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Friday, April 16, 2010

Curly Tops

Is she not adorable? This is my mother in 1940 or so. I just love her sweet, demure expression, slightly hesitant, wondering, just beautiful.

Her hairstyle was the ever popular one of the day based upon none other than...

Photo Source

Let's see, just how long did Miss Temple's influence last anyway?

Here's yours truly wearing a surprisingly similar do in 1960. Oh my!

Photo Source
Here's little Shirley dancing with Bill Robinson. And, yes, how'd you know that I'd feel like dancing? Perhaps it's the hair.

I was actually a part of a duet...

or, if we count the dolls, a quartet. ;> I see that my little ballet partner missed the memo about the Shirley Temple curls and I missed the one about keeping my skirt down. Hahahaha...

Have a fun Friday!


  1. Too cute.
    I had those curls as well and suffered for them. We called them rag curls - so called because my grandmother would use rags to curl the hair around to make me look like Shirley Temple.
    Cute post and I thank you for it.

  2. Sweet!

    My Mom used to put my hair in curlers every Saturday night so I could have long curls on Sunday morning.

    What a classic photo. So glad you have it!

    Becky K.

  3. I love those photos of you and your mother. What a sweet post to read early this morning!

  4. those darling pics made my day! how cute
    you and your mother were!

    fun story: my father in law serendipitously
    had a seven hour train ride with shirley when
    she was about nine. he played gin rummy
    with her the entire time. . . and had to let
    her win!

  5. You are adorable Vee!!! I never had enough hair to make any curls, my mom was a fan of the pixie cut :) have a wonderful weekend sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

  6. Love it - I was a milkmaid, but thank the Lord there are no photos!The curls are too cute!

  7. All the pictures are precious!

    But what a scamp, you were, on stage! Whippin' that skirt up, and all. -gigggggles- What does John say, about this photo? >,-)))


  8. As to Moms and curls... I terrorized my [straight haired] daughter by doing her hair in pin curls, EVERY night.

    I know, I should have been taken away by the Cruelty To Children police.

    But I would not allow Nature to dictate to me, that my one daughter NOT have bows in curly hair. See, I was always a "pain"!


  9. My Friday is starting off on a fun note after seeing your adorable pictures. I'm so glad you shared them. You and your mom both look so cute with your Shirley Temple curls and your dancing pictures are just precious. I sported a lot of pixie cuts in my youth and my occasional curls came from the Tony home permanent.

  10. Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute!!!! I remember watching Shirley Temple movies as a child in the 50's.

    What wonderful pictures of your mother and you. You look adorable.

  11. See...we learn new things about you all the time. Who would have thought you were a ballerina?

    Cute pic's...all of them!

  12. Oh I loved this post. Great story and darling pictures. I have a photo of my sister and I with long curl that our mom, after we slept with rags in out hair all night, curled around her finger and let them hang down around out face. My kids begged me to please never do that to us. They did have pixie cuts. So much easier.

  13. I right away thought of Shirley Temple when looking at the first picture before you even mentioned her. My mom used to set my hair in rags to get the curls.

  14. Your vintage pictures are priceless! Thanks for sharing!!


  15. oh my how I remember those Shirley Temple baloney curls! you like just like your Momma sweetie :)

  16. The ballerinas are so adorable. What great memories captured in film.

  17. I LOVE it! Oh, how I despised the curls that my mom put in my hair. I wanted mine straight! Yeah, I was a rebel way back them, protesting the Toni perms. I finally got my way once I was 15, LOL.

    You looked just like little Sirley too!

  18. What adorable pictures. You and your Mom really did have beautiful curls. Have a great weekend!

  19. What a fun posting! I used to love watching Shirley Temple..... great photos.

  20. Oh my...how precious! You are just pretty as can be all dressed up, hair curled...dancing! I love your photos! Wonder if we could get our hair to curl like that now? ♥

  21. Such sweet photos of your mom and you, Vee! You look very happy being a ballerina!
    When I was very young a friend's mother used to wrap her hair in rags every night to make long banana curls. I was so envious!

  22. Love, love love it!!!! You and your mom were every bit as darling as Shirley! What priceless pictures to have.

    Mermaid Debbie

  23. Just wondering what the profile pic will look like here. Oh, Aunt Amelia, John says that it was obviously a "wardrobe malfunction.";>