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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feeling Snarky

Just a little ring to let you know that the odds are looking very good...you know, whatever that may mean.

Did you watch the opening ceremonies from London last night? Oh my. I suppose that such events must be very big, complicated affairs. I don't think I understood a lot of it. Must be that I am growing old. In fact, the last Olympic Opening Ceremonies that I truly enjoyed were in Atlanta—1996. Now that was awhile ago.

Added to my lack of understanding was the fact that NBC went to commercial every four to six minutes. I was ready to tear my hair out as I had waited so long to see the USA and those much maligned outfits. They did look pretty awful. Did you notice how large that Ralph Lauren logo was? Bet that there were a lot of fashion savvy athletes who were not impressed. My kids would never wear such an outfit with a designer logo that huge. Well, that's what happens when the outfit is a gift from the designer and made in China.

Okay, that's enough of snarky. I need a cup of coffee. Hopefully, the excitement of the games will more than make up for the opening ceremony.

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics? Have a favorite? Mine is synchronized swimming I kid you not.

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  1. I really think *they* screwed up by not telecasting the opening ceremony as it happened ... without the commercials ... but then the network wouldn't have made any money!!! Ptuiiiii! I'm watching the bicycle race right now. The next 17 days I'm going to be a couch potato!

  2. I missed a lot of it since I had to take Jonathan to work. I liked the opening with the history played out but think I missed some pretty strange things while I was gone based on photos I've seen this morning.

    I look forward to gymnastics, diving (although I always cringe until they are past the diving board), and so much more. I love the olympics!!

    Now, I have to leave and watch my mom jump out of an airplane with our friends from Creekside Cottage.
    I KNOW...with excitement like this who needs the Olympics!

  3. Good morning! I LOVE the Olympics...especially the diving and the gymnastics. But that opening ceremony? Not so much....and I ended up dozing off before the USA even made it's appearance, so I missed it after all that...haha. Have a good day!

  4. Did you also notice that the American's were wearing French berets - I mean really?

    Last night on Leno, Bette White said she loves synchronized swimming too! LOL!!! I personally enjoy the horseback competition and swimming!

  5. Vee,

    I don't watch tv.....I cannot stand the commercials. Definition of snarky? If they would show the event from beginning to end I might reconsider....


  6. Can you believe that we do not have any NBC affiliates in our area? So no Olympics viewing here. It's one of the only times that we are tempted to get cable...but then we consider the dearth of decent programming and choose to spend our money on other things.

  7. I hope that didn't sound snarky! It was not meant to be. I do love watching the Olympics when they are on a network available to me! :D

  8. Dang it all! I missed the US because therecere so many commercials I lost interest and got too sleepy to keep watching. I like diving and swimming and equestrian events. You know, things I actively participate in myself on a regular basis...πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

  9. I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremony, with all the history,literature, and music - even a little political statement perhaps(National Health Service)? Had heard Voldemort & 50 Mary Poppins might be there, but sure wasn't expecting The Queen to jump out of a helicopter - haha! The picture of 2 of her little Corgis on the doorstep was priceless!And those children's choirs - oh,my,such angel voices!
    As for the events, I might prefer the Winter sports - more exciting to watch.
    I just hope and pray that all goes well for London - "for England and St. George"!

  10. I watched the opening ceremonies streamed lived on BBC One while laid up sick, and then watched part of it again last night with the hubs. Live was definitely better. NBC coverage was quite uninformed. Just my opinion though.

    While the opening ceremonies weren't as grand as the the last couple of years, I loved that they totally represented the pride England has in its legacy. We love watching gymnastics here, but I agree with you, synchronized swimming is so awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Maybe it did not translate well to TV, because it sure looked odd on my TV set. And those TV ads drove me crazy.
    And the commentators, MAN, I just wanted to say SHUT UP already, and just let us watch it.

  12. We thought the opening ceremonies last night were confusing on our "tely" and wondered just how it all came together for those watching it in person - sitting there in the stands. I haven't seen anything, yet, on what the rest of the world thought. We were left wondering.

  13. I'm not really a big Olympics fan...but I do love seeing my country come together with pride for our athletes.

  14. We own a tv but never ever watch it - it's only on when we have company or when my daughter comes over and decides it's been a little too long since I have had a pedicure and gives me one. (She is a licensed cosmetologist.)

    She likes to watch designer shows while I am gettin 'er done.

    I always enjoy watching it then, but have never really watched so I kinda forget we have one. Hubs is same way - our hobbies keep us busy with our down time.

