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Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Good Old Summer Time...Right

 ~Pretty Yard~

Gosh, we're in another nasty weather pattern that will bring rain and thundershowers for today through Wednesday. It's almost impossible to get on the computer so I am probably signing off after this post until this latest nasty system has moved on. And, yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if rain were more equitably shared? I know that many of you would so appreciate some water. I, on the other hand, am dealing with a wet basement and mold everywhere so it is not pleasant. We are longing for two days in a row of sun.

We did enjoy a splendid sunny Sunday! Every time the weather forecasters say that it will rain all week but be good on the weekend and then add that that's all people care about anyway, I could scream. Yup, I am getting a titch testy. ;> Feel free to share any weather complaints that you may have. We'll call this post weather vent central.


In other news: Last week I received a most interesting phone call...

I: Hallo! (Just practicing my German.)

Caller: I'd like to set up a date with you.

I: (aside) John, there's someone on the line who wants a date with me!

Caller: (chuckles)

I: May I ask who's calling?

Caller: (more chuckles) It's Sam.

I: Sam? Are you bored already? When did you get out of school?

Caller Sam: I think just before noon last Tuesday.

I: All righty then. When?

Sam: Does Tuesday sound good to you?

And so Tuesdays will be our new day for now and tomorrow is Tuesday. What can I do with a grandson on a rainy day that will be any fun at all? Hmmm...must put on my thinking cap. Any suggestions? Time spent with grands is special indeed and there will come a day when the phone won't ring. Mindful of that, I so welcome these days.

Leaving you with a sweet little arrangement found last Saturday, though I don't recall when we had only 12 states...nothing like creative license. The 4th of July is just around the corner!

~Primitive Wooden Flag on Crated Posies~

So I'll catch you when I can. If you haven't signed up for the giveaway yet, check back a few posts. A  new summer bracelet is a very good thing.


  1. Terrific Tuesdays...from now until the summer is over!

    As for the weather...we are still in an unsettled pattern, with some rain most every day. Right now...the sun is shining. I will look quick. Summer is just around the corner...I know it!

  2. Vee I woke up to severe thunderstorms this morning. The rain fianlly stopped. Most of my flowers have given up except my hydrangea that grows larger by the moment -- it must love a lot of water! Thank fully the Colorado fires are not near where my children live but I worry just the same. I wish I could send rain there.

    Oh, and talk about annoying, Blogger told me last night it "no longer supports my Internet Explorer browser" and it suggests I use Google Chrome! I did not like that experience. For soem reason I kept getting a white background behind my typed words, so I had to fill the background in with color.

    More challenges to cope with ...lol!

  3. PS: I was going to suggest you try looking for fun ideas for things to do with your grandsons on Pinterest! I have a whole board f "kiddie fun" ideas :)

  4. Well, the rain has stopped here, but it's not very warm. However, the sun is shining so that is an improvement and I won't complain (much).

    Tuesday with Sam sounds great. And I'll second Pat's suggestion to look at her Pinterest board. She has some great ideas there.

  5. The sun will tease us every now and then, but the forecast has rain for us too. I am just hoping that all this rain and cool weather will finish up before the Fourth of July, as we have around 70 people coming over for a party!

    Enjoy your date! :)


  6. It is clear here in GA but hot. sandie

  7. Hi Vee!

    I think that we are having that same weather system . . . on the other side of the country!! It's hot today, but cloudy and muggy. A cold front is coming in, so it is also windy . . . I don't like the wind.

    Sounds like a fun way to spend a Tuesday! One of my grands favorite things to do with me is to build "gnome homes", and put them under the lilac bushes. We use a box, make a door, and decorate with whatever we can find outside and in - it's really fun, even my 13 year-old grandson like to build them! They can get pretty elaborate!


  8. Hi Vee, this morning I was awakened with a huge badda BOOM! Lightening to beat the band, it was 8 AM but so dark our lighting around the common areas was still lit. Torrential downpour that lasted 35 minutes. Just had another little rumble and some more rain. A lightening bolt struck a church steeple a few towns from me earlier and it caught on fire. xo

  9. Out here in California rain sounds soo nice...I know I know we all want what we can't seem to get. But it is soo dry here and it is heating up this week into the mid to high 90's. Summer is definitely here.

    A day with one of my grands just sounds soo wonderful. A rainy day in the house sounds like baking cookies, playing board games, watching a good movie....but checking out pinterest sounds like a really good idea too. Whatever you do....ENJOY!

  10. A standing date on Tuesday, sounds great to me, as Tuesday evening is my standing date. Your arrangement is so lovely Vee, Here's my weather complaint, we are cooking here in N.C., thunderstorms with high heat makes for a sauna!
    Enjoy this special date!

