Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Thinking About My Kitchen

Yes, I really am. Have I done anything about it? No, no I haven't. But I will. Some day. Not today. Not tomorrow. But definitely sooner than the last time we discussed my kitchen, which was ages ago.

Oh, lest you think that nothing at all has been done, I'll share this one little photo of the very healthy poinsettia that I've been trying to kill since January 25.

John took an extra sheet or two of a fitted pine board look paneling I had hanging around and placed it on the ends of my cabinets. They had been very ratty looking and this was something of a help. Sherry at Edie Marie's Attic had suggested it. Oh yes! I take all blogger's suggestions very seriously. You can see how terrific Sherry's kitchen looks on her sidebar. (She'll have a new kitchen very soon as she recently sold her home and is in the process of moving. Hi, Sherry!)

I keep telling myself that when I find my dream kitchen I will know. When my Country Living magazine arrived for February or March, I thought that I recognized what I wanted and understood the direction I was going in...until. Until, Linda at Restyled Home posted a link to one amazing kitchen just this week. Talk about fickle. I'm all over the place.

Anyway, you can check it out on Linda's A Kindred (Kitchen) Spirit. But see, Linda knows that she wants her kitchen to be "pretty." Pretty? I like pretty. Why wasn't I headed more in that direction? Maybe it's because I've been thinking that pretty and fussy/frou-frou were synonymous. They don't have to be, though, right?

So let's talk. Are you in the kitchen of your dreams right now? Would you like to make some changes? What would they be? Go ahead, tell me all about it. I'm all ears! Oh, and do you like pretty?

Edited to Add: Editing to Add is such a nasty thing to do to my readers. I apologize. I had wanted to show the kitchen that I found in the CL magazine, but could I find it online? No. Could I find the actual magazine? That would also be a "no." But with morning's light, I found it quite easily and so am popping in a few photos to discuss.

So this is the February 2010 issue of Country Living. When I saw this photo, my heart rate increased a bit. Now that I look at it, I'm not sure why. I'm really trying to analyze what I like and what I don't. For example, I dislike the floor. I dislike all that open shelving at the top of the cabinets. I dislike the texture of the glass. It would probably be easier to say what I like.

I like the color of the cabinets and I like the streamlined counters. So here's my lightbulb moment: I could paint the cabinets almost the same color as my deck. Apparently, I really like that color. I could clean off the clutter. Okay, I'll start with clearing clutter and get back to you. Some day. Not today. Not tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday, but don't forget that, prior to this last bit, I asked a question or two. ;>

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Can't I Find My Favorite Products Anywhere?

The mosaics above are an experiment. I wanted to see the difference between a regular uploaded mosaic against the larger type. What I see is quite a bit of distortion with the larger so I'm not certain that it's worth doing.


Getting back to my post's topic... I don't know how many of my fellow bloggers shop in big box stores. In the past, I belonged to Sam's Club and BJ's; now I belong only to BJ's. Often I can find what I'm looking for at a better price there than I can find it for at my local grocery store or my Wal*Mart of choice.

There's one product that has disappeared completely from the shelves of any stores, including BJ's. It's Little Friskies Dental Diet for cats. I've fed my cats this dry food once daily for years. Suddenly, it's gone. First it disappeared from Wal*Mart shelves necessitating my revisiting Shaw's and Hannaford Brothers. Then, it disappeared from Shaw's. Imagine my shock when it is no longer carried at Hannaford Brothers either. I wonder why.

I've found messsage boards online devoted to the subject. One woman says that she'd hoard the stuff if she could just find some. I feel the very same way. Guess that the next thing to do is write a letter to Purina to see if I can find some answers. It's still offered online, but I refuse to pay those prices plus shipping, too.

So here's my question for today: have you been having any trouble finding a certain product? Do you wonder what's going on?

(Next time perhaps we can discuss why Wal*Mart has decided to make all of the packaging for its house brand so black and white, unattractive, and reminding me of some Socialist/Communist country. I'd rather spend extra money to return to a regular grocery store where I can find brand names with bright colors. That is, I would if I could afford it.)

Edited to Add:

More experimenting. Donna suggests that I need to save at 100 pixels per inch. I've always saved blog photos at the highest resolution. I checked the first photo and it was at 96 pixels. I've since enlarged a titch and saved at 100. Let's see what happens, if anything.

Oh I can't tell. Maybe Donna will come back and let me know. :D

Edited to Add AGAIN:

I'm getting a lot of mileage from my three pathetic daffodils...
Thought perhaps that the mosaic itself created some fuzzies so am popping in a single shot.

Final Edit to Add on this Post I promise:

Popping in a very nice email from Purina giving me a list of stores that should be carrying the product. Also, I have those stores' telephone numbers so that will be next...calling store managers.

Thank you for contacting Nestlé Purina PetCare Company.

We are sorry that you've been unable to locate Purina(r) Friskies(r) Cat Food Dental Diet Poultry & Fish Flavor For Adult Cats in your area. Let us assure you that our sales force does their best to convince retailers to stock as many of our products in various flavors and sizes as possible. Please understand it is up to the independent retailer or chain store management to make the final decision as to which products will be featured in their store.