    So the last time I watch Olympics was maybe about 20+ or more years ago, maybe more - no memory of it actually.

    As for Synchronized Swimming - I was one in high school and it is so much harder than it looks - you have the physical aspect but then one needs SO MUCH BREATH to be able to do that all underwater. I loved it and was 90 pounds. Now one of my legs weighs that, haha.

    Seriously though, I didn't even realize that SS was a category in the Olympics, ashamed to admit. I need to turn on that tv more often, don't I? I am missin out big time.

    Thanks, Vee - have a fun relaxing weekend, my friend.

  15. Oh gosh, every time I hear of syncronized swimming, I think of the skit with Martin short and another guy doing the sport! It was hilarious! I watch part of the opening ceremonies, in-between photo editing on the computer. My favorite part was Mister Bean! There were some great visuals during the ceremonies, but I wanted to throw up when they were glorifying government health care. I didn't stay up long enough to see the USA athletes march in. The yuppy look is so out of date, I don't know why they even considered them!

  16. We were scratching our heads over here and didn't understand what a lot of the ceremony had to do with anything...at least anything we could understand. The fireworks were great. Paul McCartney was, sorry to say, awful! Just my unfiltered opinion...
    I was kind of embarrassed for the Queen :0)

  17. Oh, I forgot to mention that I always like to watch gymnastics. Hot, sweaty men with bulging muscles and tight outfits. Oh yeah, I'm there!

  18. Oops, forgot to say what I enjoy watching. Swimming, track, soccer, and gymnastics...

  19. I think Donna and Ellen were doing a synchronized routine. LOL!

  20. I missed last night as I was out and about, but I do enjoy the synchronized swimming the best, too. xo

  21. Love the Olympics! Winter time more than summer. I didn't enjoy this opening as much as others I've seen. And you're right. I get so sick of the &%#! (stick whatever adjective you want in there) commercials. Remember when there were commercials every 15 minutes and more on the hour? I want that back. I really resent these ads that go every four minutes and last for ten. So because of that, I've lost interest in them this year. I like the gymnastics and the horse ones and diving. I'm tired of Michael Phelps on the tube every day and I'm one of those that think if you've already won a gold medal, you have graduated to professional and should leave the games to others. So. There's my vent. Feel free to delete. :))

  22. I agree the USA outfits were very dated and corny. Looking forward to diving, swimming and gymnastics.

  23. I haven't watched any of the Olympics so far. I hope the USA does well.

  24. I was hoping I wasn't the only one who didn't understand the opening!!
    The BEST part - of the Queen and James Bond - I MISSED and only saw snippets in review!

    Synchronized swimming is my favorite as well and I will watch every single routine in that catagory. The USA team did not qualify -HORRORS! - for the first time since it became a recognized sport. Only two synchro swimmers are there from the US doing a duet - Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva. Mary swam for The Pirouettes of Texas back when Amber was finishing her 11 years as a synchronized swimmer and I was the Team Rep. She has a blog http://marykillman.blogspot.com/2012/07/olympic-day-2.html?spref=fb
    and I am enjoying seeing 'behind the scenes.' I agree synchro is MUCH harder than it looks and they are ever increasing the difficulty of the routines.
    I also love the gymnastics and will probably watch EVERYTHING since we will be feeding so many babies around the clock.

  25. I missed the opening. My favorite event is women's gymnastics.

  26. I enjoyed reading your opinion of the opening ceremonies and even read all of your comments! I don't watch commercial tv but I would like to try to catch some of the Olympics. My favorite is gymnastics. Enjoy your weekend, sweet Vee!

  27. We recorded the ceremony and watched it in the evening 'zapping' the ads. I quite enjoyed it all - liked that it was about things that matter to the British, like children's literature, the NHS etc. I loved the children's voices. There was something very 'human scale' about the whole thing.
    My favourites at the summer games? Swimming and cycling.

  28. I didnt like the outfits or they didnt give any camra time to the little countries. I did like the way the queen made her entrance!

  29. We watched the reruns of the opening last evening interspersed with many ads, some quite entertaining in themselves. We thought the whole production a bit over the top. Mr. Bean playing with the London Symphony was the 'best' part. lol Sir Paul flubbed the opening of Hey Jude and all the dancing/music was too too much. The fireworks were spectacular! We watched the Canadian team come in then went to bed. Sorry. I couldn't stay up through the rest of the alphabet to "U". :) I may watch some but don't have a favorite. I prefer the winter games I guess (skiing). Enjoy the day!

