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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

♪ Mi Mi Mi Mi ♪ and a Winner!

Even though I don't give or discuss awards, I still enjoy a game of tag every now and then. That's because there are times when my mind is empty...oh no you don't...don't even go there! Okay, where was I? Oh, yes, Lea tagged me with the "Ten Things About Me" meme and I need a topic for today. How perfectly serendipitous! So indulge me while I sing ♪ mi mi mi mi ♪ and try to tell you something new.

1. I wash my dishes in bleach water. (One must be careful as bleach and soap can be a toxic combination. Just don't use a soap with phosphates. I can safely use Palmolive and bleach. I think. Don't do as I do. Do your own research. I use a teaspoon of bleach to a gallon of water or a TBS for the entire dish bucket. Why? I'm blaming my Aunt Ess for this one! She got me started about 32 years ago and I've been at it ever since. Plus, I may have OCD.)

2. If yellow didn't exist in this world, my favorite color would be... I'm sure you can guess!

3. Last Saturday morning I ordered two books by Elizabeth Goudge from the interlibrary loan program. I've given up on finding them at a flea market. So it'll be The Bird in the Tree and Pilgrim's Inn by week's end. Maybe.

4. As of Tuesday last week, I am without an excuse to finish writing my own book. The missing chapters have been found and John has read them and given them a good report. Well, he would have to, I suppose. But he did sit right down to read them and did so until finishing and gave me this interesting compliment: "It kept my interest." Okie dokie then!

5. One of my secret wishes is to hire some Merry Maids. I haven't been able to give the upstairs, basement or garage the attention that they deserve since Nan arrived.

6. Right behind the Merry Maids, comes a landscaper. John is way too busy at "The Pondersosa" to give our little yard much attention. I want the lawn re-seeded and the garden made larger, and some raised beds built. No time for any of that either.

7. Both of my children have applied for better-paying jobs. I'm praying a lot.

8. I hate to sweat. I could not be like Judy and all you gals who enjoy a mountain climb. Despise climbing, but love to see the views. Yup, I'm one of those — I want to enjoy the reward without doing the work.

9. I've been missing A LOT of my blogging buddies lately. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Kari and Kijsa? I hope that they're busy writing a book.

10. Can you believe that I've made it to ten? Hey! Wake up! I'm getting to the best part: The Winner of the Giveaway is Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys. Congrats! I'm eager to see this tote "in person." One thing's sure, Donna will take an excellent picture of it.

As you know, I don't tag folks these days, but if your brain is ever empty, you can't go wrong with a good meme and I'll certainly allow you the use of this one.

Enjoy your Monday...

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  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic giveaway prize! After the bad luck with our freezer (will have to blog about it), I think I was due some good luck for a change of pace! LOL. A girl can NOT have too many totes and this one looks like a dandy. And YES, I will take a picture for my blog!

    Why not fulfill one of those secret wishes and give Merry Maids (or one of the services) a call for some cleaning. Many of these outfits do specialized one-time jobs. We hired a housecleaner gal through a local firm when we moved. I couldn't believe what a terrific job she did at our former cottage! It was spotless and worth every single penny. We'll be using her again after we get settled in our new place too!

  2. I loved your list. Hope your children get those jobs!
    I will buy your book!!!! Go for it!

    Becky K.

  3. Fun list! I always like the little meme's as they often show another side of you that blogging doesn't. ;)

    And please write your book. I will read it a well.!

  4. I go like these as it let me "know" you a little bit better - if we can't share a cuppa coffee, at least we can read about what we might have talked about!

  5. OK, I didn't mean "go" I meant "do".. gotta learn to type in the dark better! Or at least proof read before I hit submit!

  6. I had so much fun reading the list containing 10 things about you. Quite like the bleach idea for washing up. Have to admit that I like my dishes to sparkle too:) Looking forward to reading your book.

    Thanks for stopping by at 3 Sisters, 365. Spain was a whole lot of sun and fun.


  7. Good morning sweet lady! And congrats to the lucky winner! I enjoyed reading more about you! When those Merry maids get finished up at your house....send them to mine! heehee! I have never had my house cleaned by anyone other than ME! lol Have a wonderful day! ♥

  8. PS Put me on the list for your book, too! What an accomplishment! WOW! ♥


    HOW did I know nothing about this fantastic fact?!?




    Finish writing a book! What an accomplishment, just to be able to write those words! I am [nearly] speechless.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs...

  10. And of course, Congratulations to your Winner!!!

  11. And now I notice that you snuck in "Comment Verification" on me too! Wonderful!!! That you are using "Comment Verification," because you know I think it rocks.

    But sorry for whatever caused you to have to turn it on. Since I don't think it has been on.

    But grrrrrrrrrrrrreat that you have "Comment Verification" setting! I think every blogger should.

    Yeah, I think a lot of things. And no one really cares. -giggles-


  12. Orrrrrrrrr... No "Comment Verification" but Blogger is slow? Whatever..............

    Remember, tomorrow is the Full Moon and it's being a duzzzzzzzzzzzzzy! I'll soon publish my latest Full Moon Effects post.

