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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An Odd Assortment of Topics

Another chatty little post where I pretend that I have something to say, but actually don't. Nothing. Zip.

Wait! I do want to thank you for the sweet comments yesterday. John rarely reads here anymore so he has no idea all the sweet things we said about him, but if he did, he'd be touched and surprised.

No, he doesn't read the blog much anymore. He says that I write funny. (I talk funny, too.) It's all the incomplete sentences and one word thoughts...and my penchant for using the ellipsis...and whatever else that annoys a reader. Pardon me while I sniff a little. *sniff* There. All done with that.

Did you notice the Note Card Party announcement is back at the top of the sidebar? That's because months whirl away on us so quickly and next week, next week, will be the 18th  (third Wednesday of July). Hope that this gives you time to ponder what you'd like your note card set "theme" to be. I have. A little. Maybe.

(Edited to Add: Michele asked a good question: Do we have to have a theme? Answer: No, as long as you select only 4 photos, you can mix apples and oranges with abandon. ☺)

Some of you have been dealing with my entreaties to release the word verifications. I'm not naming any names, though there are quite a few. When it was a mere suggestion sitting in the sidebar, nothing happened. When I made it personal and asked those favorite bloggers if they could please do something about it, they responded in the affirmative across the board. It has really made me happy and I want to thank you again. Now this is a new concept for me to be direct and just ask.

For those who don't know, you can find your settings following this path if you're using the new interface:

Design at top of home page
Settings at left of page
Post and Comments-listed second
Show Word Verification- yes or no option (Please choose no. I'm not ashamed to beg.)

To manage your comments (and to report as spam)

Design at top of home page
Comments at left of page (you'll see a menu and button options)

It's very easy to handle unwelcome comments these days.

Have a wonderful day...


  1. Goodness, I think you had a lot to say. Love the way you've been direct and asked. What a concept!! Some of us are born to be assertive and others (me!) learn it with age.

  2. Somehow you can even make "nothing" an interesting read. I am one reader who is not annoyed by your penchant for the ellipsis as I seem to have the same penchant :).
    Gosh, is next week already Note Card Party week? Scary how these weeks fly by.
    So glad your campaign to do away with word verification is working. It has become sooo annoying.

  3. I think I will get brave and ask some of my favs to remove this, too. I have to type it 2 or 3 times to get it right! EEEEE! Is EEEEE a word? Ask John! heeheehee!

  4. Oops, that is Kim (Happy@Home) above. Signed into wrong account. Time for another cup of coffee.

  5. Well, a nothing-much-to-say sort of blog is my favourite sort. It's more like sitting down for a quick cuppa.

  6. nice post your sharing here thanks looking for to visit more...blessings

  7. I'm enjoying your chatty style, Vee, and am so glad I added you to my blog roll so I can keep up with you.

  8. Wow, already time for thinking about the card party again? Sheesh.

    Hey, question - must I HAVE a theme? Sometimes I just like 4 pictures best and think they'd make great cards and they aren't related. Just wonderin' how much fuss I would create if I did that.

    John should read yesterday's.

    But my hubs doesn't read mine either, never saw my posts specifically about him - so I understand.

    And Word V is awful and I have been totin that banner since I have started bloggin too - so weird to actually still find it being used, was the other way around for too long.

    Have a wonderful day and let me know (email if possible, so I don't miss your answer) about my card/theme inquiry. That makes it a tiny bit more difficult for new bloggers, they have less from which to choose.

  9. Chatting is a good thing. So while we're at it I had to look up "ellipsis" ~ well I'll be darned. Personally I'm quite fond of this ~ <<< this cute little squiggly dash ~ ~ ~ functional yet attractive (:

  10. I'm really amazed at times that I can decipher those new word verifications. By now they should know I'm not a robot.

  11. Another ellipsis fan here! And I so agree w/ you on the word verification...
    LOVE your new look~

  12. I love "chatting" with you Vee. It seems like a real conversation between friends :-)

  13. "Now this is a new concept for me to be direct and just ask."

    Wonderful that you have tried this new-for-you concept! If asked in a polite way, what can't be directly asked for??????? What can be the harm?

    And the good of having something be done, which makes your life easier... Well, not much better an outcome than that. :-)

  14. HOORAY for this post!!! Which is according to you; "Another chatty little post where I pretend that I have something to say, but actually don't. Nothing. Zip."

    HOORAY for not being stuck in that silly ol' blogging *rule*... The silly one which so many bloggers still believe... The one which *states* that a blog entry must have a specific TOPIC.

    WHO SEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ??? Certainly not "Auntie."

    "Auntie" preaches the *Non-Law* of... Sit at one's computer, as if sitting at kitchen table with coffee, across from a friend. And TYPE.

    No great or deep topic needed.

    No great adventure needed, to be talked of.

    No amazing words of wisdom, to impart.