  30. I was disappointed that the Queen was so stern ---- even after the little deaf children sang to her so sweetly.

  31. I watched the Olympic opening on and off ..it was so elaborate, wasn't it? The Mr. Bean tease with the Chariots of Fire sketch made me giggle.

    I enjoy watching gymnastics, soccer, diving, and swimming. I'm glad that after the ruckus all the uniforms from now on will be made in the USA--about time!

  32. Despite the exorbitant amount of commercials, we hung in there to the bitter end. I thought the Queen's entrance was clever. Although the commentators said the Queen was known to have a wicked sense of humor, it was hard to believe. Perhaps it is reserved for behind closed doors.
    The Mr. Bean piece cracked me up.
    I was a bit lost with the young couple and their texting, other than the 70s music which I loved.
    The NHS bit was a bit baffling.
    I think Paul McCartney's age was showing in his voice.
    I love the gymnastics, diving and synchronized swimming.
    Oops, forgot ... the uniforms were just plain weird.

  33. My family had the Olympics on so I tried to watch some of it. I quit part way through the opening ceremonies. I took a look when the athletes came out. I didn't like the US outfits. Ugh!
    Once again I got pulled away from the computer while I was reading your post yesterday and didn't get to comment! Congrats on your 5 years of blogging!! You are a wonderful writer and many of us wish we could write only half as well! I hope you continue posting for many years yet.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  34. I didn't really like it. I was hoping for bagpipers and some good old Irish dancing and the pop and ceremony the British do well. What happened?

  35. I agree... the U.S. outfits were silly looking, and I do like Ralph Lauren things usually, not these.

    The queen in the parachute was my favorite part of the opening.

    I love swimming, diving, gymnastics and beach volleyball with the 2 'girls'. I grew up playing volleyball on the beach in Califonria, it was so much fun.

  36. Honestly, I totally forgot! Bad me. However, I love watching gymnastics (the girls not the men so much). And, I miss the days when my granddaughter was growing up watching with me. :)

    Sure aren't too many good comments though, here and other places I've read. I can't believe that Sir Paul didn't do well, but I guess I have TO believe it. :)

  37. Here I thought I was the only one that didn't get it. We watched for about 45 mintues then said ...done!
    We watched some cycling this morning and like diving and gymnastics

  38. Hi Vee - I must admit, I've not watched much of the Olympics. Some gymnastics - I love that. Tony watched the opening ceremonies, and he said he was very disappointed in it.

    Five years... well, I've been here nearly that long, too, and YOU, my dear friend, were there with me commenting on my lame posts and making me feel so welcome. I am sure that you always make people feel that way!

    I've thought about what would I do if I gave it up - don't know that I can. I've made some real good buddies in blogland, some that I don't think I could do without! Guess I'll keep hanging around, Lord willing :)

  39. We watched a lot of it but hated all the commercials and finally got a bit bored with the whole thing.

    My favorite is the gymnastics and diving.

    That was a beautiful song. Didn't even know that was part of the opening!!

  40. Sorry I missed yesterday's post. Just catching up from the weekend.
    Love this post and know exactly how you feel.
    I don't know how long I'll continue to blog. I've tried to stop a few times but just can't.
    I think I'll just keep blogging till I die!! : )

    btw - the email you sent me about naming property didn't contain a link.

  41. I haven't gotten into the Olympics too much--it's in the background- on the tv. I'm just not paying much attention!
    The blogging neighborhood has enriched my life in many ways! Hope when you've filled the space you, that you will archive all your posts and start over! I think it keeps people mentally engaged and that can't be bad for us babyboomers!

  42. I had posted about one of my favorite event and yours is the same as mine.. coolish - synchronized swimming but we have wait until Aug to see them on TV - hopefuly anyway..

  43. Hi Vee, I am one who gets so tired of NBC being in charge of the Olympics... They do such a poor, poor job... Takes alot of the joy away for us...

    We did watch some of the opening and as you said, some was excellent and some was not.... I loved the Atlanta and the Salt Lake City Olympics too...

    I've always watched the Olympics and enjoyed them --although some of the sports are not ones that I know much about.

    I do hate it when China gives its athletes drugs to enhance them.. Makes it hard to beat China in anything --because they have an unfair advantage to begin with...

    I love the gymnastics, track and field, swimming and diving the most...

    Loved the Abide with Me video.. Made me cry... Can't believe NBC didn't show that either.

    Hope you are having a good day.


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