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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Breakfast

Is there anything more cheerful than orange juice at the breakfast table? I think not! Won't you sit down and pour a glass of this Florida sunshine? Our favorite orange juice is Florida's Natural™ with pulp. We can't always find it, but when we can, oh boy howdy!

Yesterday morning, my mother and sister joined us for breakfast completely surprising Nan. Nan seemed to enjoy it, though. Mother brought the "right" crayons, even if she didn't get the "right" doughnuts. We don't eat crayons, of course, but if you've read yesterday's post, you'll know what I'm talking about. Nan was terribly pleased to get the crayons and spent more time coloring today so all was well with the world.

After breakfast, John stayed with Nan while the rest of us went for a bit of shopping. So fun! Not. So closed. Oh well! We'll try again another day.

While out and about, I took a photo of my niece's daffodils and her neighbor's rhubarb patch. I've got to be careful as I'm developing some serious envy over all that rhubarb. My niece says that the family doesn't even use the rhubarb. It just always goes to seed.

So what would you like to talk about today? Anything? Any questions I can answer? Pour another glass of juice and take it away...


  1. I passed some rhubarb yesterday and began salivating! I informed Chelsea that her next assignment is to learn to make strawberry rhubarb pie. My Mom makes them...but to have Chelsea get that skill down will come in handy too, right?

    How do you use Rhubarb?

    Have you ever eaten it straight from the plant? Whew! Used to do that.

    Have a great day...may the coloring go on for a long time!


    Becky K.

  2. That looks like a wonderful place to shop, had it been Open! I have passed this restaurant on my way to see my mom and it isn't Open when I pass thru in the morning. But on their sign out front it says Rhubarb Pie....I love Rhubarb Pie! I'm sure you could snatch some from that patch and it wouldn't be missed! Enjoy your day!

  3. So how well does your Niece know the neighbors, with the Rhubarb? Could she ask if you could come and cut enough for a pie?

    Why wouldn't someone want his/her Rhubarb cut and used? :-)


  4. I can certainly understand how Nan is fussy about her crayons, LOL. I am a self-confessed penoholic. And they have to be the RIGHT pens. If I come across a scratchy one, in the trash it goes!

    A big glass of orange juice sure hits the spot in the morning! Such a shame that neat country shop wasn't open. It looks like a treasure trove!

  5. And another thing... How about asking your neighbor if you can harvest their rhubarb in exchange for a home-baked goodie???

  6. I really have been enjoying your blog. That "Next Blog" comes through every now and again.

    Ooo... I enjoy the pulpy juices too. I buy Tropicana or the one in the funny shaped bottle with the green lid. Pulpy is hard to find, it seems more people like pulp-free. I kind of wonder what is the point? You lose what makes OJ, OJ.

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

  7. hi vee! my dad loves rhubarb, shudder.

    lovely daffodils!

    i am curious about what the right
    crayons mystery.

    i tagged you today, but feel released
    from any responsibilities of the tagging

  8. Are there stores closed on Monday...or what was the reason? It looks like a fine place to do some serious snooping!

    We used to eat rhubarb dipped in sugar...as kids. But in reality...rhubarb is only meant to be consumed in baking. Nothing beats rhubarb pie...fresh from the oven...with a scoop of premium ice-cream!

  9. Your pitcher of OJ looks so sunny and refreshing. That store looks like it holds a lot of potential. What a shame that when you had a chance for a nice morning out, the doors were locked :(.

    Do you think you might be able to do a little bartering for some of that rhubarb? Perhaps their teapot could use some cozying. :-)

    I do hope the fact that your mom is out and about means that she is feeling well.

  10. I second Donna's suggestion, Vee - make the neighbors an offer they can't refuse! Make two pies - one for them and one for you!

    I'd love to have shopped at that neat looking place. Lots of great stuff to look at there!

  11. Oh I love rhubarb. What a shame that they don't use it. It is quite expensive to buy around here.
    In answer to your comment - I don't eat breakfast before walking because it's just too early in the morning for me to eat. Besides I don't want to drink anything and then have to make a pit stop! :-)
    Looks like a great little shop. I love places like that!!

