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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Control Freak

Before this blog becomes an ongoing weather report, I'm turning my attention elsewhere. Yes, still raining. No sunny days for several more. It is what it is. Water levels are down, though flood warnings remain in effect throughout today. I'm hearing the rumblings of thunder now.

Last night, as I was lying in my bed going through "the list" I was reminded, yet again, that I am not in charge. (Yes, my name is Vee and I am a control freak.) What a sinful thing and deeply ingrained. I feel as if I'd really like things to go mostly my way and mostly all the time, including the weather. John had just read me an essay by Spurgeon where he explains that even if people were given the reins, they wouldn't have a clue what to do with them. Exactly. Even if God said Here ya go, Vee, cover me for a few minutes, I would be at a total loss. I do not have the intelligence, the character nor the strength to handle such a task. So why do I keep on trying? Perhaps one day I'll grasp it.


My sister and her husband are on their way up for a few days. They had a house fire at their home here that they rent out. They are coming to see what the damages are. It's always something.

So I'm busy puttering today. Why does my kitchen island always become a clutter landing?! Molly has a grooming appointment. I probably should bake or something. I wish that the lawn and gardens were groomed, though there's nothing I can do about that. Everything is very green though!

~Very Green~

Hope that all is well in your corner...


  1. I am a control freak too Vee. Or at least I try to be, but I know I can't control most things...only myself :-) and I don't do that very well either.

    Your grass does look really, really green. Sending sun shiny thoughts your way.

  2. Vee I loved that imagevof God handing over the reigns for a few moments. I am sure I'd be screaming "take them back!" if He did. And yet I still am a backseat driver an awful lot of the time.

    The island being clutter landing: do you ever have days when the idea of a house with no horizontal surfaces seems like a brilliant idea? Our dining table is a clutter magnet; I have to keep the table fully set otherwise it turns into an archeological dig site overnight.

  3. I'm writing that one down and putting it on my refrigerator, Vee.
    "Here ya go, Cheryl," cover me for a few minutes."

    That many days of rain and the warning of flooding can mess with a person's mind, can't it? Here in the high desert of Colorado where it seldom rains, a quarter of an inch brings great joy as it did Saturday.

    I sat by the open window and sniffed and smiled the entire time, but I have to admit, if it went on for days, I would probably start complaining.

  4. A good word I needed today. Timely. Thanks. Dealing with something that I would so like to see go my way, but need to hold it with an open handing, letting God do what He chooses, not me! And rain here today, but I nice gentle rain and we need sweaters! Wow.

  5. Oh yes I suffer from trying to think I can be in control. Silly human that I am. So glad God loves me and is in control. We have a clutter island, too. Enjoy your puttering.

  6. I am trying daily to allow the Lord to direct meand be at peace in what comes my way because I know enough now-a-days and have experience a lot that He does know what best..
    That last photo - O my goodness - green - I am drwan to the green like bees to flowers..raining to much can be hard on the spirit as to much dryness..and smile through it we do - wink!

  7. I am a control freak myself. I bet we all are to some extent.

    Ditto here on the clutter island. I'm hoping to tackle some of that today.

    Hope your day is a good one in spite of the weather!

  8. Oh, I LOVE to be in control of everything too. (unless someone wants me to run something-then I run for the hills. ;)

    We had a couple of days of rain. We need more though. Perhaps later today. Preferably, after Gabriella's baseball game. ;P


  9. Thank you for opening my eyes to letting go and letting God. He is the one in control and life could be dealing me a lot harder things than cloudy cold spring days. You have a distraction for a bit with family coming and baking to do. All is well. Have a beautiful green day!

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  11. I awoke to the sounds of thunder and instantly thought of you. We've had a steady downpour all morning which has changed my "to do list" since most of it involved being outside.
    I can relate on the kitchen island clutter. A constant battle around here.
    I do hope the damage at your sister's place isn't too extensive. Enjoy your visit.

  12. I know God holds the reins, but I still struggle with being at peace and not living in a strained internal state (like I'm responsible to hold everything and everybody together). I catch myself needing to relax my insides and remember that Christ Himself is the one who holds all things together. And I have the same problem with horizontal surfaces. How people keep them tidy is a mystery to me.

  13. Letting go and letting God...not easy. I know!

    Over here the skies are grey...but no rain so far today. I'm wondering if we can make it through the day without rain. Not likely. Somewhere the sun is shining!

    'Blessed be the name of the Lord.' That song (by Matt Redman) is running through my mind today.

