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Friday, June 15, 2012

Old Photos

After considerable amounts of time spent on computer maintenance, I hope that this will post. I've been having difficulties for a while with "freezing" or "hanging" (and the losing of posts and comments) so why I didn't address it sooner is an indication of one of my many flaws — extreme procrastination. The maintenance involved clearing the cache in three browsers and discarding lots and lots of picture files AND moving many files to the exterior hard drive.  (Yes, I use Photobucket as well for storage and Picasa, too, of course.) You photographers may wish to clue me in on your storage tips. I know that Jill uses memory chips for storage, which I think is very clever, but then how does she store the memory chips? I should ask her!

So you just know how one thing leads to another and back again, right? It's a Law of Physics or something. Here I was clearing photos left and right and, by afternoon, had found shoeboxes full of old photos. Five to be precise. They were found because I have so much mulch left over from purchasing a yard and a half of the stuff that I wanted to clear a large waste can (used for storage only), which I thought was full of puzzles (easy to release to Goodwill) to put some mulch in for next year. But noooo, there were all those shoeboxes full of photos... Just when I think I'm done with photos, along comes more!

I don't remember ever seeing these before. Actually, most of these "Shoe Box Photos" I don't remember seeing before. It must have something to do with their never making it to photo albums so, sitting in shoe boxes, they were unknown to me. There's my pretty mama keeping my little sister from touching me. I'm sure that's it from the look on my face.  It's a she's-touching-me face! Then there's a photo of my sister and me at the coffee table. (Now I do remember that round coffee table.) My sister has a cute seal pull toy with a ball on his nose.  The top photo is not showing my best side, though what I want you to focus on are the shoes.

Just a little while ago, one of my blogging buds (May have been Life in Red Shoes  Nope! Stick Horse Cowgirls) was discussing those little plastic high heels that little girls wear. I am simply documenting that I, too, had a pair and I loved them. They didn't last long as I recall and, for that reason, I never had another pair. Still, life was good while they held up.

Is it Friday already? Just a reminder to be checking over your photos because next week is June's Note Card Party! Clicking on the sidebar icon will take you to all the pertinent information.

Enjoy your day...

mosaic background by Kim Klassen

Edited to Add: The curly hair? I believe that this was a "Poodle Perm" though goodness knows, with hair that already has a lot of curl, I don't think it was necessary. It was my mother's idea that unruly curly hair could be "tamed" with a perm. I have in recent years had perms with that same hope.


  1. I was nodding my head all the way through this post, Vee. Not only am I doing the exact same thing with purging, organizing, and storing photos on my computer, but I'm doing it for the exact same reason.

    And lo and behold, sitting next to me on my desk right now is a pile of old photos that I was looking at for some reason that I can't recall night now.

    I love your old photo find. It's adorable. Our girls wore the plastic heels. They called them their "clickin' shoes". I intend to resist all urges to head to my photoboxes and dig up some clickin' shoe photos.

    Hope your photo purge helps your woes. Mine seems a bit better, but I still have those exact problems you described regularly enough to annoy.

  2. I love looking back at old photos. My sister is the keeper of the family photos, only most of ours on on slides....Remember those? The big screen, projector, whirl, click,

  3. You two were sure cute! I had those plastic high heels too as a kid. Loved playing dress up! Still do, with hats, not so much with heels.

    Our camera supply shop sells several kinds of chip storage items that cost like $5 each, they hold ten chips or so. The ones I use are like daily pill sorters, only flat. There is a space on the lid of each chip storage space to write a date, or info. I also use a page mark sized sticky note to write more details about the chip (like Jeff's 30bday,AZ trip) after the start/finish date.

    If I had a safety deposit box I'd keep the chips there. Instead they are in a ziplock bag inside my desk drawer by the computer.

    Hmmm...maybe I should to a post about this.

  4. She's back already! Excellent!

    As to cleaning out on computer... Every time I go off my computer, I Clean Out History and Cache. Every time.

