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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Snack

So glad that you could pop by today. You just never know being Saturday and all. Sit down, have a glass of rootbeer or do you prefer iced tea? Have a cookie. dare ya!

These are some of my favorite store-bought cookies in all the world. We don't always find them in my corner. They are very familiar in Canada. You should have seen me do the happy dance when I did find them last week.


So I want to show you the difference between the planter this week above and below ten days ago. (Sorry about that hose.)

It has been suggested that I didn't bury the plants deep enough. I buried them up to the first set of branches and hilled them as well. Not as much of a hill as perhaps it should've been because I didn't have a whole lot of dirt by that time. 

And here's a tomato. We actually have two others and a wee new one as well. At this rate, they cost somewhere between $25 and $35 apiece.

Leaving you with a glimpse between the deck spindles. Hope that you enjoyed your cookie!


  1. Because I am a homeschooler, I have eaten those cookies.

    You may be wondering what in the world that has to do with it. The answer being the fact that we studied Canada in our "trip around the world" last school year, and my eyes were open to any and all things Canadian. I spied these maple leaf confections and bought them. You are right...they are quite good.

    Hope your $35 tomatoes have brothers and sisters, thereby reducing their individual cost.

    Love that peek through the rail!

    Happy Saturday! :D

  2. I haven't eaten, yet, so you can imagine that I'm now hungry for cookies ~ maple flavored!!

    The tomatoes seems to like their new home and are growing nicely. Plants always let us know where they're happy and where they're not. Sounds to me as if you put much more effort into planting than I do. I also have a marigold (volunteer) that doesn't seem too happy. It's parent wasn't at all happy in that spot last year, either. They like full sun (it has only late afternoon sun). I just know that I won't put marigolds in that same spot again. There must be another plant that will like it better. Please do keep us updated. This is an interesting project.

  3. Ice Tea please and yes cookies also

    Well I told my husband we could have bought groceries for a month for what it cost me to plant my garden this year...and what did we get in return, well it wasn't much produce, but we did have fun? I better learn fast or it is a waste of money for me...so glad there is a grocery store 2 miles away.

    Yours looks better than mine!!
    Fun pics!

  4. You've got tomatoes, even green and little!?! -sigh- We are still in the just-flower-stage. -pout-

    Even my library has (green) tomatoes! -whine- My library? Yes, in the flower beds, this year, they have veggies growing. It is so cute.

    The gentlemen who care for our library are very, very conscientious and I'm sure these veggies are watered and cared for, *like little children.* ,-)

    Mmmmm... I'm not going to get going, on the purchasing of cookies, with the word "Dare" on them. But you can be sure that "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Harrrrumph.


  5. I love root beer! Your tomatoes look like they are doing well. We have tons of tomatoes, all green. I hope they start turning red soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi, Vee
    Perhaps this would have been a good post for July 1st, Canada Day! :)
    Enjoy your maple leaf cookies. I hope I get more than the 2 tomatoes I spotted in my garden.

  7. Those cookies look great! I don't suppose we can find any way down here in Texas... maybe at World Market (but I'd have to drive to Dallas...)

    Don't worry, as you have more produce in the coming years, those 'maters will cost less and less! Same idea on my eggs - Tony says we only have 398,974 eggs to go before the coop pays for itself!

    Happy Weekend, Vee!

  8. I'll have mine with hot tea, thank you!
    And I had some tomato plants, but went out two days ago and a fawn was eating all the leaves off of them. Oh DEER!

  9. Those cookies are as cute as can be and look yummy! I think they would go very nicely with a cold glass of iced tea. I was checking out your mug mat fabric. Is that a bluebird I see on it? Love the colors.
    Your garden is looking good. I've picked 2 tomatoes, but now we have several little green ones. Can't wait until they ripen.

  10. I would prefer an ice tea, with my cookie. Enjoy your homegrown tomatoes, no matter the price they do taste the best!!


  11. Well yes thank you I will have iced tea and cookies. I would like to know how you made that cute shaped photo of the tomato. Looks like circles placed together.

  12. I enjoyed seeing your cookie and enjoying your pretty garden! I love Saturdays...it's nice and warm around here today and we had breakfast with friends!

  13. Cookies and ice tea would be perfect. I could make a meal out of it (:

    Wouldn't it be fun to be able to climb through the computer screen and go visiting?

  14. I won't be getting a single tomato from my own garden this year, so it's off to the farm stand for me - it will be cheaper that way!
    Those cookies are LETHAL because I can't eat just one.

  15. Dare delicious!!!! I believe those cookies are made right here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario - 30 minutes from my house!!! My mom always had these on hand!! I loled after reading the part where your tomatoes are costing so much!! So true!