    "Auntie" sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... :-)

  15. I love your chatty style, isn't that the way we usually converse? With ellipses, sentence fragments, etc.?

    Hooray for stepping up regarding comment verification. It's getting worse with longer and longer combinations, and now, not one, but 2 things to decipher. Who has time? Not me.

    Card party already? Yikes. Time to get my thinking cap on.

  16. I'm afraid I'll miss this month's party. Warren, Chelsea and I will be in New York. Can't wait....
    but I'm sad to miss the party. It's a good one.

  17. I am going to have to check mine...I am not even sure what I have it set to. I agree with you though, a direct request is always best. : ) Hope your having a good day...

  18. Re: your comment in my blog post of today...

    Thank you for telling me, which symbols you can see, and which you can not.

    Funny though, as I kind of thought I "grabbed" that little open heart, from you. The one you can not "see." -gigggles- Maybe not. But I did "grab" the musical notes from you. :-)

  19. small talk is good - love the openness and information that leads from a 'Nothing post'.. wink!
    Hugs, for a wonderful happy day!

  20. I like it when you chat with us. It's like we're just picking up on the conversation. Thanks for the reminder for the Note Card Party. The month is already flying by. Enjoy the day!

  21. I'm so with you...on the word verification issue! John doesn't like funny writing? Come on now! Blogs are meant for breaking all the official rules of writing, aren't they?

  22. Those third Wednesdays sure pop up fast!!
    Ken rarely reads my blog either.

  23. Dear DIRECT Vee,

    Oh land, you wouldn't believe the strange comments I've gotten since following your REQUEST (entreaty).

    Ok, I'll hold on...



  24. Thank you. I have been doing the same with the word verification and most people really do not know it's there. Your post today was quite refreshing! Hope you had a nice day.

  25. I give up asking & just put up with word verification. Not such a big deal, just a couple seconds to contend with ... I love them enough to do that.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  26. I can't believe I missed yesterday's post, and Mosaic Monday, I can only say I have been busy dealing with contractors, and an insurance adjuster that thinks repairs are free.
    Any hoo! I love the photos you shared in your mosaic, I thought Princess Kate was smiling at me, isn't she adorable! I like the fact that she wears her clothes on more than one occasion, something us ordinary folks have in common.~smile~
    Why Worry is one of my favorite posts, You and John go together like.. pie -a-la-mode. What a joy for me to have gotten to know you and learn of this wonderful man that God sent your way, I am always amazed at how God's timing is perfect! I certainly relate to having such a wonderful husband that always keeps me balanced,. I am always teasing him of having to shine his halo at night, do you have that task too?~smile~
    As for today's post, thanks for the reminder, I am going to go ahead and work on mine, as I missed last months, we have so many irons in the fire right now!
    I am so glad that more blogging friends are opting to do away with word verification I find it so hard to read the numbers!
    Well I see I have written another letter, please forgive me, I guess this is what happens when you are absent from the neighborhood!
    Always a joy to visit.

  27. Some great comments for a great post Miz Vee. I agree with Auntie above. I must have a little theme to remind me what day of the week it is. That is just my own little coping mechanism. I felt that my WV was off but did follow up to make sure. I don't think some folks even realize it is on or off.

  28. Marydon~

    You're a sweetie and a better woman than I. I decided to love them enough to tell them the truth: word verfications have become too difficult for me to read. I probably need glasses!

    A lovely evening to you as well,


  29. I take my computer over to Mister most times for him to read anymore.
    I get word verifications wrong even with glasses on!
    These are my favorite kind of posts, Vee!

  30. I am lucky that my husband likes to read my blog and find all my errors. I call him my "editor" as he has an eagle eye and I'm a little sloppy when I type (and write..lol)
    I also agree that word verification is a PAIN. I can never understand why some have verification AND moderation turned on..it is overkill!

    These summer days are flying by, aren't they? I have an idea what I'll post for your party, Vee.

  31. So John doesn't like ellipses...what's up with that? (For what it's worth, I don't think you talk funny.)

    Thinking about my note cards...

  32. I love your very individual style, Vee....It's discursive and desultory and very good at sharing your personality. And I'm with you about 2,000% about word verifications. Some are just impossible to read.

  33. Hi Vee!

    I've always loved the way you blog, the way you write and the way you can make a lot of fun out of what you can, "An Odd Assortment of Topics"!

    Love your header!


    P.S. My topic was a weird one today!! Sometimes, things just happen

  34. I agree - in a "land" where time is at a premium making that extra step which sometimes goes on for a few tries makes me a little testy.

    Hope all is well!

  35. I rather like the ellipsis myself!

    My hubby never reads my blog and I'm glad! My children are critical enough. As in "when are you going to do a new post"? Or "don't you think you show enough birds and flowers"? :)

    The third Wednesday is a week away? How can that be?


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