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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Giveaway for Bloggers!

This week I was contacted by a very nice gentleman who'd love to give one of my blogging buddies a gift from one of the on-line stores that he and his wife own. A gift! How cool is that?! He is offering the Stylish Beach Bag, a red and cream-striped, perfect-for-summertime tote bag you see below.

You will note that it can be personalized (up to 12 letters). The bag, the personalization, and the shipping are all a part of this giveway. So much fun!

And, the best part is that this is a giveaway that you can talk about so please let your blogging buddies know. All one has to do to enter is comment on this post and be a blogger. Feel free to use this tag for your sidebar if you'd be willing to help me get the word out. Just click on the title of this post to snag the url so you can link back. (If you do, I'll enter your name twice.) Thanks so much!

Time is short as comments will close Monday evening, April 26 at 7. "The Hand" will make a selection and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

You can find more wonderful products by checking Throws and Beach Bags. I have spent a pleasant time browsing there myself.

Enjoy your Friday...
Comments are now closed. A big thank you to all who participated! Check back tomorrow morning to learn who the winner will be. (This is so exciting...I don't even know yet myself.)


  1. Good Morning My Friend

    What a wonderful treat! I'd love to be entered to win and I'll definitely add you to my sidebar.

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and prayers. They mean so much to me.


  2. Oh what a great giveaway!! I sure could use a bag like that when I go to NYC in September! I'll also post it on my sidebar!

  3. How cute! Let's see, I think "cottagedays" is under the lettering limit, LOL!

  4. Very cute!
    I'll put this on my sidebar.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

    Becky K.

  5. -Chuckle- I actually thought: "Hmmm, that e-mail must have vetted out OK, after all." :-)

    But naturally, you know me well enough to figure I'll say: "Whhhhhhat?!"<--*Dreaded* inside stuff, I know. A horrible example of lack of blogging etiquette I know! -hangs head in shame-

  6. Btw, I'm NOT entered. You know why. But thank you anyway...

  7. adorable canvas bag. who
    doesn't need one of those?

    question: i'm not going to
    do it, but can just anyone
    link below the comment section?
    i noticed someone does on mine
    and now yours.

  8. * (No, he is not the "other guy" who did not even know his own name (the other guy used two different names in the same email) and who offered me a lump sum for advertising...good grief! Gotta be careful, folks. I'm just heading Auntie A off at the pass with the answer to her question in advance. ;>)

  9. Good morning Vee! Sign me up! That's a very cute bag - one can always another cute bag! Unless one's daughter steals it away!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Of course you can throw my hat in the ring. Great beach bag! How fun.

  11. Ohhh... Fun giveaway! It would be perfect for my trip to Jamaica in June!

    Have a beautiful weekend Vee! =)

  12. How lovely...what a great bag! Please throw mu name in the hat, I'd love an opportunity to own a personalized bag :)

  13. That would be the perfect bag for Florida! Thanks, Vee! You are a sweetheart! ♥

  14. Oooh, what a great bag! May I add my name to the "hat"? Thank you!

  15. You had me at RED!
    And thank you so much for your sweet comment, it's nice to know I'm not alone in this.

  16. Cute bag, Vee! I'll add your button to my sidebar too.

    ♥ Pat

  17. HI Vee,
    What a great giveaway, the bag is lovely.
    I would love to have my name entered, and I will add this to my side bar.
    Enjoy you weekend.

  18. Fantastic give away! Does a trip to the beach come with it ;c) Have a wonderful weekend Vee and tell "the hand" to have a great one too!

  19. Hi Vee,

    I was lost in carland this week, finding a car for my daughter and not blogging.

    What a wonderful giveaway, you are so generous! I am a bag lady at heart, I usually have one nearby filled with "just in case" items. Left over from carting two girls around Hong Kong.

    I am putting this on my sidebar now.


  20. This is adorable. Would be so much fun for the summer.

  21. I was gone most of yesterday and wasn't able to come by for a visit. Glad I didn't totally miss out on the chance to enter your giveaway. What a nice looking beach bag. The one I am currently using is getting a bit ragged. I'd love to be entered and will be keeping my fingers crossed that "the hand" picks me. :-)

  22. Well, Miss Vee ... what a great giveaway. I just found your blog from another I visit ... and what-do-you know ... such a lovely treat!

    Hugs and hope you have a great weekend!

    Betty :)

  23. OOOOOOH I love it. I could carry my things for church in it...Have a blessed Sunday....m...

  24. What a pretty tote and what a pretty blog. I just found you and got lucky in seeing the give away. I need to go check out the rest now:>)

  25. I love red, and I want to win! Please enter me for the beach bag drawing!

  26. Happy Mosaic Monday Vee! I loved your red mosaic and I'm still in love with this bag :-)

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  27. The red mosaic was nice and so is the giveaway...I could use the nice red bag.Trish

  28. I love this bag! Crossing my fingers and hoping to win! V.

  29. First I've got to say LOVE your new header and your beautiful music. And, yes, thank you for the great give-away!

  30. Loved your red mosaic (LOVE red) and what a nice give-a-way (just in time for the beach season).

  31. -giggles- You are getting sneakier and sneakier. ,-) You closed Mon. comments, so we'd have to come over here, to comment. -giggles-

    But of course, I applaud your sneakiness. :-)))

    Loved your Red Mosaic and how you used part of it, for your Header! Love new Header.

    OK, I know, it's not about whether "we" love your Header, but is about whether you love your Header. But anyway, I do. I know the yellow blossoming bush was in your color-spectrum. But this Header has more punch. :-)

    But I'm still not in on the drawing. For my own silly reasons. >,-)

  32. What a gorgeous giveaway.

    I adore it!

    Leeann x

  33. Vee, what a beautiful beach bag. I would love to win that. I am excited to be back to the land of blogging today after being away. I'm catching up on yours and hoping that you are staying unstressed with your daily duties around home. Spring has brought with it some freshness for me.


  34. That's a pretty beach bag, and thanks for visiting!

  35. Good morning - it's probably afternoon in your neck of the woods. I thought I'd entered, but I checked the comments and nope, I hadn't. So here I am.

    By the way the Anne music on your blog just takes me back and calms my spirits.


  36. What a cute bag. Thanks for directing me here Vee :)

  37. I love the cheerful look in red! And the pretty red striped tote that will soon belong to one of us!

    Happy day, Vee!