    Eeeek! Run! Hide! Or at least, be aware! >,-)

  13. May I respond with ten questions (well...a few anyways.)
    1. Are you writing a book...that I don't know about? Did I miss something? I'm smiling at John's near-complement...interesting.
    2. Kari & Kijsa are on one very long vacation. Has no one heard from them?
    3. Does anyone hear from Dee Dee...at Clapboard Cottage? I check in on her every so often.
    4. Do you want to come up the hill with me today? I promise you won't sweat...it's too cold for that.
    5.I'd quite like a Merry Maid at my beck and call...just because there's far more fun things to do than clean. Sigh.

  14. I was to late to get in on the give away. Oh well, maybe next time. Congratulations to the winner! I loved your meme. It was fun getting to know a little more about you. I hate to sweat too LOL I'm barely making it with the woman challenge.

  15. I am so with you on #8. I'd like toned thighs (and other things) to go with the view, but I'm not climbing a mountain anytime soon.

  16. Reading your meme revealed lots of interesting details about you - like, you are writing a book??? Inquiring minds want to know more!

  17. Always fun to read these "mi, mi, mi's". I was hoping one of your items on the list would be how you made those music notes. Too cute.
    You got my attention at the bleach and soap being toxic. I just used that combo to wash my porch chairs. Yikes.
    How wonderful that you are writing a book.
    My heart sank when I read about your hunt for Pilgrim's Inn. The reason being that I fairly recently came across a beautiful copy at the thrift shop. I had a hard time passing it up, but since I already own it, I didn't need another. Shoot, if I knew you were looking for it I would have bought it. I'll keep it in mind for the future, however.
    I hope the new jobs come through for your kids.

  18. Pilgrim's Inn by Gouge!

    I have one! Don't ask how it happened to come into my ownership. It's too crazy a story but....

    YOU will have it, for your very own, as soon as I can get it in the mail!

    Why didn't I recognize that name, before when reading here?!?


    Only good thing that's happened, around this Full Moon. :-)

  19. 2nd good thing, which happened around Full Moon. I learned how to do the musical notes and my usual ^_^

    Just copy & paste.

    Thank you!

    ♪ ^_^ ♪

  20. I love reading a good meme too and I'll keep this one in mind for that day when i need a good post idea.
    For the record. .I've love to get a merry maid one time too ..once before I die but before I'm too far gone to enjoy it.
    I sure do hope your family gets those better paying jobs.

  21. Fun to read your Meme Vee. All of it made me smile.

    So what's your book about. You have been keeping this quiet.

  22. A good list. Nice know even more about you.
    My guess would be BLUE.
    I had a chuckle at the comment you left! It is amazing what they can eat.

  23. This was great fun, it's always nice to learn more about you :) I say get MerryMaids and hire someone to help with the garden, life is too short to worry about such things, besides you have more important things to do...like write your book?

  24. Hi Vee,
    Enjoyed this post so much, I am happy to find someone who uses bleach in their dishwater too.
    And please go and finish your book, I would love a signed copy. lol How about sharing a little tid bit. Pleeeeease.
    Praying with you that the children get new jobs.!!!

    As far a the Merry Maids, I am still waiting for them to come and clean my upstairs.

    Congratulations to Donna!!

    Tell John strawberries on hot biscuits are one of my dh favorites too. Wish we lived nearby, I would send you some.
    Enjoy your week.

  25. Congrats to Donna!

    Fun post Vee! Are you really writing a book? How cool is that! I'd love to read an autographed copy one day.

    Good luck to your kids on getting a higher paying jobs. My son accomplished that recently but my daughter has not had luck so far...it;s very competitive out there in the business world.

    I've always cleaned my own home..sometimes it's the only exercise I get! I don't think I'd like a maid but I know my kids would..lol. One job I wish I could hire someone to do is ironing all my husband's dress shirts...it gets boring week after week!

    ♥ Pat

  26. So interesting things I learned about you. Thanks for doing that. Congrats to your winner. Your blog looks great.

  27. Hi dear Vee, thanks for your note on my blog today. Now it is time for your A-ha moment - I will apply the art to the wall by framing them silly!! Several framed pictures of different sizes...the current plan anyway. Write me if you had some other ideas....pricet@telus.net.

    xo's T.

  28. Facinating facts about you, by the way...!! You are such a great writer!! xo Terri

  29. bravo! . . . and thank you very much!

    my friend LOVES goudge. i must read
    her, too.

    what will you call your book?

  30. I hope you wear gloves while you wash those bleach soaked dishes!

    I don't hear rave reviews about cleaning services. They never do it like you would:)


    I love red, it says strong, and I love you, and HAPPY!

    And Vee, my mind spends a lot of time empty.

  31. Did I miss something here? A book, what book? Is this the family history book or something else entirely? Please unconfuse me!

  32. I'm so far behind on reading blogs, but I do hope you finish your book since you have such a wonderful way with words. May your children get good jobs. The house and yard will keep, but I do hope those get done, too. Lots of hope and some prayers and a hug thrown in.