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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life Ain't No Ride on No Pink Duck

We've been in and out of rain showers for a few days here. This sweet image is so charming to me. Karen @ A Scrapbook of Inspiration offered it as a free image right *here.* It is from one of her many Pink Saturday posts, which are always not only lovely, but filled with lovely thoughts, too.

When I first saw the little girl in her pink-ribboned dress, I knew that Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread must've loved it because it fits the theme of her blog so well. That theme comes from one of Patsy Clairmont's quotes..."Joy must be the shocking pink thread in our tapestry..." Today, I found the quote it its entirety and laughed:

Joy must be the shocking pink thread in our tapestry because people seem stunned by the flamboyant stitch. When we exhibit joy during trying times, others view us as odd ducks, 'cause everyone knows life ain't no ride on no pink duck.

as taken from Contagious Joy by Christa Kinde.

On that fun note, let's look for the pink thread or perhaps even the pink duck!

(Clicking on the title of this post will help you get started. No, no! Good heavens, no! I am not calling Patsy Clairmont's web site a pink duck, though it could well be a pink thread.)

Edited to Add: Now what was I saying about joy in trying times? Overnight there have been some developments.

snow on forsythia

snow on lilac leaves

snow on tender new maple leaves in the forest

Breathing deeply here...okay, this might be an M&M breakfast morning.

Enjoy your Saturday. Hopefully, it's better than this...


  1. I do hope they are Peanut M&M's.

    That is really too much. I can't believe you would go so far as to order snow for a great blog post. lol

    All we have here is manure. Seriously, I am going to blog about it next week. A Manure spreader got stuck in the field across the street. What smells worse than one manure spreader? Two, when they bring the second one in to pull the first one out!


    Crazy life!

    Hope your developments overnight are the snow and not something more ominous.

    I'm off to Maryland to meet Marydon and Sherry.

    Becky K.

  2. Oh good grief!!! Over night snow!!! Mother Nature, we are not amused. Harrrrrumph...

    Nothing but more rain showers here, I'm relieved to say. If I saw snow, I might need M&M's for breakfast too. Yish!

    All sorts of cuteness, concerning Pink! :-)

    Gentle hugs...
    P.S. Mmmm, have you thought of getting a long lead, and going out with a hair dryer, and disposing of that snow, on the flowering stuff you can see from your windows????

  3. Oh dear!

    We interrupt this perfectly lovely spring for .....snow. In April. And they say we are in global warming! I guess you disagree at this moment!

    I love the quote that joy is a shocking pink thread. ANd the picture, so adorable and sweet. I love sweet. My kids have been little devils lately (very ornery & fussy with each other) and it reminds me that they can be sweet!

    Hopefully everything will melt away quickly and you can get back to spring. Have a great weekend.

  4. oh dear, I do hope it thaws soon before too much damage is done to those tender blooms!

  5. Did you try those strawberry peanut butter M and Ms? They sound gross but it can't be horrible, can it?

  6. There is color and joy in any dreary day! A bag of M&M's will help you see it! LOL, love the snow! We've seen it as late as May 3 here - now THAT was a strange year.

  7. Happy Saturday to you! Can't believe you woke up to snow! Maybe the M&Ms will give you comfort. ;-)


  8. I love that 'shocking pink thread' quote now that I see it in it's entirety! May you find the shocking pink thread under all that snow. It's lovely here today...and very warm

  9. The good news about snow that comes this late in the season is that it generally leaves just as quickly. Hang onto that pink thread of joy until it does!

  10. oh dear, more snow. so sorry. won't even
    tell you how gorgeous it is in my neck of
    the woods.

    that would be like a pink duck on a . . .

  11. My word! Snow! We have light rain drizzles.
    Love the pink duck comment - I've never heard that before, is it a Vee original?

    have a great weekend - you know it can only get better!

  12. And I had put all thought of snow behind me...concentrating now on overgrown grass! C

  13. Hang on to that thought of joy Vee, the snow will melt and spring will indeed come your way - you know I mean this for more than just the weather.

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  14. I can't believe you got snow!!!

  15. Oh no! Snow?!

    It was also a little overcast and cool here today. I knew we weren't over potential frost conditions as yet...hopefully soon!

  16. Oh my, it's been warm here for so long that I can't imagine you could be getting snow. I hope it doesn't stick around for long. In the meantime, enjoy those M & M's.

  17. It is suppose to dip in the 30's here tonight...m...

  18. Wow, more snow!

    It's definitely Spring here....my annual sugar ANT invasion arrived in full force through the back door. :)

    Love your photos...love forsythia.

  19. OH NO SNOW! That certainly is shocking. Hopefully there is a pink thread being woven through your weekend :>

  20. I love that beautiful Bible verse. Thank you for sharing it. Snow in April... sounds like you could live in my neck of the woods! Although we actually hit 70 today. It did snow here lightly last week though! Have a lovely Sunday and a great week, Vee.

    Mermaid Debbie

  21. Hi Vee

    Just saw on the afternoon news that you got snow in your neck of the woods.

    Wishing you warmer days and nights my friend!


  22. Beautiful images Vee. We had some snow showers here in our area on Saturday too but no accumulation like you had in your area. I have to admit I have had M&M's for breakfast before too :>) Love that quote!

  23. I'm hearing we're having some Spring snows too in Montana. It is what it is...God's blessings abound daily.

    Stay blessed Vee and John...hugs!!