  14. Good Morning Vee,
    I have been away from my blog for the last month. When we returned from vacation we suffered a family tragedy. I have not felt like posting and I am now just trying to read and catch up with my friends.
    You sure have been getting a lot of rain, oh my goodness!. We also have been having rain cold, and then heat.Crazy I tell ya.
    A least everything will be pretty and green.
    God Bless and big hugs, Elizabeth

  15. I know Vee, we are not in control beyond a certian point. We have to open our hearts and "let go and let God" guide us...prayer helps! I often close my eyes and say a favorite prayer and feel better after it.

    I am waiting for a washing machine repairman to come --I had my own personal flood last night in my basement..it's always something!

  16. That green sure does look pretty though. Glad I'm not the only one who has clutter issues.

  17. I used to be a control freak too. Not sure what changed me except that I was never in control anyway! I have found it easier to roll with the flow as I get older and more tired. I don't WANT the responsibility! God has it covered and as long as we follow Him.....we are exactly where we need to be.
    I always enjoy your posts and sneaking a peek into YOUR life! I LOVE what I see! Everytime!

  18. We have a nice breeze at our house at present, surely to end as the afternoon sun begins to heat up the day.:( Fluffy clouds overhead, no rain in sight. Our vegetable garden is flourishing, and mowing is on my husband's schedule for the day.
    Have a blessed day, Vee!

  19. Still wet and cool here in Western Washington...it is common knowledge that summer does not begin here until July 5th! ;)
    Hope we both get some sunshine soon!


  20. Wow Vee if I looked out and saw rain again today I would feel pretty out of control too. It has not rained for two days but it is sure not sunny and bright. In fact is was very cool this morning. When Tom went to get the newspaper he came in saying it was chilly. Your guests will cheer you up. I have some grands coming for an overnighter and they are 12 and 16 fun to do things with like shopping or going to the movies.

  21. Yes, all that rain is certainly making for gorgeous green lawn and leaves. The sun really is still up there and you will see it again. : )

  22. Vee,

    Can you pretty please funnel all that water my way? We are in a dreadful drought our lush green has turned to crisp brown, even our evergreens (cedar trees) are dying!

    Vee, you are so right, even if we were handed the reins for a day, we would be lost as what to do with them.

    Wishing you perfect weather!

  23. Everyone who knows me well laughs when I mention my need for control. They laugh at the understatement that I have made.

    Although, I know, in my heart of hearts, that I am so not in control nor would I really want to be. He definitely knows best and has a higher purpose.

  24. What a beautiful view from your bay window. It must be a wonderful place to sit and daydream.

    There is a place on my kitchen counter that is forever cluttered. I clear it and those mischievous little gremlins mess it up again. If only they made mousetraps for those little buggars!

  25. I am a very analytical person, so control issues come naturally to me. I'm always happy to have company in the club!

  26. Just look how lush and green everything is. We could use some rain here.
    BTW... any flat surface not decorated will turn into a clutter magnet. I think it's a law. I tried filtering clutter, doesnt work. When I'm asleep it comes back.

  27. Hi Vee,

    Wow you have had so much rain. We had some, but down here it's okay. Waltham had some flooding.

    I love your new avitar, and I love the background for your blog.

    I'm sorry to hear about your sister's fire. Hope the damages are minimal.

    We had rain on and off today, but otherwise it was a pleasant day. I've been MIA. In the process of major cleaning and organizing. The list for the shower is unto 60 now. Yikes. It's the planning of food that gets me overwhelmed. I'm thinking a tea in the dining room, and a BBQ outside for the hungry folk.

    Let's hope it doesn't rain.

    Wishing you dryer weather.


  28. Hope it has been a lovely day of puttering and preparing for your visitors...and that you have a grand time together!

    And that view outside your window is beautifully green.

    Control freak? Must we use the word "freak"? Why was my frustration mounting with my posting issues with Blogger? Why did I try to post about 437 times before I found a quasi solution? Why do I love lists and schedules? Hmmm...

    Yesterday, on the blog "Simplicity and Grace," I read a quote that has me pondering.
    "If God sends rain, then rain's my choice." ~Dan Crawford
    Oh my.

  29. Geesh, if I could spell, I'd be dangerous!

    One of my daily battles- letting go of the reins. Since he already knows each and every little thing that is going to happen, it only makes sense to let him lead the way.

  30. Oh Vee...I'm smiling at your thoughts of taking those reins from God. I too struggle in that same area.....my friend Betty keeps saying "Let go and let God".
    The rains continue here in the valley too. Everything is lush and green...but I'm looking forward to watering my plants myself and feeling the warmth of the sun on my back.

  31. Yep, I think we are all a little guilty.:)


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