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Friday, July 13, 2012


And I usually have no reason to say that being a stay-at-home gal. However, this has been a challenging week.

We've got ourselves a sick poodle and a sick poodle is like a sick child requiring lots and lots of attention. Yes, she's been to the Vet and we have meds and all manner of treatments. The Vet thinks, and we agree, that Molly made a leap from furniture that she couldn't handle and fell hurting herself. She's been very lame and she wails terribly about it. It's enough to wrench my heart out. The last three nights we've been up several times tending to her. Mercifully, this morning, she seems to be more perky. Poor thing. If she doesn't rebound, we certainly won't allow this to continue.

So, yes, I'm glad that we've made it thus far. Where did I last leave you? Oh, right, I was looking for a tutorial on a double oven mitt. You'll not be surprised to learn that I found one right *here.* Anything can be found on the web these days. I'll pop in a picture when the sun gets a little higher.

Last night, I made supper for the first time in over a week. Really. How do I get away with this laxity? Anyway, I made the salad that Cheryl mentioned *here.* It was yummy and we both said we'd have it again tonight. (We won't, but it was that good.) Cheryl is doing a series on summer salads each week so check for more great selections.

I also made Kim's Krispy Lemon Cookies (or whatever they are named). They are very summery and tasty. If you visit Kim, she'll probably share.

I remember my telling you once that I am highly suggestible. My father always asked me, "If everyone else is jumping off the bridge, would you, too?" Plug my nose and call me a cannon ball; in a word, y.e.s. That's why I make the recipes you make and why I listen when you tell me that things last longer in canning jars.

Thanks, Janette! I'm hoping that my salad will stay fresh longer than usual.

Let's see...anything else rolling around in this old noggin of mine? Nope, I think I've shared all I have for today. You have a good one!

Edited to Add:

Thank you for the good thoughts for Molly. As you can see, she is resting comfortably all tucked up against the piano bench right behind me. She prefers to be where I am.

Sorry about the light blowing in the windows... This is what we are calling Molly's Staircase as it shows our current sofa situation. One cushion has been placed on the floor to create the first step, the second is Molly's bed, the third, and *gasp* the fourth up there on the covered arm rests. The fifth is off-limits, but probably the point from which she made her leap. I hope that we don't have to live like this for long. (We do have purchased doggy stairs that are not safe in my opinion.)

And the double mitt made from scraps since it was the first time out. I don't know about these. Do any of you use them? I'm not sure how safe they are either.


  1. From another stay at home gal...TGIF!! haha...Mom will go to another one of my sisters on Friday afternoons and stay until Sun afternoon giving me a much needed break. and this week I am really looking forward to a couple of minutes to myself. Why do I think I will miss her though? haha Your poor little dog....hopefully he is on the mend now and will be his old self soon. I am anxious to check out the summer salads, so I am off now...Have a good week-end!

  2. Hey that canning jar tip is a good one I'll have to try! I made Cheryl's cheeseburger salad for today, I had a wee taste last night and it is good! Since I'll be in the store I am going to take some with me - maybe I'll take it in a canning jar!

    Those cookies look great! I am all about lemon! Yum.

    Sorry about your injured poodle! I hope she rebounds! Sam had a time when Lindsay was carrying her outside to potty and we thought we were going to have to put her down, then she rebounded and while slow and arthritic, she gets around fine!

    Have a delightful weekend!

  3. Poor little Molly! I hope she's better soon. If she's waking you during the night, she must be very uncomfortable. Did your vet x-ray Molly? We had a sick schnauzer last night, but her malady was an upset tummy ~ much easier to deal with than an unknown problem. Please keep us updated on Molly. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her picture.

    I've got to check out those links you shared.

  4. Hi sweet Vee! I'm so very sorry about your poodle baby, I do hope she recovers quickly. I saw the neat sewing caddy you made! I have one that I made too, probably eight years ago. I look forward to seeing your oven mitt too! The lemon cookies look delicious, I bet John loved them :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend to make up for the rough week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. Sorry about the sick pet... -sigh- Yes, this can be a trying, trying adventure. Courage...

    Oh my! Salads last longer, in canning jars! How brilliant! But naturally, I never thought of it, myself. Thank you to the both of you, for passing this tip on to me. :-)

    About being highly suggestible... What's the old saying; "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." :-) So, that sezzz it all. :-) You are simply flattering your Dear Readers! :-)

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥
    "Auntie sezzzzzz..."
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

  6. Oh, poor pup. I don't like for them to be hurt but she couldn't be in better hands. Praying that she recovers quickly.

    The lemon cookies make my mouth water. Love that citrus zing!

  7. Hope Molly continues to recover thru the weekend. Poor baby! I will have to check out the recipes you have mentioned. I always like to look and sometimes pass along to my oldest daughter. Have a delightful weekend!