  11. Sun today!!!!! But rain approaching later in the week. Of course. Wimbledon is on, so rain is inevitable. I, too, long for more than 2 days of sun at a time, and if you have rain, no doubt it will be heading my way, as we have discussed at length in the past. You are my weather vane.

    Grandsons and wet days. Hmmm. Pinterest, definitely. Just search for kids' activities and see what pops up!.

  12. We had enough rain Sunday to last for a couple weeks Vee. But, since we live in the province next to you we will be sharing some of your rain for the next 3 days! The longrange says it's going to be sunny and hot for the Canada Day weekend. That would be nice but I don't believe 'them'. 'They' will find another rain system to dampen our spirits I'm sure. Oh well. We'll try to get out and enjoy some of the events on Sunday afternoon and evening. I have my flag hanging so I'm ready. I hope you enjoy your Tuesday date with Sam. How special. Hugs, Pam

  13. I can't complain about our weather here, it has been lovely. Sunny, warm in the mornings and an occasional shower in the late afternoons.

    Have fun on your date!

  14. My grandparents would always play dominoes and checkers with us. Grandma always made peanut butter mixed with white Karo syrup and butter to put on crackers while we played. I'm so glad you reminded me of those special times. Things have changed a lot since the 1950s. I think you're going to have to learn video games!!

  15. Oh good, I love a weather vent :).
    Hot, hot and getting hotter (low 100s by the end of the week)... oh and did I mention humid, humid, humid. I feel so much better now.
    I am sorry to hear that you are getting more rain and basement problems on top of that.
    The phone call you received is just the sweetest thing. Too bad you couldn't have recorded it. I know you will come up with something fun to do.
    Your new arrangement is indeed sweet.

  16. Hi Vee,
    How fun you will spending time with your grandson. We have our 7yr old grandson with us this week.
    If its raining you could have a movie afternoon, his move choice of course and have popcorn and cuddle up together. You could always play a mean game of monopoly.
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

  17. How absolutely precious! Have a blast with Sam!

    Come join our cause for Zoe, I deeply appreciate this.

    TTFN ~

  18. How sweet! How about an indoor picnic including something sweet and yummy that you and your grandson have baked. Grandpa might enjoy that too.

  19. We're getting a little twitchy here in the Northwest, too. Oye with the rain. I, too, wish I could send some along to drought areas or to the firemen fighting fires...
    Things do look nice and lush at your house!!

  20. We could use just a bit of rain...but I'm not complaining. Today was glorious.
    What a darling phone call!
    I agree with Catherine....Bake something and eat it!

  21. It's too hot and dry here! PppbbbbTTTTTttt... I can't imagine what it will be like in July and August. Good thing we're going to be gone for about half of it and in northern climates, LOL!

    Gosh, I wouldn't have any idea what to do with a grandchild on a rainy day. I suppose sharing a 6-pack of beers would be out of the question...

  22. We seem to go back and forth between HOT and warm...with Rain in between!

    I can't believe you've had so much rain - we had that pattern last year in the late summer and early fall...

    The bracelet give away is fun and cheery though!

    And a date with your grand! Delightful...how about a board game day and lunch out?


  23. Wishing you fun times with Sam.
    No complaints about the weather here..beautiful sunshine 5 days in a row:)

  24. Sorry you're having problems with a wet basement. I have a feeling that I'll be complaining about the heat and humidity a lot this summer.

  25. My Grandkids love it when we bake cookies--especially the cookie cutter kind that they can decorate. I have a new farm animal set we are going to use next time! I also love the homemade play doh that uses unsweetened Kool-Aid to color and scent it. I use a heavy vinyl tablecloth on the table and a plastic school lunch tray I found for them to use for rolling out the play doh without too much mess!
    Sende that rain to Arkansas--we are parched with 107 degree misery! I've never seen it get this hot this soon--it did reach 114 one day last summer. The air was heavy and still and looked "wavy"!

  26. That sounds like the best sort of date!! You can look forward to a summer-ful of Tuesdays!

  27. What a dear conversation! And what a wise grandmother to know that this grand time is a finite thing. May your Tuesdays be filled with memory-making moments!

    (Although we had several thunderstorms today, I have been mostly oblivious to the weather, as I spent the day inside in summer organizing mode. And I plan the same for tomorrow. Wonder how many days I can keep this up...)

  28. The weather has completely been outrageous here this spring and now into summer too. Lots of rain then followed by howling wind...yeah that felt good =)

    I revert to art, tea parties, baking, board games...but with my grand girlies art projects trumps the game plan every time. Have you considered teaching him how to knit...maybe grandsons need more energetic outlets. How about making home made play dough with him and then he can create his own zoo animals....lol I don't know...my girls just want to draw flowers and play princess =)

  29. I thought we might get some decent rain with Debby, but we have had only one shower so far. It's damp and heavy instead of sunny, too, so I'm grumbling about that since you said I could.

    Sounds like Two for Tuesday will be the name of the game. How fun!

