REALLY sore :D. It was fun to go back and re-visit those cookies too. Gosh they look good.
    Always loose ends around here. It seems like as soon as one is tied up, six more are waiting in the wings. Oh well, I guess that's what keeps life lively.

  21. Love your post!! Oh yes, loose ends, fer sure, fer sure. No fleas, thanks to Revolution, but we did have a random tick a few weeks back. Where did THAT come from? acck! But yes, loose ends are always lurking 'round these parts. 4 major projects in the works..and I am on the computer. Gotta go!


  22. I don't even have site meter...do I? Now I'm curious and realize I may have more loose ends than I knew about! hahaha!

  23. Well I slept a little later - lol. Sorry it is so dry for you there.
    sandie/chatty crone

  24. This is cute. I do time myself doing things around the house or see how much I can get done in a certain amount of time. Hope you're having a great day!

  25. I always have loose ends that need tying up. Unfortunately the ends don't always match. ;-)

    I am your newest follower.

  26. I was up at 6am Colorado time, Vee, which would be 8 NY time. I slept 8 hours last night after babysitting all day - I am out of child care practice, that's for sure! :). I am loving every minute of it!

  27. Constantly have loose ends here Vee.

  28. I love your pretty window area and plates.
    Yea, for the riddance of the dreaded flea...
    Always loose ends

  29. thanks for sharing this blessing! loves

  30. Loose ends?? What loose ends? LOLOL!!
    I wish I were a morning person, but as you can see by the time that I'm a night owl. But, I've been dragging my tired old body out in the morning hours because it's a wee bit cooler to do the watering.
    Your window and plates are pretty!

  31. Right now, my entire downstairs is nothing but on big huge loose end. I started an organizing project, and it created havoc all over the place the way it always does. Sigh.

    I think you post pretty quickly! It will probably take me longer to write this comment.

    And I love (lovelovelove) those teacups hanging at the window. Just thought I would mention that.

  32. Do I have loose ends at my place? Oh yes! I can never stay "on topic" for long and I hope my dear readers don't keel over readily from holding their collective breaths too long!

    And you can do a blog post in 20 minutes? Seriously? Gosh, that post would have taken me an hour (not counting the photos)! I dibble and dab, taking forever and a day for finish anything! I can spend several hours on a single post when you factor in the photos too! See why I don't post daily? I would never get anything else accomplished!

  33. P.S. You window scene looks positively delightful! And if I ever visit, you may want to check and make sure that the plates aren't missing from the wall rack, LOL.

  34. Always loose ends at my place...now your plate rack inspired me and I am going to go get my gold one and spray it black and put it back up with double dishes

  35. Loose ends to many to list here..wink!
    I LOVE all kinds of flowers.. I bet the group of flowers added the room with sunshine..

  36. What's wrong, couldn't you sleep!


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