    Pictures, I just don't keep pics I take. On blogs, yes. And the relatively few real "KEEPERS", I send to myself, at Yahoo Mail. They are thus stored by Yahoo. And are there,in my Mail Folder, to get again...

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CHILD! LOOK AT THAT PERFECT HAIR! (And look at that plain, straight hair, on little sister. -grin-)

    "I have made it a rule of my life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy ... you can't build on it; it's only good for wallowing in."
    ~~Katherine Mansfield

  5. I LOVE old photos...they are such a treasure! Tiny windows of time.

    We attended a 60th birthday party last evening for one of Ron's sisters, and someone had brought along a few old photos. Oh did we have fun with those! Laughs, memories, stories...and the marvel at the passage of time.

    Your pictures are wonderful! What an adorable girl you were...sweet face and that beautiful curly hair! (And I can see the present you in those pictures too.)

    Hope your computer issues are solved. I have been having computer issues of my own...some I have semi-solved...some I suspect are in our server as both the desktop and the laptop are affected. (But do I want to dedicate the unknown amount of time and frustration to call tech support? Oh no I do not.)

  6. Oh how I do not appreciate or understand computer issues. I hope all of yours resolve themselves soon. I love old black and whites. Glad you found some you don't remember.

  7. Precious post.

    I need to organize, clean and purge but I am just too danged tired to do it right now.

    LOVE those plastic shoes. I loved them too but remember them hurting and making too much noise down the halls, haha.

    Love your curly hair, my hair has zero body and won't keep a curl no matter how much mega hairspray I use.

    Gret to find old pics. Bet your sister will love this post!

  8. Sure hope all your computer maintenance solves your problems.
    Adorable photos you uncovered in the shoe boxes. Your curly hair is so pretty.
    I remember wearing a pair of those plastic heels and a long bathrobe while parading around pretending I had been chosen to be Miss America. Ha Ha ... LONG time ago.
    I'll get to work on looking for my photos for the note card party. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I've been discovering some never before seen photos and they are such treasures and delight! Happy hunting through yours! (yes I always wonder about the ones in the boxes .. did they not make it into the photo album or were there no albums made at that particular time of the photos.) We'll never know.

  10. Love these. OMG, you still look the same! That hair too...oh to have thick hair...what a beautiful girl!
    xo Terri

  11. Thanks for the note Card Party reminder Vee. i really hope to participate this time. It's wonderful to discover photos you haven't seen before isn't it? But then the task of reorganizing once again begins. As I go through the family photos from generations ago I realize what a treasure they are but only if labeled. or grouped so that they tell a story. So much work to do yet for me...good luck with your computer organization. It's something I don't do often enough but I won't worry til something happens.

  12. I walked all over the neighborhood in those little plastic heels! And my mother and aunt's high heels, too. We played a game called "office". My computer is just old (4 in October), I think, because I don't really have that many photos. Takes a long time to load, and I have been finding it hard to upload photos. xo

  13. Ha! I remember those plastic heels. We sure spent a lot of time playing "dress up" from a box of clothes and hats in the garage. That, and roller skating. Time's were a lot simpler then. I'm looking forward to the Note Card Party - better start digging now. Have a great weekend!

  14. It's so much fun to look at old photos. You were a cute little girl with your curly hair! My hair was always very fine and super straight. My mother would give me a home perm every now and then. Oh, how I hated those!
    Hope your computer troubles are over. Have a great weekend!

  15. My computer is giving me grief back home as well (I'm on a weekend trip right now)..and I'm hoping that by the time I get beack home, things will have resolved themselves. Ha! Thank goodness for a netbook backup. As for picture storage...they are all on one computer or another...or the external hard drive. I usually know where to look...though it gets daunting with more and more files!

    Love your vintage pic's!

