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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My FabFashion Purses

 ~Blue Purse~

~Green Purse~

Mrs. Rabe,  a dear blogging buddy from Creekside Cottage and a blog-meet buddy, too, bought an accessories store last year called FabFashion. What fun to visit online and find a purse just to my liking. I gave up larger purses a few years ago and then found that I couldn't function without them. I have a large open bag like purse where I lose everything. Not anymore! This purse has several pockets, nooks and crannies, and a place for all that I need. Love it! 

Just yesterday, the purse arrived with a friend. Can you believe it?! Two purses! Deanna just wanted to bless me I guess. ☺ AND, she tucked in a third gift, which I'll tell you all about another day. Though, if you hang out a bit in the Bracelet Section, you may just get ahead of me. ; >

Care to share what size purse you carry?


I'll be back this evening with Mr. Linky; hopefully, sometime between 8 and 8:30 pm. I had so much fun finding my notecards now that I know about searching at Picasa. (Yes, I'm a little slow.) 

Hope to see you at June's Note Card Party tomorrow! (And, yes, you may certainly sign up early.)


  1. Oh, I love pretty handbags! These are both great and I can't wait to visit the site. I walk out the door with 2 bags every day! I have a big bag with lots of essentials and then my wristlet tucked on top. When I get to the store, I take out my wristlet for shopping! See you later tonight...I'm so glad you reminded me! lol

  2. Your new purses are both very pretty, although you may guess which one I am partial to :). Nooks and crannies in a purse are a good thing. Nothing worse than rummaging around every time you need something.
    How nice of Mrs. Rabe to include some fun surprises in your package. I'll have to stop by and check out that bracelet section.
    I'll be looking for my note card photos today. Is there a secret for searching that I don't know about?

  3. I have searched the world over and have never found the perfect purse. I'm sure they don't make it. But that's not keeping me from going to your link. Thanks.

  4. Very nice! I've gotten more interested in pretty purses, where mine used to just be a needful thing. I've graduated to bigger ones to carry a Kindle and whatever else I needed to carry. I'm like the comment before....I never can find the right one!

  5. How sweet of Deanna to bless you with extra goodies! I like to carry a medium size purse and keep the weight to a minimum. A little travel purse goes with me on journeys. I wear my purses cross-body, so an extra long strap is essential. Purse snatching is getting to be very popular these days, and it even happens in broad daylight at the grocery store!

  6. Love your purses. I just finished a plarn one for a friend. I put pockets in mine too because I know how important it is. I have done my cards too. See you later with those sista.

  7. I love your purses Vee. I used to carry a huge tote and finally a few months ago, I got a smaller purse. It is maybe a little too small.

  8. Wonderful to have found the "purrrrfect" purse, for you!!!

    I carry as little as possible, while still having the *necessary* contents of my"Nana Bag." :-)

    Got a big one, with a zip compartment, and which fits over-the-shoulder like all the Hi-Fashion-Gals wear. -gigggles- It's too big.

    I'm back to my old "Nana Bag," made with the Gibson Girls cotton fabric print.

    (Which doesn't fit over the shoulder, like the Hi-Fashion-Gals wear.) -chuckle- Guess "Auntie" is simply NOT meant to be a Hi-Fashion-Gal. ,-)

    "Phoebe found an unexpected charm in this little nook of grass,
    and foliage, and aristocratic flowers..."

    ~'The House of the Seven Gables'

  9. Oh, please post the link to her site!

  10. Those are beautiful! She is such a sweet person.

    We used to tease my mother that she carried her life in her purse. :)

    I tried a smaller purse at one time but it didn't work for me. I have to have one at least big enough for a hardback book, hehehe.

    But I also have to carry snacks and HumaLog and other such stuff and believe me, it is when I don't that I end up needing them.

    I do have a couple small shoulder purses I use if I'm going to garage sales or anywhere else that I don't want to risk leaving behind the bag with my life in it.

    I also have the gorgeous vintage burgundy dress up pocketbook that I found at Goodwill for the wedding. It is a deep burgundy velvet and the clasp has glittery faux diamonds.

    The bags Deanna gave you look like a great size.

  11. Good Morning Vee,
    Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful note about my sister you are so sweet.
    I carry a big tote bag every day for work and since I commute I need to carry a lot of extra things. On the weekend I use a mid size purse. I love the colors of your purses...so pretty!
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  12. I Love your new purses. LOVE both colors! When I leave the house I have my purse and a market basket. Years ago I found a purse insert that adjust to the size of a purse, it is LOADED with compartments and you just take it out WITH ALL YOUR "Needful Thingies" and insert it into another purse. Takes 1 second to change purses and everything is ALWAYS were you put it. I will have to BLOG about it! I am your newest follower and I was sent her from "WORDS ON WHEELS"(Love her to pieces)...
    Hope you will Peek in on my blog too and follow if you like.

  13. Hi Vee! So glad to meet you via Debbie over at Words on Wheels! She put up a curious - and witty - collection of photos for a "Notecard Party" and I had to come check you out. Delighted with your fun and wit - and the fellowship you share with Deanna - another dear blogger friend in my own Writer's Reverie world. I lived some time in New England, Newport, RI area - my son and his family are in Fall River and we're going to visit from our South Jersey home in August to see my grandbaby Mackenzie.