Please know Purina(r) Friskies(r) Cat Food Dental Diet Poultry & Fish Flavor for Adult Cats is still being manufactured, however it is in limited distribution. Our records indicate that that this product should be available at PetsMart stores, online at, or at the following stores in your area:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Eclectic Mess

I'm describing my blog again using the thingy that Blogger provides for the top of our blogs these days. I tried those tabs, but didn't like them once I'd done them. Sidebars are good enough for me. I'd love to have someone finesse this place. I'm feeling about my blog the way I'm feeling about my home — I don't have proper time for it.

These are the things on my mind today and there's not a lick of coherence to any of it: forsythia, lasagna sauce, and embroidery.

It's a jungle out there!

Forsythia branch against the fence

The secret of the sauce

After an hour of bubbling away...hmmm

This is an illustration that I want to embroider

Okay, that about does it...catch you later...create a great day!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Phew! We've safely navigated past the latest brouhaha. Thanks to everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post. As per usual, the comments are the best thing about that post. So let's move on to lighter things for a bit. ;>

By using my current header, I've given you a sneak preview of my post for today.

Remember way back *here* when I said that I'd let you know if my cat Fioré ever got along with my grandmother's cat Sarah? Course you don't, but way back then, things weren't going so well.

There's still a daily bug tussle after all this time, but yesterday found them both in the bay window like bookends. I felt it was memorable enough for a post. Now if they ever take a nap together, I'll be sure to document it as well.

So, just for the record, it's taken them eight months and seventeen days to be in the same place at the same time without having a fight. Yay for Fioré and Sarah!

And a fun day to you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not Again!

I've committed yet another commenter error. What now this time you're probably thinking. Well, I've made a comment on a dear blogging bud's post and an anonymous commenter attacked her for my comment. Did you know that that can happen? It can. Readers sometimes judge us for what our visitors say in response to our posts.

This caused some name calling on the part of the anonymous commenter and an attack on my verbiage. Seems that the A.C. thinks that anyone who believes differently from her is a dolt, completely unenlightened. Apparently, she also believes that only her opinion should be expressed. Sigh. There is no way to intelligently discuss any topic with such people.

Now I did learn something about my own commenting behavior once again. I learned that I was guilty of attaching my opinion to another's post. That should be reserved for my own blog where commenters can attack me for my opinions instead of my readers' opinions.

My apologies to my blogging friend for my not saving the comments, which might be considered by some to be insensitive, for my own blog. (She, my blogging friend, handled this little tempest beautifully.)

However, I do not apologize to her anonymous commenter. In fact, I'd like to address Anonymous directly:
Dear Anonymous One,

The world is a big place and one day you will discover that someone equally as intelligent as you, equally as educated as you, equally as spiritual as you, equally as caring as you, equally as wonderful as you in every possible aspect will believe the exact opposite as you do. (I hope that you don't marry him.) And when you discover this, you will realize that every little thing is not true just because you think it.

Why did I bring this up? Why not and why else — so we could all learn something. I used to think, and not so very long ago, that I had to be longsuffering with these types of commenters. I used to have several of them lurking around in the shadows, but I have learned that I can dispatch them and I do not hesitate to do so today.

My advice to them is this: You are welcome to comment when you can enter into an intelligent conversation where you allow variety of opinion. Otherwise, don't let the door hit you where the...

And when I read *this* devotional, I positively cheered. About time and

Today, I felt the liberty to post as I have and, in case you think I'm having a bad day, you're wrong! I'm having a great day!

You go and have a great one as well... (that means you, too, Anonymous!)

photo source

P.S. Just a reminder...this blog no longer accepts anonymous commenters due to an incredible deluge of spam. Have always despised that stuff...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Unusually Beautiful April 4

Easter Day was an incredibly beautiful day in my corner, almost unheard of for such an early April day. The temperature reached 70F and the sky was blue with just a puff of cloud every so often. For this reason, I was glad that we had decided not to go the full Easter dinner route this year.

After the church goers arrived home, we ate a light lunch and later in the afternoon had coffee and cake out on the deck. Prior to that, we played. The grands went searching for Easter baskets; we had a very long game of hide 'n seek; we colored; we jumped ropes; we sent gliders sailing all under that beautiful sky.

Just dropping in a few photos for me to remember by...

Where's that Easter basket?

Sam searching for just the right page to color

All hands on deck or Jake is contemplating an escape

There's a lot going on or Jake attempts an escape

John and Jake sporting sunburns or Jake is foiled again

Getting the Glider ready or Jake is still trying to escape

Do you suppose this gene runs in the family?

Hmmm, sometimes cropping can create such an intriguing photo...

It is my fond hope to do some snooping visiting today so I can discover more about your Easter Sunday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome Easter Morn


...the only way to take hold of God's promises for the future is to take hold of the resurrected Jesus in the present. ~J.R. Daniel Kirk


Enjoy a blessed Easter!

As always, comments are off on Sundays.