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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Power of Yellow

My first posting at 38.9 KB

Isn't this gorgeous? Yellow always makes me smile. Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys sent it to me. She has enhanced the photograph and made it even more spectacular. Many photography projects with special effects can be found at her blog that I'm sure you would enjoy seeing.

This was her suggestion for me concerning saving photos: "For my wider width main column, I am posting dimensions up to 640 pixels by 640 pixels, saved at 100 pixels per inch. Please double-check your dimensions. If you save a picture at a small dimension originally, and then try to blow it up, you'll get a case of the blotchies that way too."

So let's see if I can get it right. Oh, I have bumped up the dimensions on Donna's photo so that it will better fit my template and I see no distortion at all. Still, there has to be a good camera and a great photographer...

There's not only power in yellow, but power in friendship and kindness. Thanks, Donna, for the lessons and the daylily!

And a wonderful Monday to you all...

Edited to Add: Here I go again. Okay, learning all the time thanks to Donna's suggestions. I never thought that when right-clicking and saving a photo that I might not be getting the highest quality. So I returned to Donna's email and actually downloaded the photo. Then promptly lost the photo. Had to do a search for it on my computer. Gee, I'd only saved it four times already. Anyway, to my untrained eye, I do not see much of a difference between photo 1 (the best one) and photo 2 (my original posting). I did "blow up the photo" for my template. Oh well. I'll never be the photographer or the poster that some of you are!

Best Bumped Even More Just for Auntie


  1. Lovely. You guys out there are making me want to bump up to a "real" camera...sigh. Must wait on budget...so dreary. C

  2. Simply gorgeous.

    Now I have something else to check into. How many pixels I am saving in.

    How fun that you are figuring these things out.

    Praying for a very peaceful and special week at your Haven!

    Becky K.

  3. Beautiful! simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing this info. Enjoy your day.

  4. Oh, how you surprised me today! You are so sweet, and I was delighted to help cheer you!

    I do see some pixelation in the image file that you posted, with it not being as clear as the original file I sent you. Look closely along the veins of the flower and you can see it. It looks like you changed the resolution and saved it as a lower quality file before you posted it. The original is a 410 KB file, and this one is ~39 KB. So the picture is not going to look as sharp as a smaller file.

    I know that this photography stuff has a lot of details to remember, LOL, so I hope that I am not overwhelming you with information!

  5. Ackkkk! Okay, back to the drawing board. All I did was right click and save so I'm missing a step somewhere.

  6. Beautiful. I had no idea we were supposed to check our pixels before saving :-O. I have so much to learn and I'm grateful that you are willing to share.

    Vee, I read your post from yesterday and wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. I have often read that as a caregiver it is important to find time for yourself. That can be much easier said than done. You are carrying a heavy load. I'm sending up a prayer that this week will be a bit easier in your haven.

  7. This was our "something learned" for today. Thank you for posting this, and thanks, Donna, for telling Vee.

    I hope you are feeling better this morning.

  8. LOL, I'm going to give you an "A" for trying! The second one is still the same file size when I right click and save. And it does look identical to me on the screen as well. I wish I could be there and see what you are doing, LOL, and help you along the way. I'm doing this a bit blind! When a jpeg file gets "compressed" from a large file to a small file, then the pixels get blurry when the file is enlarged. There may be something going on with how it is uploading into Picassa and also your html settings.

  9. Though I post tons of photos...I haven't a clue about pixels. My photos are all saved full size...and one of these days I will run out of space.

    You need all the yellow you can get these days, Vee! I thought of you yesterday...and hope you had the strength to meet everything that came your way. Blessings to you.

  10. Good morning Vee- How could one not wake up and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with that brilliant yellow in their face! Wow - love your new banner photo! Almost had to put sunglesses on!

    Have a wonderful week my friend - get out and do something with John - just ya'll two!

  11. Yes, 'tis "The Dense One" here again... With questions... (le-sigh)

    1.) Are you using Minima Stretch Template? Which I am... And using it, we can make our photos/pics BIG.

    2.) I think you are using Minima Stretch Template, because I think you are using a Background, which goes with Minima Stretch Template.

    3.) I put my blog [wide enough on my computer, to see all sides of the Border around pics]... Put mine "behind" both your blog and her blog. My pics show up bigger than both of yours. ......... Naturally, neither of you may care. Just saying.

    4.) I do my "showing BIG pics" from the instructions given on "Between Naps On The Porch" blog. In this entry , she has a link to the specific BIG instructions... Did you ever look there? .......... It can be a bit of a bother, to always have to change a little HTML, to increase pic size. But it gets very easy to do, the more you do it.

    5.) I'd love to see ALL your photos, in a BIG way! And I bet you would enjoy doing this, at least for a while. Change is fun.

    6.) I know, this is too much, to handle in blog Comments. If you have the time and wish to, email would be quicker/easier. IF you want to and have the time.

  12. May I grab one of your [smaller] photos and make it BIG, if I can? Please may I???? Please? Please? Please??? :-)

  13. I knew pixels had a lot to do with how a picture looks, but I've never known just what to do with them. Thanks for passing along Donna's tips!

  14. Re: You bumped up pic size, again! Cool! Even bigger than I made it, in my Test Blog post. :-) 'Test Blog' is totally private of course!

    Yes, you are using Minima Stretch Template. Thank you for telling me.

    Have not found new Blogger Colored Template pages. Do those who found them, tell how they found them? Hint, hint, hint to them, to tell us, please. ,-)

    Are you not interested in looking at 'Between Naps of Porch' info? Does the business of needing to view big pics blogs, with wide monitor, have something to do with this? ....... I sometimes wonder how many readers are seeing my blog, as wide as it is published. But I see all those blogs [done in wide], since I have a big monitor screen. I used to wonder about the wisdom of doing mine wide. But now I just do it, and don't fret. One win on my part, for doing my own thing. :-)

    Cloudy day over this way. 'Ding-dang' cool too. :-)

    Folding laundry! Bahhhhhh humbug!!! >,-)

  15. Vee all the pixel talk is like Greek to me! I learned how to change the HTML for Mary at The Little Red House when I first changed my template to minima stretch, but then I found the new editor program at Blogspot and it allows for a photo to go from small to extra large with just a click. It's not gigantic x-large, but big enough. There are pros and cons to using the new editor but I got used to using it and I hope they keep improving it.

    I hope today is a better day and this week will be a better week!

    xxoo Pat

  16. I so........love yellow!! Not many people do, I fear.

    Beautiful rendering.



  17. Very pretty! Yellow is one of my favorite colors - it's always makes me feel cheerful.

    Hmmm...I really don't know much about pixels?


  18. Vee,

    I love that you always have a thirst for learning something new and then sharing it here so I can learn something new. You are talking Greek to me with all this saving pixel stuff but I like the photos if that counts. I just usually point and click and hope for the best. My camera probably does tons of stuff I know nothing about. In fact, I know it does, but I detest reading manuals. I just pick up tips here and there. Maybe someday I will actually take a photography class. I really need to put that on my bucket list!

  19. The flower is so very beautiful as you are a person....smiles...m..

  20. Blessings Vee. Prayers heading your way. I posted about Sharon Lovejoy today. I am so excited I have reconnected with this author. I love her books, and I have your blog to thank for it :)