  16. The maple leaf cookies are a favorite of mine and they go well with a cup of tea.
    It will be nice when your tomatoes are ripe for the picking! I buy ours at the farmers' market.
    Have a good weekend.

  17. Oh, I love those cookies! Thank you for sharing.:) Hopefully you will have a few more tomatoes to make it worth your investment.

    Have a great Saturday!

  18. Iced tea sounds great to me after my long walk this morning. The cookies? Oh yes, I'd love to have one.

    The way you shape the photo's, so very nice. Do you mind telling me which program you use?

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Gardens are having tough times this year, aren't they.........I hope you have lots more tomatoes!

  20. Never had them, but they are cute and if you say they are good, that's good enough for me! Ice tea with mine would be great.
    I am green with envy, at how creative you are with your photographs, great job.
    Just wait until those tomatoes really start to produce, you will be running and leaving them on the neighbors porch. ~smile~ They look so healthy.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  21. I'm just now reading about your Molly; I hope she's feeling better today.

    I've never seen the maple leaf cookies, they sound good.

    You gave me a good chuckle with the price of your tomatoes.

  22. Want the cookie to eat with Canadian maple tea. With milk and sugar.

  23. Oh, those cookies look good. Is it wrong to covet cookies in a picture? Good luck with the tomatoes - there's nothing better than home grown!

  24. Tea for me please!!
    Yes, I love all of the Dare brand cookies!! I just finished one of my boxes of the shortbread ones with the cherry centers.
    You garden is looking healthier and healthier!!

  25. Looks delish! Can't decide if I want ice tea or a fried green tomato. Your pictures are lovely!

  26. Hi Vee!

    I love anything maple! I love rootbeer . . . and I love iced tea, but not regular tea, only herbal . . .I grow my own mint and lemon verbena for it, yummy!

    Your tomato plants are amazing, and I love your spindle picture - very pretty and summery!


    P.S. Very cute picture shapes!

  27. I'll have a root beer and 2 maple leafs please. Thank you! I hardly ever see these cookies up here and you can get them there. I'll have to look more closely although they aren't something I'd buy regularly. They'd be addicting. Your tomato plants are really taking off. I have blossoms on my one plant. Hoping for cherry tomatoes. Stay cool with your rootbeer.

  28. The cookies look good. I'd have mine with a glass of iced tea. Your tomatoes are looking good. Ours are still doing fairly well because I've watered them nearly every day. They are going to be expensive tomatoes!

  29. Oh, yes - I know these cookies - delish! I'll be looking them up this fall semester when I do "Little House in the Big Woods" with my homeschool kids. There's a whole section about maple sugar and all the goodies that are made with it!

    About your tomatoes - last year we did the grape tomatoes and had them all summer long. The already grown plant we got at the nursery cost only $15.00. Hope you come out better with your big tomatoes - but, if you're not using pesticides you're already ahead of the game and healthier.


  30. I loved the cookie! One of my favorites! Thank you!

    I'm pretty sure that the tomatoes will taste extra delicious --- due to their slow pace and the expense of growing them. Sigh. I always wish tomatoes would ripen sooner in the season! One cherry tomato from our garden has been ingested this year. That's all.

  31. I will now be on the hunt for Maple Leaf Cookies! They sound delicious!

    I had to giggle at your $25 tomato statement, Vee! It does seem that way sometimes, doesn't it? I always say my abunance of fresh basil equals that out, as a bunch of fresh basil in the market is so expensive.

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  32. I think there's a book called the $100 tomato or something like that.
    I'm sure your tomatoes will taste 10 better than a store bought one.

    I've never seen those cookies but then again we're not big cookie eaters.

  33. I'll take a root beer. You know I've never even heard of those cookies.

  34. Root beer and cookies, please. Or were they all eaten up by the previous visitors? Somehow, I never get to the computer on Saturdays.

    Calculating the cost of tomatoes you grow can be daunting. But hopefully you'll have many many more to lower the cost per unit.

  35. Never seen these cookies before - gotta try and find them now.. I want to taste them..as for rootbeer my dad use to make homemade rootbeer and that is making me wants a chilled drink - so refreshing on a hot day..Something is missing in my Life and it's a garden - I see all your hard work and so thrilled for you that your tomatoes are growing healthy!
    Hugs, for more views from the deck..

  36. Thank you so much for joining me over at Higley's Kitchen. :)

    Those biscuits are possibly my very favorite ever! Although I have only ever seen them in Canada.

  37. My grandmother kept multiple cookie jars around for the grandkids. She was a great baker, but she also kept jars (particularly at the cottage) with various bought cookies in them. Those maple leaf cookies were a big favorite!


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