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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Tablecloth and Experimenting with Light and Camera Settings

These titles are getting longer and longer!

Yesterday, I showed you the photograph that my mother gave me. Today, I'm showing you the sweet little tea tablecloth (possibly Bridge tablecloth) that she found while shopping at a flea market up in her corner and then gave to me. And I'm tossing in my amateur experiments with camera settings for good measure.

So here is the new tablecloth. What? You can hardly see it? So typical of me! My setting was on Av F2.7 for this one, if that means anything for you. I liked how it came out. Composition is wonky, but that's just how it goes when I take a picture. I mean, how many different flower colors can I get into one shot? Ha!

Super Macro details above and below...

This was also taken on Av F2.7. I was intrigued by the light on the flowers, on the tag by Miss Sandy, and on the sofa back.

And I liked how dark the surroundings around this little sunlit bird really help him stand out. "Let's walk in the light" as John always likes to say.

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A great Thursday to you...


  1. I am such a photography novice that I have no idea what you are talking about. However...I love your photos.
    The tablecloth is pretty. And I love how the sunlight brightens and spotlights your intended items.

    Becky K.

  2. Aunt Amelia was here.
    But do to her back hurting,
    which limits her time on line,
    she's leaving this simply Hello.


  3. Hahhhhhhhhh, you knew I couldn't leave it at just that above!

    I don't know about camera settings, but I have found how to use my setting in iPhoto... To lighten, to increase color, to clarify, and stuff like that. Still learning, but loving it.

    I know, I once said that I didn't like any pic manipulation. (Picture my nose in the air, as I said that) But....... I do so like the clarifying and etc., etc., which I found in my regular computer iPhoto thing. ,-)

    So.......... I folded! Say it!

    -chuckle- You already have. >,-)

  4. I do so love vintage linens with all their beautiful handiwork!

  5. Beautiful tablecloth, and is that a poinsettia in the background? It's beautiful, too!

  6. I found a little tablecloth similar to that when we lived in Detroit. It was among quite a few vintage items I passed on to Stephanie.

    She framed the tablecloth and hung it over her piano. No one would know it was a $1.00 garage sale find. :)

  7. I am like Becky, I have no idea what you are talking about in all these camera settings but I like the photos! So sweet for the mention. I have to say the post below made me laugh and I thank you and John for that. I am dreadfully tired today and laughter was just the medicine I needed to get my joy bells ringing. Have a happy day!

  8. Vee...though I take more photos than I can keep track of...I have little knowledge of settings or anything technical. Here's my rule of thumb...take enough and there's bound to be something that looks good. You just need a good subject...like a nice tablecloth!

    I just scrolled down to see if you had identified the dancer I was looking for...and Wahoo! I am a winner.

  9. I follow Judy's rule of thumb when it comes to picture taking. I do have a macro setting on my camera and use it from time to time. I thinks it's for taking close-up photos. I'm not sure where I heard that :-).
    However, I am sure that I like your pretty tablecloth and the vignette you set up on it. The flowers add such a springy touch. I had to be nosey and look past the vignette to your cute corner shelf which looks very cozy.

  10. Good morning Vee. I really need to learn more about my camera too. Your photos are great! I love your tablecloth. It's absolutely beautiful!

  11. beautiful photos with the 'xyz47'.

    what a great comment from john,
    "let's walk in the light!"

    off to visit my girls. yippee!

  12. Nice pics. It is fun to experiment with the camera and these blogs are the perfect place to showcase them. I particularly like the flowers with the light on them. In art class we are studying light and dark and how to apply paints for those effects. I really enjoyed this post. Blessings

  13. Good for you, Vee, to practice and learn your camera's abilities! Your photos captured the light so well. Your tablecloth is beautiful!

    I am a shameful procrastinator with learning how to use all my camera settings. I actually purchased a book last night through Amazon called "Nikon D-60 for Dummies" which I hope will help me learn all the different ways I can use it beyond point and shoot. I even bought a few filters!

    All in all I've been happy with my outdoor photos but my indoor leave something to be desired.

  14. If it wouldn't leave such a mess, I'd be drooling all over that tablecloth! I just love looking at older needlework pieces and imagining their history. You're stars and bars ahead of me on photography. If it's not "point and click", it goes right over my head. I think your photo's are lovely - great job sharing your lovelies with us! :)

  15. That is such a pretty tablecloth.
    I don't know about camera settings. Mine is just a point and shoot! I put it on auto and it does it's own thing!

  16. I will never be a photographer! ---Sigh! - Thankfully, my hubby loves his camera!
    The tablecloth is so lovely! It reminds me of my great-grandmother's era. She was a member of a ladies club and they did embroidery and played cards! I have a few embroidered pillowcases and dresser scarves in the old trunk.

  17. Walk in the light is one of my sayings too! I reserve it for those special folks who are so touching in their grace and presence.

    Pretty tablecloth and nice pictures! Here's a rule of thumb for you. The smaller the f-stop numbers, the shallower the depth of field. Of course, if you are using a wide angle lens and quite a distance from the subject, everything will be in focus regardless. Did I confuse you with all of that, LOL?