  8. Oh I hope sweet Molly feels better soon. I'm highly impressionable, too and will go look at the salads! Didn't you buy the green bags I told you about? heehee! How about that Yankee dime? Enjoy your day! We teach a computer class this afternoon...wish us luck! lol

  9. I hope your Molly gets better soon. It is heart wrenching to have our furbabes ill and unhappy. Love the canning jar hint and the yummy recipe links.

  10. Poor Molly! I hope she continues to mend quickly.

    Who would have thought to keep salad in a canning jar? That is a great idea!

  11. I'm so sorry about your dog. Our little dog jumped out of the sink at the groomers and broke her toes. She has been in a splint for over 6 weeks now. The splint has worn a sore almost into the tendon on her little elbow.
    I haven't tried that canning jar trick yet, but have been eating salad all week and should give it a try.

  12. What a great idea to keep salad in a jar and thanks for the link to Tuesday Salads - I'll be checking that. I am always inspired by other peoples creativity. It's so nice to share them with your own little adaptations.
    Hope your little doggie gets better soon.

  13. OH! I am sorry that Molly is not well, hope she gets well soon.
    looking forward to seeing your oven mitt, Aren't these ladies the sweetest friends? I glean so much from visiting them. Thanks for the mitt link!
    I thought my dad had cornered the market on that saying, I have jumped a few times two! ~grin~
    Enjoy your day!

  14. Poor little pup!

    Those cookies look fabulous...


  15. Another one here who grew up hearing that, lol!
    The cookies look great, and I hope your doggie improves.
    Have a good weekend!

  16. I was always so much more organized when I worked full time ..lol!

    Glad you had no troubles visiting me today -- did my blog load faster without a long blogroll to slow it down? sigh

    I hope Molly continues to improve! Yes, our pets are like our babies these days. Get better soon, Molly!

  17. Poor little Molly! I hope she's going to be okay.

    I have made the Cheeseburger salad a couple of times. The second time I used packaged croutons and omitted the pickles. I didn't like it as well. I hate to cook when it's as hot as it's been and I have managed to get out of it for 3 days straight! Hubby is taking me out to eat for dinner. Yay!

    Have a great weekend and watch out for those bridges!

  18. I love your blogs Vee... they make me feel like we are sitting together in your homey kitchen over a cup of coffee, discussing everything from soup to nuts! :)

  19. Now I'm intrigued about the canning jar theory. I haven't heard of it, because you obviously haven't canned that salad. As I was reading yours today I was thinking, wow, the influence of the internet. I often want to make, --or make-- a recipe I read online. I guess it's like a friend passing one on, you know it must be good, rather than searching for one in a book. Hope the weekend is a relief from this week!

  20. I love all the good ideas one picks up from other bloggers and salad in a canning jar has me intrigued!
    Hopefully your Molly is better soon, they never learn do they? Our guy keeps jumping off the deck which is about 4 stairs high and as he gets older I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself too.

  21. I'm going to have to try that salad! I've never used the double oven mitts - I just know I'd get tangled up in them!
    I loved the whole arrangement leading up to the couch - the things we do for our beloved pets!

  22. I'm slowing weaning myself off of plastic, even for storage containers. My T*pperware is old, old, old, and as I replace it, I'm purchasing glass containers with plastic lids. I've also starting using mason jars to store things like soup, sauces and dips. Anything from the quart size, down to the smallest ones for dips and such. Another advantage is that they are see through - easier to find stuff in the fridge.

    I hope your Molly is well on the mend.

    Never tried those double handed oven mitts. I would think they would have to be just the right size for whatever you're pulling out of the oven. A long pair for the turkey roasting pan, a shorter pair for an 8 x 8 casserole dish. I like having my arms able to be the extensions, rather than a bunch of fabric that I'm likely to drag through the grease or whatever. I'm not handy enough, I guess.

    Now I'm off to check out that salad link. Then to the market.

    You have a good day, and a good weekend, Vee.

  23. Bentley is sending well wishes to your sore precious puppy!

  24. Sorry about little pup. I'm afraid I'm just not coordinated enough for that type of oven mitt. The hot dish would probably land on my feet or over my shoulder or something like that from a spasm. Oye...too many words. I enjoy seeing you jump off cliffs with projects so I can determine if I should follow you or not...

  25. Poor Molly. I hope she feels better very soon. It's tough to have the littlest family members in pain. I hope she heals up quickly.

  26. I am so sorry Molly has been suffering, and you all with her, I'm sure. I hope everyone is much better and that she won't repeat that jump again, if that was what caused her pain....I have a little poodle too, black miniature, and he has epilepsy. I was frightened terribly when he had his first seizure, but medicine is controlling it completely, thank goodness!

