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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th of July

Just popping in some photos of the day and allowing the photos and captions to speak for themselves for the most part. It was a photo dense day...

~The Destination: Casco Bay (Atlantic Ocean ☺)~

~Via Freeport and a Parade on Main Street~

~A Comparison of the idyllic Jacquie Lawson Seaside Picnic (thank you, Sandi!) and the Reality~Lots of the Same Colors!~


~Horseshoe Crab Find~

~Lots of Picture Taking~

~Of these: Osprey~

~And these: Chicks of a Different Sort~

~And these:kayaks, sailboats, and water~

~Lots of Hiking-Say, whose dog is that?~ 

~Resulting in general exhaustion and the need for nourishment~

~One of my favorite photos of the day~

~And Another Fav~

If we had listened to our weather forecasters, we would have remained at home. Good thing we don't always listen as the day was perfect. We ended our day back at home with some hotdogs on the grill and leftovers of the day and ice cream. It was one of those happy days proving that fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and good company can't be beat!


  1. Gosh I just love attending (via blogdom) an Independence day gathering in Maine! The horseshoe crab find was so cool and the day's activities would have suited me just fine.
    We too took a hike, and grilled some hot dogs, but the rest of the day was spent inside and away from the soaring heat.

  2. I am so glad that you didn't listen to the weather man. Your pictures are all fabulous. It looks like a great day all the way around. The horseshoe crab is new to me. How interesting. Do they bite or sting? I'm thinking no or he wouldn't be holding it.
    The osprey nest is amazing!!! It's easy to see why there was a lot of picture taking.
    Your last paragraph says it all and I totally agree!!

  3. Amazing! And you have enough mosaics for the rest of the summer! Did you really have a flower arrangement on your picnic table? I don't think I've ever done that before! Lovely! Beautiful...happy memories!

  4. What a wonderful day you had at the shore with your family. I looks like you saw and did everything you could do along with a nice picnic too. I enjoyed your photos Vee. A beautiful day indeed!

  5. What a wonderful family memory!!!

    The pictures of the lake are so incredible - so refreshing and calming!

  6. That looks like so much fun! I usually love the 4th of July festivities but this year we stayed in the AC and watched fireworks on TV.

    It got to a 100 yesterday (heat index around 108) and is expected to reach 100 today and tomorrow.

    One of the local communities had to set up a triage center because people marching in the parade begin collapsing in the heat.

    I felt cool just looking at your pictures. :)

  7. Looks fabulous with entertainment for all and so many great things to see. Glad you didn't listen to the weather man!

  8. The photos look amazing and the water looks so refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, thank you for sharing these!! What a delight to tag along on your picnic and see the ospreys and the parade and the boats on the bay...and your dear family having so much fun!

    Our day was...ummm...different, but we had fun nonetheless. ;)

  10. Totally charmed! What a lovely, lovely day! I enjoyed your photo show.

  11. Looks like it was the perfect day, with lots of pics to remember it by. We had nice weather here in SoCal too, but no lakeside picnic (: And Iove your new header!

  12. What a lovely day you had! The weather looks perfect.

  13. Everyone having fun and making memories...perfect! It's still blistering hot here so the water looks mighty inviting. I would have kicked my shoes off and waded right in, too!

  14. Vee,

    Your photos tell a beautiful story of how you and your family enjoyed the fourth. I head about those storms even in New Hampshire. Boston got hit in the middle of the fireworks, and they had to evacuate at one point before they even started.

    I guess we were lucky too. Have a beautiful day Vee.


    P.S. I hope you found that vase.

  15. Fun photos! They didn't all get washed out. (You were saying you had too-much-light-issues with the day's pics...)

    Certainly glad you didn't get way-laid by the weather man! -grin-

    Beautiful day here too. And a repeat, today.

    "I question not if thrushes sing,
    If roses load the air;
    Beyond my heart I need not reach
    When all is summer there."

    ~~John Vance Cheney

  16. Absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for sharing such a special day with us. From generation to generation wonderful memories are being made in your mother's favorite place. I know she's smiling.

  17. Oh I enjoyed traveling along on your day like that. Seemed perfect. Your right, sounds like a day that can't be beat!

  18. you got some really great shots - no better time than time with family!


  19. Vee,
    What a beautiful day. Thanks for taking me along!
    We did a whole lotta nothing here! But we did go out for ice cream after dinner!

  20. I'm glad your weather held out, Vee! It was so hot here, and our thunderstorm never came either.

    I loved all your photos. The water looks refreshing and your picnic scrumptious!

  21. It looks wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great day.

  22. Yours may be dense with pictures, but I was to dense to take any :(

  23. What could be better than family, good food, and wonderful nature! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  24. Oh, I should have added that we're in Maine too! LOL!!! It was a wonderful day in Old Orchard Beach also!

  25. What a great day in pictures.
    We are still up our land. Not much time for the internet.

  26. I love the new look on your blog!

    Your pictures are wonderful!!! They show the precious children making memories and having fun. It sure looks like a lot of family love and fun!!!

  27. Wow
    It just takes my breath away!
    I 'need' to see the eastern coast.
    It all looks like a wonderful family day together.
    BTW, is that horseshoe crab alive?

  28. It looks very 4th of July-ish and delightful. I like that term " photo" dense day. I have probably too many of those.

  29. Hi Vee! Looks like a grand 4th - so restful - and the scenery and company appears to be the very best!

    Really loved your Garfield quote - had to copy and post it on facebook. Oh! How true . . .


  30. A perfectly perfect July 4th holiday! So glad you didn't listen to the weather, too! I love it, Vee - thanks for taking us along. My kids were all gone, so it was just Tony and I and my folks grilling steaks. I'd love to have had my kids home, but they are busy with their own lives and significant others. Maybe one day I'll have grandkids and they'll wanna come see ME!

  31. So glad the weatherman was wrong! A day at the shore is a wonderful way to spend the 4th (or the 1st) of July. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  32. It looks like a happy day! I really enjoyed all the pictures, but I think my favorites are the wading ones.
    I used to love to wade and climb over the rocks in a stream.

    We don't have a lot of good wading places around here. I never even thought about that until reading this.

  33. Vee those photos are just priceless. The ocean looks beautiful and it looks like you all were having such a great time.

  34. Now I feel like I joined in the 4th of July picnic in Maine. Love it! Glad the weather turned out just perfect for you too.

  35. beautiful surroundings with family with and fresh air - blessed day!

  36. Just lovely... Those children will savor those memories.

  37. Looks like such a fun time. We need some little grandchildren to brighten the holidays!

  38. Oh, the glorious memories! Thanks for featuring this lovely post!


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