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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tap Dance Recital Photo

Can you stand another? (Yes, I'm in that line-up somewhere.)

This photograph is a gift from my mother who is packing up a few things and releasing others. It appears that I have been released. When I opened the frame, out fell quite a number of other photos.

I was feeling a bit nostalgic and even sad when John said, "Have you ever seen more little girls needing to pee go at the same time?" Made me laugh and made me want to write on a photo again.

Enjoy your day!

Edited to Add: Judy wins. :D


  1. John! That is just too funny.

    You are all adorable.

    Becky K.

  2. Too funny! This pic is so adorable. You were a precious child. There are pictures I hope my mom will release one day, mainly to protect myself from being blackmailed by my children. =)

  3. Love it! Can you still tap dance then, Vee?? What about a today version??

  4. You are so funny, now I have to . . .
    What an adorable picture and how grand your mother decided to release it. I love that term and will have to borrow it sometime soon. What is fun with scanning pictures and putting them on the computer is that you can zoom in and see features you might not otherwise see. Enjoy your tapping.

  5. Oh my! i LOVE IT! What a precious thing to have! Tell your mom I plan to do the same with Ashley... give her all those photos I have collected of her in her youth!

  6. Love you caption for that adorable photo!

  7. so sweet! you brought back some very lovely memories of my own tap dancing recitals :)

  8. What a great picture! John has me laughing too. My daughter loves to stand like that...and had an elderly gentleman tell her it wasn't very ladylike...since it looked like she needed to go. Hmmm...she still stands like that.

    So you aren't planning to tell is which one is you? I was thinking second from the left? maybe? You tell us.

  9. your john is very funny! such cute

    in response to your query about max:
    we named him after his great-great
    grandfather, maximilion. he was a
    stained glass artist from germany.

    have a lovely day!

  10. Just letting you know... A post you don't want to be seen yet, shows up on Google Reader. Pics and all. [Pic of pretty sky and of a weird e-mail you received.]

    But when one tries to click on it [in Google Reader], and go to read the post ON your blog, we are told that post does not exist.

    Which I figure means, you wrote it and kept it, did not Title it, and will finish it for Fri.

    Quirks of Google Reader...

  11. "Packing up things" means?

    "Releasing" means giving away, I guess.

    John is good at that title business! You could have gone with it, and Titled this entry as "Little Girls Needing To Pee" and it would have been descriptive... Which we are trying to be. And funnier than "Tap Dance Recital Photo."

    Well, to me it would have been funnier.

    But you know your regular readers, and their tastes.


  12. What a guy! I love his caption! Made me laugh out loud! Now tell us which little girl needing to go P is yourself!!!

    I think you should send the picture with John's caption to some magazine!

  13. Ha ha, on 2nd glance it does look a bit like that. I am enjoying your childhood photos. They are so precious and you were a cute little girl.

  14. LOL!!! John is funny!!

    Are you the one in the middle that is a step in front of everyone? All of you are adorable...

  15. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess. I just didn't see it until it was suggested. LOL

  16. Just wonderful!

    Makes me happy and sad. My Mom passed recently and I spent a week going through old photos. So difficult to imagine her and my Nonie as young 'uns.

    I learned from the photos that we need to always identify everyone, because the day will come when we won't know who those people looking out at us are.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes From Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. Love it!
    The photo is priceless Vee!
    Have a great day, Still dancing?

  18. What a sweet photo! John can really find the humor in so many things..a very good trait to have! :-)

    My parents could not afford dance school lessons but I used to accompany my best girlfriend to her dance and piano lessons and watch from the sidelines. The dance teacher would give me comic books to read and the piano teacher would let me choose a candy from her candy dish while I waited, so I always felt like the luckiest girl in both places!

  19. OK, so spill (bad use of words there, huh?) Which one are YOU?? Adorable!

  20. ROFL! From the expressions of some of them, that appears to be a pretty accurate caption!

  21. That photo is too cute!!! Which one are you? "C" and I took tap dancing together! I still remember shuffle ball step! Love John's comment!

  22. Hey Vee you need to check out Woo Hoo Wednesday with Marla. You can find her button on my sidebar. This would be great for Woo Hoo woman. I cracked up at your hubby's comment too.

  23. Vee,
    You are a peach! Thank you so much!

  24. What a great picture! All of you look so sweet. Can you still tap dance?

  25. Hahaha...I love what John said, too funny but true, with their little legs crossed.

    So which one is you?

  26. I'm so excited, I had you picked out as second from the left before I even scrolled to the end. Aren't you impressed? This is sooo sweet.

  27. I love it! What a little doll you were! Y'all did look like you had to pee...LOL!

  28. I totally missed this back then!!! Was I even blogging??? I just NOW thought about going way back to read your earlier posts!!! I love this!!!