    My mother used to say, "If everyone was jumping in the lake would you jump too?" And, "I don't care if the Queen of England is doing it, in this house we are not." Oh, she said many things, and I remember them all, and have found them very useful...Especially, perhaps, "Let that be the worst thing that ever happens to you," when I was upset about something very minor. Perhaps we are distantly related?

    Oven mitts - I prefer separate ones. But your double one is very cute...I think that yellow material is something I have some of from long ago......

    A fun thing to make is a calico trivet stuffed with lavender or thyme or rosemary which gives off a lovely scent when something warm is placed on top.

  27. Sending along healing thoughts for that dog! They are like part of the family!

    No, I don't use a double oven mitt. I am too accustomed to what I've done all these many years.

    Have a good week-end!

  28. Vee,
    Lol about the oven mitt! It does look great, though.
    I still look fwd to Friday, even staying at home.
    Bless little Molly. It's hard when a pet is not feeling well, because they just seem vulnerable and can't exactly tell you what's up.

  29. From a stay-at-home-gal who is never at home (it seems)...it matters not whether it is Friday or Tuesday. Every day is a new day...a gift to be enjoyed. (I need to remind myself of that at times...rather than just racing through each day!)

    Poor little Molly. Hopefully she has turned the corner...and is on the mend.

    Cute double oven mitts! That from someone who prefers using pot holds to oven mitts.

  30. Hi Vee!

    I'm glad that Friday is here and almost gone too!!

    Poor little pooch, I hope that she get's better very quickly, nothing worse than a sick pup!

    I love all of the blogs that you linked to today - I'm definitely trying the salad, and the salad in a jar trick - and I have never tried a double oven mitt, but it looks wonderful! Let us know how it works out for you... :0) I have a little neighbor who is 96 years young, and crochets hot pads all day long, she says it her calling! They are the best, and she gives me one often - and I love them!

    Have a wonderful week-end!


  31. Oh so sorry about poor little Molly! I do hope she rebounds... it is so hard with those little pups when they are under the weather.
    Love that double mit...i haven't made one of those ...yet.

    It is good to be back here to catch up on you. I feel quite out of the loop. Time for life to come back to normal.

  32. Poor little Molly. They sure do become one of the family and it is hard to see them suffering. It looks like you have arranged a nice safe staircase for her. I hope it won't be long until she is feeling back to herself and you and John are able to get a good night's sleep.
    Glad to hear that you tried the cookies. I'm going to check out the link for the salad. Not sure if the jars keep things fresher longer, but they sure do look pretty.
    Your oven mitt looks great. I have not used one before.

  33. Victoria is still limping, even though she has been on meds off and on for a year.

    Her paws swell up and get so sore. Unless it gets infected, her vet says it is not life threatening but I cringe when I see her walk.

    It is hard on US when our pets are hurt!

    I made a cake today and gave half of it to my new daughter-in-law this evening. Hubby asked if she was getting half of his food from now on and we both said, "YES!". ;)

  34. So sorry about Molly! Our Duke (cockapoo) is a jumper and I worry about him!

    Rachel Ray makes a similar hotpad, you should check it out, it seems to be very popular! I think it looks beautiful!

    I hope your weekend is much better than this past week!

  35. Sorry to hear about Molly but glad she seems to be getting better.
    Weren't those cookies good?
    I use the kind of oven mitt that looks like a big mitten.

  36. Oh, poor little Molly. I hope she is doing much better tonight and that you both sleep well. That salad looks and sounds very good. Thanks for sharing it. Let us know how your salad survives in the canning jar ok? I've heard about this somewhere else but never tried it. Blessings, Pamela

  37. So you send visitors my way...and I have such a busy day that it is o'dark:30 when I finally make it over. :/

    First of all, I am so sorry that your little Molly has been under the weather. Oh, it is soooo hard to see a pet sick or hurt. I am glad to see in your "edited to add" that she is resting. I pray that she is on the mend and will refrain from puppy antics in the future. Poor girl.

    I have never used a double oven mitt. I prefer the kind of mitt that not only covers your hand, but all the way up to your elbow. I am just cautious that way. (Too many burns as a ditzy girl.)

    (We are having cheeseburger salad tomorrow night. ~smile~)

  38. I hope your poodle will be fine.
    Nice blog :)
    I have dogs too, two of them are poodles.

  39. My little dog Penny had to have ACL surgery back in February. I hope Molly does not, but the vet said it was a very common problem. Did you line your mitts with InsulBright (you can find it in with the interfacings at the fabric store)? If so, that should be good enough.

  40. Cheeseburger Salad recipe pinned to my Sensational Salads board. Printed it, too! Sounds scrumptious!


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