  30. And I do love the primitive flag. Forgot to say that!

  31. Oh 100 degrees here! Enjoy your day with your grandson...I am finding such wonderful ideas on Pinterest for my little one..and off the library today also!

  32. Ahhhh yes, I looked at the weather radar and saw... the horrible mess which seems "plopped" on top of you!

    We are a titch cooler, and lots of clouds/sun/clouds/sun/showers/etc. But not the ugh-"plopped"-on-top-of-you mess. -sigh-

    Yeah, someone said that to me yesterday... Someone working of course, and waiting on us; "What's it doing out?" "Glad if it rains now and not on weekend." And then, to her credit, she realized, that we ARE not WORKING. So we don't just wait for the weekends. ,-)


  33. Love that last photo! Sorry you've been getting so much rain. Hope you can dry out your basement soon! Enjoy!

  34. We've been having a fair share of rain and we really needed it...and today is fantastic tuesday for us because Arianna will be here soon...we love our little girl...we loved your post today it was so full of everything we like..

  35. been watching the weather for you too and I when I saw you were going to have more rain - I did say how about sharing some of that wet wonderful stuff - but at the same time I know where I am living and should just be greatful when it does decide to rain.. how about tomorrow - giggle.. sorry for the over wet days.. mold is awful and a wet basement is no fun.. hugs for better dryer days.. O' how I love green grass..grin..
    And super cool that your grand son calls you - go play in the rain with cups in hand and see how fast they fill up..and count them and see who wins..

  36. We would love some of that rain here in my neck of the woods! It has been in the high 90's and even hit 103 the other day. Combine that with the wind and we have a blow furnace and are surrounded by fire :(
    I have no clue when it comes to entertaining boys, let us know what you do!
    Love the flag, accuracy is optional ;)

  37. Inside boy fun...hmmm. Maybe build spiderwebs with old thread all around the house then try to get through them without breaking any threads.

    We've been hitting 100 everyday this past week with high very dry winds. My best friend is evacuated from work due to the colorado springs area fire, my friend in Florida is fighting floods due to Tropical storm Debbie. The Northwest friends are like you...sick of rain rain rain. If this is June...what will the rest of summer hold?

  38. PS What state was the last one to sign on to make the 13 original states? Maybe the flag artist has something against that state. Subtle disrespect....

  39. Texas heat in triple digits down here in the DFW area! We sit in our gazebo in the mornings with coffee and our reading. After dark we sit on the driveway with our feet propped up.
    During the day it is just too hot to go out! And you simply cannot go barefoot - even to get the mail!

    Happy Tuesday - TOO - YOU -Day!!

  40. I'm sure you and Sam have figured out something fun to do today in the rain. : )

    No complaints about the weather here today.
    A sunny lovely day in the mid 70's!
    The heat is due back in a few days though.

  41. I hope you and Sam had a wonderful time on your date! We just returned from a vacation in Colorado where the temps reached 109 on our last day- this weather is crazy!

  42. Grandkids are the best! Had a day with 4 year old Henry today, library, macdonalds, dollar store, tractor ride with grandpa and lots of very interesting conversation. It's amazing to me how much I don't know....

  43. I COULD complain about our weather but...I won't even go there today. :)
    It was 103 here yesterday but daughter on vacation in Dallas called and said it was 111. Now, THAT is hot.

    Yep, little Sam will reach that age not too distant in the future, that he won't call as OFTEN but, I doubt he will ever STOP calling and wanting to hang out with his grannie. You've formed a good bond with him and it will last.:)
    Ya'll have fun on your date.

  44. I love the way you write. So much.
    Sorry about the rain. I guess I shouldn't tell you we have been enjoying glorious days of low humidity and sunshine. Sorry.

    But our heat and humidity is coming back tomorrow and I will be grumpy once again.

  45. I've been in Utah for a week. Soooo enjoyed those cool night there. I could stand this heat here if it would just cool off at night. *sigh* Oh well. 10 more weeks till Labor Day. Then there's light at the end of the tunnel. Love this post. :)

  46. I woud so love some of your rain. Forecasted highs (not heat index) for the weekend? 100, 106, 104.
    In South Carolina. Of course no rain. =( I am sorry your basement is wet and you have mold. That is no fun at all!

    Your date sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure he will add sunshine to your day anyway!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  47. We haven't had as much rain as you have but just enough to help the lawn and garden along. And thankfully the heat comes then goes so we get a break in between.

    Have fun with your grand today!

  48. Hope you two had a grand day!

  49. I just looked at your new post and the comments were closed! I need you to pop over when you can and weigh in on what to call something! lol Hope you're having a fun day and not stuck on the computer! haha!

  50. Hi Vee,
    It is so dry here that the grass is starting to crunch. Send some rain our way.

    Have a Happy Holiday!

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