    I'm getting back into multitude posting after a year of nasty work schedule and stress holding me down to two a week and little blog reading. Working for myself - and the Lord - again and happy to make the time for this enriching hobby we call Blogland.

    Thinking of linking up with you for tomorrow and some Notecard fun!
    Come visit me . . .


  14. Thank you, dear Vee!

    I am so happy that you are pleased with them! These are wonderful handbags - I carry one myself in a brighter, spring green color! I carry a book, my wallet, sunglasses, phone, lip balm, keys, hand lotion...

    I love the way you photographed them! Very pretty!


  15. Hello Vee
    I like the colour of both of your new purses and I too am a big purse gal. There's a mini office inside mine besides all the girly stuff. DH can't believe everything I carry and how heavy my purses are.
    I'll have to come join your note card party some time, I've enjoyed what others have shown.

  16. Lovely bags! I carry a several pocket big purse that my big camera can fit in. It has to have an extra long strap that I can put across my shoulders so I can take photos without worrying about my purse falling off my shoulder...

  17. Me again! -waving hand- I nearly forgot that tonight is Midsummer Night (Dream). :-))))))

    But I added a bit at the bottom of my first post of today. :-))))

    Have a lovely Midsummer Night!!!

  18. Lovely handbags!! Louis Dean says that I carry so much STUFF in mine that if we had car trouble and he needed to overhaul the engine I could probably pull the needed tools straight out of my purse!!

  19. I'm so picky about my purses! I've been known to lose all kinds of things in the black hole in my purse! Also, the heaviness of a bag filled with all my "stuff" has begun to really bother me! I've taken to carrying a light weight, small shoulder bag, and a tote bag I can leave in the car!
    I will be visiting this site--always looking for something to make life easier and better organized!

  20. Finding the perfect purse is quite an art. It's one I have not refined. I start small --- grow out of it --- find a larger purse (usually from my stash) --- and use it until I get tired of carrying something so heavy around or of not being able to find things in it. Then I clean-purse, simplify, go back to smaller, and the cycle begins again.

    Pretty purses, you have! It's nice they have pockets and spaces for all your things.

  21. My kinda purses especially if they include non dumping easily pockets. I have yet to find the perfect purse. I do know one shoulder is bigger than the other due to years of shoulder bagging. Oh well, too late now. It's a hate love kind of thing.

  22. For years I carried a functional pursde that was like a glorified wallet with a shoulder strap. That was before I took a camera or two everywhere I went...and reading glasses...and a netbook on occasion. Now? Big purses that everything gets lost in (no matter how many compartments!). And now I have many...and never know which purse is housing the important stuff. Mrs. Rabe sent you the best gift! Luv 'em.

  23. I love both of your new purses Vee, both the colors and the styles, and it was nice that Mrs. Rabe gifted you with one and an extra surprise! I will check out her web site...thanks!

    I like a large bag with lots of compartments, especially for keys, cell phone, and reading glasses and it must have a good zipper to close so everything stays safe.

  24. Pretty purses and I love the colors! My purses are usually mid-sized but big enough to carry my compact, lipstick, cellphone, money and checkbook, etc. One must is that the strap be long enough to carry the purse on my shoulder. My purse tends to be pretty heavy, so I have a very small purse I use occasionally when I don't think I'll need all the other stuff.

  25. Now that's a nice surprise! I love both bags Vee and can see why you chose one from Mrs. Rabe. I usually carry one bag per season. Black in winter, turquoise so far for spring and summer. I also have a white one for summer but it's smaller. I don't like huge purses but medium is good with lots of pockets. I do like a single zipper top though so I can stash everything inside. A bit annoying fishing for a tissue pack which always ends up on the bottom though. I'm not one to buy a purse to match all my shoes but then again I'm not a big shoe person either. Looking forward to Note Card Wednesday!

  26. I must admit one of my weaknesses is purses and I have all sizes. I just can't resist buying a new purse.
    I like the looks of small ones but they just aren't big enough for all the 'stuff' I need to take with me. : ) I also love 'moving' in and out of purses.

  27. Sad to say I'm a purseaholic...I have closets full of them...all sizes...even one made of a cigar box that I adore....love the way you have yours displayed Vee!! hugs

  28. Love the handbags! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Well a girl can never have too many purses...these are great.

    Now I must learn to search on my photos...my organization is a mess in this area...see you tomorrow for Notecard Wednesday

  30. O, gosh, aren't those just great.
    I like a medium sized purse with lots of pockets, nooks and crannys, too. I do, however, have several smaller purses that I carry from time to time.....I love yours here.

  31. Don't like lugging it, but I've got to go with the big purse every time. Too much stuff!

  32. The purses are great and I'm a fan of the big ones, too. Glasses, sunglasses, books, camera - everything goes inside of mine. Tim calls it the black hole.

    But what I really want to know is about searching for photos on Picasa. How?

  33. Ah, we call them bags and i love your new ones! Yes, I am a large bag lady too, and I really like the bag to go across my body, because using a stick means i need at least one hand free and everything slips off my shoulder. Deportment lessons may be necessary. Urgent. I love bags/purses. Purses are what we call the things you keep your money and cards in.

  34. What pretty purses! I have that green purse in black - so I guess I'd have to say mine are large, too. How sweet to receive a fun surprise like that!

  35. What a fun surprise for you. Love them both. I carry a green oversized bag with plenty of compartments. I even have an organizer in it too.

    I just need to carry so much with me:)



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