  16. Don't mention photo storage. I have for months (maybe years!) been planning on getting photos off my computer. Over 30,000 at present. It slows things down. Those I know I want to keep forever my plan (and I have done some) is put them on C.D.'s then delete lots and put others on external hard drive.I use Picassa web album for all the photos on my blog for a small annual fee and then of course all the ones on computer come up in Picassa as well if I can hang around long enough for them all to load!!

  17. I love looking through old photos, Vee. I often marvel at the moment of time that they preserved forever.

    You and your sister were adorable children! I can see your daughter's face in your Mother's face--a remarkable resemblance!

    I did a whole Norton system check today because my computer has been working very hot lately. Nothing bad showed up but I'm going to make sure my external hard drive backup is working just in case.

  18. What great photos and memories for you!

    We have a detached automatic back-up system. My brother uses on-line storage for his photos.

    I don't trust just one back-up source so I also use thumb drives to store photos.

  19. I used to love to get those little plastic high heeled shoes! Such fun while they lasted!

    You were just as adorable as a child, as you are now!

    Have a wonderful weekend - we are celebrating Kamryn today!

  20. Oh my gosh, I forgot all about those plastic high heel shoes. I too had a pair.

  21. I love looking at vintage photos. Are we vintage??? Yep, I guess I am for sure. I couldn't help but notice your mother's chenille bathrobe. I didn't have little plastic shoes. :( I did have navy and white saddle shoes and 'white bucks' though. Do you remember them or are you much younger than I am. :) We back up everything on an external harddrive. My pics are on Picasa and backed up once a week and I hope I never have to delete them or lose them out in cyberspace!! I'll have to get my cards ready for the party next week. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy the sunshine! Pam

  22. What Pamela said. I guess we are all vintage. But we like vintage, so that works.
    I am NOT a procrastinator. Except when it comes to computer stuff. Picasa seems to be pirating all my new photos as soon as I load them on the computer to edit. Not sure how to deal with that.
    I know. I'll do what worked last time. Nothing.

  23. Three browsers? I got stuck right off the bat when you said three browsers. I am befuddled why you need three when one should suffice. Gosh, now I am wondering what I am missing. Oh yeah. Extra maintenance on cleaning out cache files. LOL!

    Seriously, here's what I do about storage. I have an external hard drive connected to my Mac. I run "time machine" continuously, so everything on my hard drive backs up to the 2 terabytes external drive. And my Mac has a 1 terabyte hard drive. As an extra precaution, I do a 2nd backup of all my photos on another external drive. I do that about once a month - manually. I just looked and I have over 437 GB of photos. I cleaned out almost 20 GB today. I don't do clean outs nearly often enough!

    So external hard drives are the way to go for storage of your photos. Online storage is fine if you want to pay for it on a continual basis. With an external hard drive, you buy it, plug it in, and copy the files over. Set up an automatic backup for it to be painless. I like the reliability and reasonable cost of the Iomega brand. You can get them for very good prices on B&H (link on my blog). Zip me an e-mail if you want further boring details, LOL.

  24. P.S. You were a cute little booger!

  25. Vee,

    What a little cutie! I had those plastic heels too, loved they way they clomped across the hardwood floors. Sweet memories.

  26. Vee
    You sure had the most beautiful curly hair. Do you have to straighten it now?
    I love your old photos-you're blessed to have them.
    I didn't have plastic high heels, but I remember walking on cans and also wearing my g'ma's high heels.

  27. Love looking at old photos. Seem to be doing that alot lately! Those plastic high heels were in almost all little girls closets. I know my girls had their share of them. Big stuff wearing pretty pick plastic heels. Wonderful memories, thanks for sharing yours!

  28. Mmmmm.... maybe Jill stores her memory chips in an Old Dutch bag?

    Sorry.... couldn't resist..

  29. Such fun photos to find! I think your mother and your daughter resemble one another strongly! And you're just as cute as ever. :) I must say I love the cool pattern on the couch!


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