  12. Answers to questions so far...

    Becky: My favorite way to use rhubarb is to make rhubarb platz. MGCC is a great place to find rhubarb recipes. I also have a couple on my recipe post.

    Yes, Chelsea needs to have that skill pronto. Ha!

    Yes, I have eaten straight and it's a bit intense, eh?

    Aunt Amelia: My niece knows her neighbors well enough to ask them on my behalf. I'll press her a bit. Oh and one should never "cut" rhubarb. The stalks need to be pulled.

    Donna: I don't bake well enough to make such an offer. ;>

    Just Kim: I have a question for you...next blog thing coming through? Is that how you found this blog or is something floating through my blog?

    Lea: The right crayons are old ones before the formula was changed. I don't know what was in them, but one of my readers suggested lead. I won't be allowing either Nan or the grands to eat the old crayons.

    Judy: No, stores are usually open on Mondays. This one had an open flag flying when my sis drove by earlier in the morning. This store's hours are Wednesday thru Saturday 9–4 we discovered.

    Kim: Hmmm, that's a thought. I don't know if their tea needs cozying.

  13. Hi Vee

    This a wonderfully cheery breakfast table photo! My hubby can't drink OJ any longer because of reflux, so I don't buy it. He can eat oranges, however, so we often have one of them.

    The closed store looked like a wonderful place to shop. Hopefully next next time we can all take a peek inside with you!

    Rhubarb is not my favorite..give me blueberries, or any berry for that matter!

    Have a good evening!

  14. OT but... In my floor plan entry today, you commented: "our laundry room up from the basement." Oh yes! I didn't add that change, to my post. But it's a HUGE wish of mine.

    No more going up and down cellar stairs to do laundry and drying!

    Actually it has gotten to... Husband does all the bringing back up of clean clothes. We have a laundry shoot from 2nd floor, so dirty stuff goes down easily. But there's the trip down/up stairs, to wash, to dry... To wash, to dry...

    I no longer carry baskets of clean clothes up. And he does a lot of the washing/drying too.

    But I want that center hall section to change front closet into laundry [just dryer-over-washer]. Add shower to Powder Room. Probably lose most of Pantry, to all this. But..... It would be worth it.

    No, you did not offend my feelings in speaking of our older legs, hips, etc.!!!!!!!!! Oh wow no! That's why I want these changes! We ARE OLDER, HERE!!!!!!!!! :-)

    But, think of the cost of changing this inner house stuff!!!!! Eeeek!

    Ohhhhhhhhh, is this a horrible breaking of the Rules Of Commenting? To put an OT comment in someone's blog?!? Eeeeek! ,-)))

  15. Dear Vee, Well I'll have a glass of orange juice. Your table is set so beautifully. I love all of your springy pictures. It is still a little cold here but things are warming up :>)

  16. I love rhubard - we always had a giant patch in my family's garden. I agree on the orange juice - I adore it! Esp. with pulp! My grandmother often made freshly squeezed when I was there - which reminds me - now that she is in the nursing home, I should try to find her old squeezer thingie at the old house....

    xo T.

  17. Argh...rhubarb. I have such trouble on your blog haha....all those distracting thoughts of food and daffodils.


  18. Fun post Vee.

    I'm watching LOST right now...wowzaaaa!!!


  19. I'm determined that I am going to find some rhubarb this year! It is scarce here! I love that pulpy orange juice too!

  20. I love to color! When MIL took me on a cruise last year, I brought along some wonderful coloring books and some brand-new, sharp crayons and felt-tipped colored markers One afternoon the four of us sat on the veranda in the sun, skipping over the ocean, sipping tea and coloring. We all loved it--so relaxing! I have never had rhubarb! Must try it. C

  21. OOOh, that breakfast table looks so inviting - I can taste the sweet OJ! How nice you all enjoyed spending the day together.....I love rhubarb - just planted some this year for the first time. Strawberry rhubarb pie is one of my faves!
    Have a great day!