Saturday, June 9, 2012


I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.
Edna St. Vincent Millay


I'm going to have me a day now let me tell you. So much to do and I even bought more flowers in anticipation to include a Heavenly Blue Morning Glory (a started plant). Yahoo!

First, though, I have a baseball game to attend. I'm taking  a traveling chair, bottled water,  a camera, and bug spray. Definitely bug spray.

Have yourself a delightful weekend.

Love Vee

Friday, June 8, 2012

Table Runner

Edited to Add: This was an epic fail. Please do not use burlap and material in the same sewing project. You're in for heartache if it ever needs laundering. 

Thank you so much for the information and tips you shared yesterday. I learned a lot of new things. Guess it proves that there's more than one way to do a thing. I spent a lot of time deleting photos from Picasa yesterday afternoon such as all the headers I've done and some sidebar graphics no longer used. I may be there today deleting this mosaic because if the sun comes out I'll be able to get a better picture and I'll pop it in instead. Phew! That's a little better.

Yes, we did go out for breakfast, but as it happened our favorite breakfast spot was so full that we didn't stay. We drove into the city instead and, since we were there, I dragged John all around. You see I had one of those coupons for the fabric store and goodness knows I hate to let it go by without taking advantage of it. In the end, my fabric was already on sale so those coupons can get frustrating. 

Then we shopped at TJ Maxx. As a result, John has a new Father's Day shirt and I saw two projects that I thought would be fun. One was a table runner and the other a tea towel. 

Now I do not know who is copying whom, but I took note of the table runner thinking it was cute and figured I could do it myself. When I got home, I was less confident. Would you believe that I found a video tutorial online for making the same style or nearly so?! It's so much fun and easy. How I adore easy. It's basically just making a tube, turning it inside out, ironing the edges good and even, folding the ends in half and sewing along the edge then turning them inside out... Well you go find out for yourself right *here.*

Saving the tea towel for another day. It involves scrap pieces of fabric and some embroidery embellishments.

Any crafty projects going on at your place?

Love Vee

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Much Photo Storage Do You Have Left?

Photo storage problems? I've had a couple of questions this week from friends who've discovered that odious message about their space being all used up. I tried to find anyplace to tell me how I was doing as a result. Thought I'd share what I learned. If you know a better way, please let me know.

The problem is that the New Interface doesn't have this information. One must return to the Old Interface, which will not be an option for much longer by the way. So while there is still time, click on the gear at the top right of the Design Page selecting the Old Interface. (Don't worry, you can go back to the New One in a minute.) From there, click on new post, set it to html instead of compose, click on the image icon as if you were selecting a photo file, scroll to the bottom and AT LAST you'll see your information — if you dare!

I have used 40% of my available space in five years. How is that possible? The single best answer is that I always resize my photos before uploading. Any computer has programming making this possible even if you use the most basic PAINT. Photoscape, a free downloadable program also has this feature, and many of the online editing programs do as well. The added bonus, besides not using up so much photo space, is that the uploads are much faster.

Hope this helps...

My honey is taking me out for breakfast so I'm off! Have a great day...

Love Vee
Edited to Add: Lots of great information in comments! Such smart readers I have!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Control Freak

Before this blog becomes an ongoing weather report, I'm turning my attention elsewhere. Yes, still raining. No sunny days for several more. It is what it is. Water levels are down, though flood warnings remain in effect throughout today. I'm hearing the rumblings of thunder now.

Last night, as I was lying in my bed going through "the list" I was reminded, yet again, that I am not in charge. (Yes, my name is Vee and I am a control freak.) What a sinful thing and deeply ingrained. I feel as if I'd really like things to go mostly my way and mostly all the time, including the weather. John had just read me an essay by Spurgeon where he explains that even if people were given the reins, they wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. Exactly. Even if God said Here ya go, Vee, cover me for a few minutes, I would be at a total loss. I do not have the intelligence, the character nor the strength to handle such a task. So why do I keep on trying? Perhaps one day I'll grasp it.


My sister and her husband are on their way up for a few days. They had a house fire at their home here that they rent out. They are coming to see what the damages are. It's always something.

So I'm busy puttering today. Why does my kitchen island always become a clutter landing?! Molly has a grooming appointment. I probably should bake or something. I wish that the lawn and gardens were groomed, though there's nothing I can do about that. Everything is very green though!

~Very Green~

Hope that all is well in your corner...

Love Vee

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Flood Story

~A Flood Tour of Town~

I had no sooner finished yesterday's post when John arrived home looking shaken. He had checked on his tenants and found that they had had way too much excitement. Though the Ponderosa is not "on the river" it is on the flood plain and, in all the rain, the driveway had filled with water. The young wife had driven her car into the water hoping to get out to the street. Unfortunately, the car swamped and she had to rescue herself and her two-year old daughter. The mere thought of what could have happened if she had fallen while walking in all that water is unnerving. Believe me, we are thanking God for His mercy and protection. 

There's another week of showers coming. We saw brief sunshine first thing this morning, but it has clouded in and started to sprinkle again. Even still, if the torrential rains stop, the water can go down some.


~Rescued Posies Make a Scraggly Bouquet~

My neighbor pulled his car over and yelled, "Surely, Vee, you are not watering your garden!" ☺ It was true that I was out there with a bucket of water gathering up those posies that had fallen to the ground. They do add a bit of cheer to the house.

~My Pink-tinged Buttercream Peony~

So that's nearly my story for today. Leaving you with a little video of the rushing river in the center of town. We live in a former mill town and this little river was its power source.  


There are flood boards that can be placed hence the walkway out over the water.  There is a filter that prevents big branches and debris from entering the intake area for the water wheel in the mill. Now I have definitely told you more than I know. ☺ (A very nice young lady attempts to engage me in conversation. I grunt at her. Don't interrupt me when I'm getting a great shot! =D I did have a nice chat once I turned the camera off.)

Have a lovely day. And oh how I wish that I could help you sun-scorched folks out by sending along some rain. 

Love Vee

Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Lovely Weather for Ducks They Say...


Translation: Good morning!

Quack Quack?

Translation: How're you doing?

Quackety-quack quackers. Quack?

Translation: I'm feeling pretty well. What makes you ask? 


She did it again! Kim. She sent me another beautiful photo of *her swans making the sign of the heart. Believe me,  it's much more lovely than this photo of her photo.

Now that John and I have put in a lake, I'm sure that the swans will feel right at home!

~Swan Lake~

Wonder how large it'll be when the rain ends on Thursday. Hmmmm, perhaps we'll be able to put in a dock.

Quack! Have a great day!

Love Vee

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm getting a wonderful object lesson on "waters that never fail" this weekend and over the past several weeks. It makes me smile for I know that the Lord Himself is that water that never fails. Water: a great Bible study for a Sunday afternoon!