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Monday, April 5, 2010

Unusually Beautiful April 4

Easter Day was an incredibly beautiful day in my corner, almost unheard of for such an early April day. The temperature reached 70F and the sky was blue with just a puff of cloud every so often. For this reason, I was glad that we had decided not to go the full Easter dinner route this year.

After the church goers arrived home, we ate a light lunch and later in the afternoon had coffee and cake out on the deck. Prior to that, we played. The grands went searching for Easter baskets; we had a very long game of hide 'n seek; we colored; we jumped ropes; we sent gliders sailing all under that beautiful sky.

Just dropping in a few photos for me to remember by...

Where's that Easter basket?

Sam searching for just the right page to color

All hands on deck or Jake is contemplating an escape

There's a lot going on or Jake attempts an escape

John and Jake sporting sunburns or Jake is foiled again

Getting the Glider ready or Jake is still trying to escape

Do you suppose this gene runs in the family?

Hmmm, sometimes cropping can create such an intriguing photo...

It is my fond hope to do some snooping visiting today so I can discover more about your Easter Sunday!


  1. I'll have to tell you that our Easter Day was lovely because I posted about Chelsea's new Apron instead. But we did have a great day that started early with the Sonrise Service...ahem, at 8am.
    A breakfast at the church and then the normal services with an extra "something" due to the meaning of the day.

    We enjoyed time with friends and family until it was time to SLEEP!

    Your family is so dear.
    Gotta love that little Jake!

  2. What a great litte peek into your family escapades .. I mean escapes.
    I love that all over the world. .families do the same sorts of things ..being family.
    I so enjoyed my snoop this morning .. thank you.

  3. Looks like a fun time (despite Jake being a rascal)! Can you believe that I didn't take a single photo yesterday? We went for a lovely drive and feasted in the sights 'real time'.

  4. Looks like a perfect day! Enjoy your week! ♥

  5. It looks as though you had the most beautiful weather for Easter. Your family is darling. Jake must be a character! Children make the holidays extra special.

  6. sounds like a fun easter! nice and
    relaxed with lots of darling jake

  7. Dear Vee,

    Looks like a lovely day spent with family!


  8. I love to see that we all celebrated Easter Sunday in much the same fashion...family fun all around! We did NOT have your warm temperatures though...it feels more like the winter we missed over here.

    I'm smiling about your escape artist. Go, Jake...go!

  9. Hi Vee

    So glad that you had a wonderful stress-free day. Love those Jake photo's, brings back memories of my guys when they were little.

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Celebrating with family is a wonderful way to spend Easter. I'm a bit envious of your sunny weather - we had a most blustery weekend.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful Easter. Glad you enjoyed the day and it was fun to see your photos.

  12. How terrific that you had such good weather...rain, rain, rain for us! But still a lovely day!

  13. Looks like an awesome day. I talked to Mom and it was shockingly warm in NB too. xo Terri

  14. Hi Vee, Happy Easter! I loved seeing all of your wonderful photos. It looks like you had a fun day. I read your post about being a caregiver. You gave some great advice! Sometimes after you agrr to this job you find you have to make other arrangements. Many people feel guity about that but they shouldn't. I commend anyone who tries. I really do. It is a very difficult job. Being a nurse I know a little bit about it but I got to go home at the end of my eight or twelve hour shift. I couldn't imagine being on call twenty four hours a day. I think you are such a special person. I pray for you nightly. I really do. Your nana is very fortunate that you have taken care of her so well.

  15. Very cute post!

    But... Poor Jake. -giggles-

    Aunt Amelia
    Doris said we are over taxed, as is. I'm with Doris!

  16. Oh, I did enjoy my snoop at your haven today. I had to laugh at your little escape artist. I'm so happy that you were able to enjoy a nice warm day. It is always so welcome after a long, cold winter. We were in the upper 80s on Easter and it promises to be a very warm week.

  17. Looks like a wonderful way to spend any day, better because it was Easter.

  18. It looks like a delightful Easter at your house Vee! Sam and Jake are getting big and Jake does look like a cute little handful :-)

    After church we went to my older brother's house as he had a big egg hunt for his 9 grandchildren and a lovely meal that all his sons had helped to make.
    There was lots of traffic on the way home and since I was exhausted I went right to bed.

    I spent the day today at my Mom's, waiting for the telephone repair person , who never showed up.

  19. Love your photos!! I took photos but I am having issues finding them after I uploaded them.

    You won my Giftaway! :) Send me an email with your addy!


  20. Vee, what a wonderful Easter you had. Oh, your family is beautiful.


  21. oh, and ps. out of the country for a
    week. waited until the end of your
    comments to keep it on the down
    low. :)

  22. It looks as if you enjoyed a perfectly lovely day! There is something so beautiful about seeing pictures of families enjoying precious time together. How wonderful the weather cooperated for you!

    I hope your week is off to a fabulous start!

  23. Hi Vee - I have to chuckle at little Jake. He gave it a good try, didn't he! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful day and the weather cooperated.

    It's so nice to feel those warmer temps again! However, in Texas, we jump from winter directly into summer almost. From cold to upper 80's already. We need some rain badly to wash some of this pollen away that's making my allergies go hay-wire.

    Good to hear from you, friend. Thanks for your concern for my mother in law - she's such a dear sweet lady. I hate so badly that she's going through this. Now the problem today was that she pulled all her IV's out AND climbed out of bed by herself and went walking around. She just doesn't understand that she can't do these things. sigh....

    Thanks for your prayers - they are very appreciated. I could feel all the prayers going up for her and that's why she's doing so well!

  24. It looks like you had a beautiful and loving family time this Easter. Such cute kiddos! Thanks for sharing a bit of your day with us!